Welcome to the truth of Islam

Here I will gather the truth about Mohammad and his death cult Islam.
There’s a lot of misconceptions about Muhammad, so I will find the truth about him.

Islam is an totalitarian men driven ideology which was startet as a system after Mohammads death in the year 632.

The first Quran was assembled in the years 710-713 and introduced in 714, long after Mohammads death. So Mohammad isn’t the author of the Quran.

Muslims say that Mohammad transended to paradise from Jerusalem. But he died in Media 917 kilometers from Jerusalem. So muslims have no rights to the Temple Height in Jerusalem. Mohammad was never there.

Here you will find cross referenced data, not from one source, and surely not from Wikipedia. Official university pages with research preferablity. And of course some islam pages if they are historic correct through researching the base of origin.

So this will be a long process, slowly biulding page by page. So visit here often. I will gather every day now.