To monitoring agencies

What is freedom of expression? According to Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Convention, Freedom of Speech is the right “to assert opinions without interference and to seek, receive and disclose information and ideas through any means of communication and without regard to borders”. Freedom of speech is not just about words. Words that are said, words that are printed, words that are singed, words, words, words. Speeches are more than that. An expression can be a song, a picture or a painting, a dance or simply silence.

Article 100 of the Constitution states that “Freedom of expression should take place”. This paragraph was already introduced in the constitution as early as 1814. Our proud Norwegian constitution was made with ideas based on the American constitution and the idea of ​​life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

In 2004, section 100 of our Constitution was revised to reflect Norway’s obligations to the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Convention of 1950, and the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights. This can tell us, for example, that times are changing and that reforms are important! Among other things, paragraph 100 received a sixth paragraph which states the following: “It requires the State Authorities to rectify the conditions of an open and enlightened public conversation.”

That is, we can be critical of what is happening around us, and the authorities are also no exceptions.

I hate no one! I don’t hate anything at all. I love everyone who wants me well, and I trust everyone no matter what until someone breaks it.

I put no one in front or back, but those who want to kill me or hurt me, they I despise Biblical. I am a believer and practice it with pride. Jesus is my role model and he was radical in every way.

I have never, in my life, gone behind someone’s back, or ever sailed under a false flag. My life consisted of finding alternative routes home due to. bullying. I never got a good upbringing out there, but the home was my sanctuary.

As I said, I will never post hatred, but criticism and crunching outcomes are in place. But NEVER personal attacks! System failure will always be criticized and we are there now no matter what the authorities write. When you remove parts of ones basis, something else will always replace it.

For the people must have a common denominator, and when Christianity falls, something else will replace it. That’s how it has always been, ever since our cradle. So then we have system failure that the authorities have kindly participated in without asking questions; they have even reinforced this idea of ​​a secular society where everyone is equally worthwhile.

Communism is this called on a slightly different basis of values of course. We still have biblical foundations that have only received new multicultural additions. There is controversy about the biblical origin of the Human-Ethics Federation where rites and rituals strive to be independent mindsets. We are a Christian nation and that’s still a fact.

We need an innovation where everything that is visibly threatening gets the tag that fits and is removed from society. The multi-culture also gives space for what in the mind where general freedom is the sound bottom. General freedom is in danger now because censorship begins to get almost fascist tendencies. The censorship is the connective tissue for an ideology we know, which will then grow without hindrance in our democracies.

A future religious civil war on the European scene is then thinkable. ABB is completely off the wall, but Fjordmann knows a great deal. But there are extreme thoughts only, about something that is likely to happen. Look at what happened in Spain in the 6th century.

I’m not a fortune teller or something like that. I only know when you forget the story it will repeat itself. Look at the realms we have had without any comparison. Check the history of kingdoms etc … see what rotted inside. It will repeat itself when people do not keep the story in their claims.

Now, youth do not learn about World War II until high school. And then they choose out the subject’s history, because it is presented dead and lifeless. Because no one has any longer links to the war, as it was when I grew up and had it already in the 7th grade. Couldn’t choose it away then.

So when no one wants to see the long lines because the policy applies for 4 years at a time with broiler politicians with the party book in order, yes then the entrance to the doom is a fact with all the play of what I have mentioned. Because we are rich and have it as a basis, there are at least 100,000 poor here under the UN’s poverty line.

When we round the next 100th anniversary, I’m sure something basically wrong has happened to us as a nation and Europe. Right-extreme parties get a foothold now and we sail steadily on the same course. What is needed for someone with visions to get their voice through without being verbally killed?

In the old times, people were grateful for what they got and adapted to this. Such was the beginning of the Third Reich. What do we see today? An adaptation to the multi-culture on the same level as the system, not content of course. So it sneaks into a custom version of ….. do you really think so? This is an ideology that does not adapt but swallows!

So I’m 60 in June. I’m glad I’m so old. Has no prospect of a worthy old age here as a minimum pensioner, so I have to get out of my own dear country to survive. So nothing to look forward to.

Then it was enough from me.

Jesus resolves all things

Before Jesus raised me February 22, I had one void in my heart after three relationships with women. No peace was possible with them, just a quest for something they could not give me.

February 22 changed everything, the void was intended for Jesus from the very beginning. He moved in and gave me the Holy Ghost, a spirit so strong that it heals all mental and physical wounds.

The Holy Ghost cannot be tamed by anything, it burns internally and holds me to Jesus all the time. Prayer and anointing follow this urge to worship. The first thing that happens is a confession of sin, after which the love explodes in so many facets. I feel most loved then.

This happens every day now. An anointing to be a Christian. Jesus lives in the heart and that is my brother in faith. He is like a family member and is faithful until I change my address sometime in the future, as Billy Graham said so elegantly.

He got up that time, now He did it with me.

Gods armour

We experience all evil days. We may find that someone we love is taken away from us, we can get bad health, and people can fail. But these days are not the worst.

The evil day is the day of fall, and everyone experiences such days. We fail every day because of our sinful man, but there are some days where the fall is great. Such a day can come even after a clear spiritual experience, as Peter denied his Savior right after the Last Supper.

But the case most often comes after a prolonged development away from God. If we spend less time with Jesus in Bible and prayer, or if sin is less serious, call some warning lights! Then the fall can come quickly!

To be equipped in the spiritual battle, God has given us His full armor, as stated in Ephesians 6: 13-17. At first glance it may seem odd what this armor is. But all the components of the armor are Jesus

The shield of faith protects us when the devil comes with his accusations. We should not meet him in ourselves, but we put Jesus before us! Jesus is the author and finisher of faith.

The sword of the Spirit is the word of God. It is sharper than any two-edged sword (Heb 4: 12). “In the beginning was the Word. The word was with God, and the Word was God ”(John 1: 1). Jesus IS the word, and this word is double-edged – it leads to salvation for every one who believes, but is also a stumbling block to the world.

Put on your armor every day! Then we have the power to resist Satan’s attack. We will also take on the righteousness of Jesus Christ day by day. Then Satan must fly.

We will still fall, and then there is only one rescue: to go to Jesus. When Satan accuses us, Jesus will put us on clean clothes, as it is so amazing in Case 3: 1-5. Like Peter, we will be raised to new life and new service.

Mathew 15:11

This is only in English as I know more English than my own Norwegian tounge.


11 What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”

It’s not what you think, because that’s your own. But what comes out of your mouth is what’s important.

Your faith and The Holy Spirit will guide you in what to say at times you need to address people. You have your thoughts about many people in your near surroundings.

Your thoughts can be your enemy if you let them control you, You want to be seen and heard, but a voice inside say you’re not worthy to let them into it. Or you think your thinking is not important because you think less of you.

Jesus didn’t do closed sessions with his own thoughts. He opened for meetings with his thoughts and saying. Gods thoughts was his to preach. We are in the same arena with our thoughts. They must be measured by their anatomy and origin.

What you’re influenced by is defining what you are. Its like food, it defines what you like… Your thoughts is a journey into your days work where your picking the peace or disruptions of even a bit of dispear in your situation.

A roller coaster through time without any meaning, you’re in a wagon without handles. You waiver inside the wagon, is it true or is it false. Your mouth speaks of Him, but your heart is somewhere else. You’re almost dizzy of this motion that present itself as something big, but you’re ready yet you think.

Then God peals a onion to get inside, The Holy Spirit goes into action, because you’re open for a change of heart. The Spirit never misses a situation like that. When inside it transforms you and take out the roller coaster in a blazing glory.

Now what? The Spirit inside you calls for work, a true commitment to the Word. Reading and worshiping isn’t enough, and there’s something coming out your mouth, about salvation and transformation. There’s even more than that.

The Holy Spirit is a teacher, member, family, resolver, fellow journeyman and a loving father/motherhood entity that gives you more love than ever before and what you’re able to understand. You’re never alone.

What you think is cluttered by Satan’s will to dismember your understanding of self. Your heart belongs to the Father, because He created you. Satan knows this and takes it on, you’re not worthy…. but you are!

What you say is a picture of your declaration of understanding of the situation you’re in. And at that moment you’re going into the matter blurred by your missing the beat. Then you retract when you not able to give it your saying in it. Every time you do that.

Jesus didn’t retract even when knowing He would die. His saying was the same even in every pain sustained by hanging from the cross. He said “it was finished”, that meant it really was finished for us to keep. His saying overruled everything.”

When you speak, there’s a mountain to climb for each story you tell about your life. The steep hills are like thorns in your head like Jesus. You can’t get it out! Your lips move but there’s no sound.

You’re in for a treat when you turn to the cross and resurrection. Your mouth becomes a weapon against evil. You open up and you can’t do other than giving people hope for a transformation in Christ. There will be a change of heart and you’re getting a stronger self even.

The Holy Spirit guides you into real worship, because it resides in you because of faith. Never going back, because you died and was raised up as a new self. A train of thoughts giving praise, can’t say anything other than love for Him. A natural seeking of truth and its met by Him.

Your be-wilderness is gone, and Mathew 15:11 becomes easy. Your story and involvements is no longer cluttered. A vial of lies is gone too, you’re seeking it but its not there, only the truth. Everything is no longer a hassle with truth or lies. There’s only one way and that’s forward. What’s dragging you down is gone and done with.

Now what you say is of light and divine understanding. You need to give your light to others. Its in a Christian tradition to do this. Your mouth becomes that weapon against evil and hurt. Love is like that, a continued moving towards the light. Even if your hurting inside by old pain which tries to destroy you, the light is stronger and have a resolve that you can live with.

Satan is trying to destroy you when you bow to the Lord. But the Savior is a stronger host to rely on. His infinite love and understanding will give a peace you’d never thought could come your way. It dissolves lies and true pain. It takes down your old shields which never gave you the protection you thought they could do. A new weapon comes through faith alone.

You become a weapon that could destroy evil and mistrust in another person. Your transformation is a bearer of hope and eternal life. You connect with other people, giving it and you’re surprised of your own capability to communicate on this level. The Holy Spirit at work! Your belief crushing every false conception of faith.

Now you can rest if faith alone. Satan flees when you praise out loud your commitment to Christ. Your love transform to a full fledged weaponry that takes down Satan’s legacy inside you. You see the other side of Satan, which are a lot like you, but in a false light and becomes true death of your soul. Satan’s power of you diminish as you pray for a resolve without lies or a promise of a resolve that is not of lasting power. You see the truth in false or true now.

Your mouth can take down the evil one by just one sentence. Now you’re in control! Biased by faith you resolve things you’re not equipped to do by yourself. Faith becomes a weapon and you’re a colonel in Gods army. Driving at a war against the evil one, giving in no more. By confession of sin you take down every attempt to destroy faith, God strengthen you in every prayer for relief of sin.

Lies and deception goes into oblivion, never to surface again. Only truth of self reside inside you now. A true diamond for God. Your fellow Christians must be in joy for this. They see the light you have for the Lord. You can’t shut up in worship. You’re soaked in faith when you speak. Everything else have no importance any longer. Your self pity is gone too, you’re stronger than ever before.

Your mouth is now under control from Heaven, and you’re a joy for God.

It’s great to be a man

When one really falls in love with someone with only one’s own feelings without having them confirmed, there is much that changes in the aesthetics, the mindset and the set of signals. Your body language must be controlled and given a little more weight as things are not “revealed”.

One has talked about the deeper underlying and even the areas one could not talk about earlier. Sensually and fervently comes to expressions and one has only one way to go then. Taken by beauty and met with understanding in being a man, it is hard not to fall.

Hourly conversations about life and real issues about the “man’s” role are being addressed. The humor is sensual with talk right into that area without resistance. It’s vibes there that can be misunderstood, but it’s just for fun.

It’s great to be a man

My spirit is strong as an ox today

Has received home help from the municipality. God is on my side as it is only sick who receive this help. So the representative who was here considered that I needed help. About approx. 14 days comes the help to come every three weeks.

Now my creativity grows in the Spirit because my existence comes in order. Being sick is not in the identity of the Spirit, so I ask for total healing. I have so far received many prayer answers, so I should be on that list now. The prayer has power and I fully believe in it.

Jesus was always on par with spirit, only after he was betrayed he became sad. Because he knew his destiny then, when the soldiers came in Gethsemane because Judas had told them where they were. This betrayal is synonymous with what Vikdun Quisling did to Norway in 1940. It cost more than 10,000 Norwegians during the war.

Today, the names of Judas and Quisling are serious signs of betrayal. Have a Quisling who tried to destroy my life. Her betrayal was in the class where even the police chose to stand outside the case. So I also have a Judas in life, in the immediate family. So I know what betrayal is.

When I was raised from my old soul on February 22, all references to betrayal disappeared in seconds! Then I went from an old worn soul to a new one in the Lord. I witnessed in minutes to a friend who saw what happened. I was attacked, but was told to pray, I did so. Then I was reunited with my heavenly father.

Now I have the right medication and now get help for cleaning. Then I’m creative with the ADHD rush as a guide in the universe to my soul mate Ann-Katrin. Our hour-long phone calls, where I give advice and have fun with everything, even a little rough talk.

Now the Spirit and the soul are in a balance I have never experienced before. Safe in all facets of life. This is just God’s work!

Now I look forward to the continuation ……

Dark forces in your lives

Dark forces in your lives

Sometimes you don’t know the source of “evil” thoughts. They come lightning fast and binds you with a blindfold. Temptations, sexual, fear, hate, love and many more. They just take charge at any moment that comes from within.

Every aspect of each of them can turn you into a feeling zombie without a way out. You turn every stone without finding a useful explanation of why you fell into that pithole. You are stunned and baffled and you’re even shaking a bit.

But there’s a reason for it, and you’d never guess where. There’s a spirit who wants pain and suffering inside you. You know that, because there’s no reason that you came to this alone. Someone or something activated this inside. Blindfolds gives you a blurred view and you can’t see the real reason because of it.

The spirit is Satan in his full bright light, giving fuel to every wrong feeling you have. Building a full set of completed thoughts you can do anything without asking questions, just brewing them. Fuel by them you’re in for disappointments and even self pity for them failing. They never seem to get around.

Satan hate self reflections because they tend to expose him. Reflections puts together truth and expell lies. You turn to the source but you don’t beleive its him doing this. You think its all your fault, failing short of explanations because there’s nothing to grasp. Then you turn away from them not knowing or willing to understand the nature of them.

That nagging feeling of someone or something order you around is so consuming and disturbing. What is there to expose and how?. The source came out of nothing, but there a common denominator for them. A starter and a fierce source inventor, the false light that surrounds you when you’re feeling weak.

There’s only one to protect you when you’re feeling weak or bewildered. He’s there all the time and have better light and super powers. He’s in there for the long howl. His love and affection you can’t feel at once, but He has a guiding light through your conscience saying there’s another way. There’s almost alternatives in your thoughts. You don’t trust those, because they come from a almost same origin without the base feelings.

Those feelings comes from The Holy Spirit guiding you out in a different way without pain or sorrow. The emptyness is not that roaring and its silenced by love and direction. The source is even revealed for you, giving the evil one a kick back to its pit. You’ll never go there againfor the same reasons.

Jesus died for excactly those reasons, giving guidance in faith. The most important in life is to choose right ways in everyday life. You will fail but you raise up in faith summing and give a praise to His glory because He went through death and back just for you. He gives guidance through The Holy Spirit which drives a neat package you can’t miss after you repent your sinful life.

Its not easy to give control to a external celestial being you can’t see or touch. But you never question failed feelings source, you just fell into them. Why are you doing that? What is there to put two and two together and get true victories over them by faith. The sweet overwhelming sense can be yours.

Follow Christ as your Savior, and you will see that your sinful flesh will be mastered by your faith alone. You will see temptations and other feelings with another light and lumination. There’s then hope for a better future without a harse and tough everyday life. Your ways will improve and your getting a compass that never lie to you.

A living God is always a strange feeling, you can’t feel right away, but you will never question His existance because of your new-born being when you ask Him for His son to be your guiding light. He’s there always. Those nagging feelings will never have a hold on you any more. You’re more free then than ever before.

Every aspect of a Christian life include prayers for protection and receiver of love. And you have that in a jiffy when you ask of Him.

Why giving it a try, you’ll never go back.

Confession and forgiveness

Our sins shall be confessed to God. He is the only one who can give forgiveness. John says, “But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1.9. When the Pharisees sat and listened to Jesus forgive a man his sins, they said, “Who else but God can forgive sins?” Mark.2, 7. They were right in this, for the Bible teaches us.

What they were wrong about was that they did not accept Jesus as God with the right to forgive. It is through Jesus’ great sacrifice for us that God has made the remission of sins possible for us. But when Jesus teaches us to pray the Lord’s prayer, He says we shall say, “Leave us our fault as we and forsake our debtors.” When he subsequently explains the prayer, he says: “For if you forgive men the injustice they do to you, even the Father you have in heaven will forgive you.” Matt. 6, 12.14.

This shows us that we should both confess what we have done wrong to our neighbor and expect his forgiveness. When Jacob writes about intercessing for the sick, he points out the need for the one to be prayed for to have a good conscience; And then he says: “Then confess the sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.” 5, 16. This also tells us to confess certain sins to each other. What is it that we should confess to one another?

If we have done something wrong with a fellow human being, it must be confessed to him. It is not God’s meaning that we should bring our inner life, and our sin list, to everyone else’s knowledge. On the contrary. In the same connection, when Jesus teaches the disciples to pray, he tells them to go to God “in secret.” In “the hidden” the new translation says. (Matt. 6, 6, 18) Our own privacy and their problems are a matter between God and us. He who “sees in secret” will pay us plainly. When we go to our fellow men to ask for forgiveness for the mistakes we have made against them, we must ask the Lord for heavenly wisdom to do it right and out of true humility.

We must also weigh our words so that not even the confession of sin creates more evil than the evil act itself caused. We include an author’s statement on this important subject: “He who hides his iniquities has no happiness, but he who confesses them and turning from them, finding mercy. ”The conditions for achieving mercy in God are simple, righteous, and reasonable. The Lord does not require us to do anything heavy and difficult to be forgiven. We do not need to make long, thirteenth pilgrimage trips or perform painful cures to recommend us to God in heaven or to commit our transgressions.

He who confesses his sins and abstains from them finds mercy. The Apostle says: “Then confess the sins of one another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed.” “Confess their sins to God, for only he can forgive them and confess their faults to one another.” Have you sinned against your friend or courage your neighbor, then you should admit your mistake and it is his duty to you. Then you have to ask God for forgiveness, because the brother whom you have wronged belongs to God, and if you hurt him, you sin against his creator and redeemer.

Put the matter ahead of the only true intermediary, our great high priest, “who has been tried in all the same way as we, but without sin” and who “can have compassion on us in our weakness and can cleanse us from all the spots of sin. “Those who have not humbled themselves before God and acknowledged their guilt have not yet fulfilled the first condition of being believed in God. If we have not experienced the repentance that we do not regret, and we have not confessed our sins and abhorred our injustice with true humility and with a broken spirit, we have never truly sinned. And if we have never sought, we have never found the peace of God.

The only reason we have not been forgiven of sins that we have done in the past is that we are not willing to humble our hearts and adhere to the conditions of truth. We have received clear teaching about this. Whether the confession of sin is public or private, it should come from the heart and be open and voluntary. It must not be forced on the culprit. Neither should it be rendered in a superficial and indifferent manner or be demanded of those who do not understand the real nature of sin.

When the confession expresses our innermost and deepest feelings, it finds its way to a merciful God. The psalmist says, “The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, and he saves those who have a broken spirit.” True confession is always of a peculiar nature and pertains to particular sins. These may be of such a nature that they should only be presented to God, or they may consist of errors that we must confess to the individual who has been wronged. They can also be of a more public nature, in which case we must confess them publicly.

But any confession must be firm and factual, so that we just admit to the sins we have made guilty of. At the time of Samuel, the Israelites departed from God. They suffered from the consequences of sin, for they had lost faith in God, the understanding of his power and wisdom to rule over the people, and the confidence that he could defend and defend his cause. They turned away from the ruler of the universe and wanted a similar rule as the peoples around them. Before they found peace, they had to proclaim this particular confession that to all their other sins they had “laid the iniquity to require a king.” They had to confess precisely the sin they were convinced of.

Their ungratefulness burdened them and separated them from God. God cannot acknowledge our confession unless it is followed by sincere repentance and repentance. There must be settled changes so that we turn away from everything that displeases God. This will be the result of true grief over sin. The part of the work that we must do is clearly stated: “Wash yourselves, cleanse you, take away your evil deeds from my eyes, stop doing evil! Learn to do good, win on what is right, show the right man the right way, help the fatherless to his right, before the widow’s case! ”

When the wicked returns a pledge, he repeats what he has robbed, so does the commandment of life so that he does not do wrong. Then he shall surely live, he shall not die. ” In view of the work of repentance, Paul says: “See what led you to leave the grief as God wills: zeal, defense, indignation, fear, longing, earnestness, and willingness to punish. In all respects you have shown that you are without fault in this matter. ”

When sin has paralyzed the moral judgment, the offender cannot detect the deficiencies in his character or realize how abominable his action is, and if he is not influenced by the convincing power of the Holy Ghost, he will continue to be partially blind to his sin. His confession is not sincere and serious. For each admission of his sin, he adds an excuse for his conduct, claiming that if certain circumstances had not occurred, he would never have done what he was reprimanded for.

After Adam and Eve had eaten from the forbidden tree, they were filled with a sense of shame and fear. Initially, they were merely thinking about how they could excuse their sin and avoid the dreaded death sentence. When the Lord asked them about their sin, Adam partially blamed God and partly on his wife, and said, “The woman whom you gave me to be with me, she gave me the tree, and I ate.” The woman owed the serpent and said, “The serpent fooled me, and I ate.” Why did you create the serpent? Why did you let it into Eden? These questions were in her excuse that she had sinned. Eve overturned responsibility for the fall over to God.

The spirit of self-righteousness originated with the father of lies and has since appeared in all of Adam’s descendants. Such confessions are not inspired by the Holy Spirit and will not be accepted by God. Sincere remorse will lead a man to bear his guilt and to admit it without resorting to hypocrisy or deception. Like the poor messenger, who did not even look up to heaven, he will shout: “God, please be merciful to me!” And those who acknowledge their guilt will be justified, for Jesus has for his own blood atoned for all repentant people.

The examples of sincere remorse and humiliation that the Word of God mentions show that they were willing to confess. There was no excuse for sin or any attempt to justify themselves. Paul did not seek to shield himself. He paints his sin in the darkest colors and tries not to make his fault less than it is. He says: “I got authority from the high priests and cast many of the Saints in prison, and if it were to execute them, I voted for.

Around the synagogues I was often punished for forcing them to mock, and in my rage I persecuted them all the way to cities abroad. “He states openly:” Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; and among them I am the greatest “. The humble, broken heart burdened by sincere repentance will understand some of God’s love and what Calvary has cost. And as a son confesses a loving father, so the repentant man will lay his sins before God. Scripture says, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

From the book: “The Way to Christ” by E.G. White.

Walking in the valley of shadows

Walking in the valley of shadows where everything is blurred can pose real challenges. You don’t know if the light is real anymore where it lies like veil on the ground. It lives its own life where it does not enter without you being naked. Your nudity is your fear expressed in a senseless game.

Then you see how little that light has for you. You want to see another truth. It is the worst form of breach of trust, you think. You turn away from God. Satan has played out his hand in his false light and given you the impression it comes from God. There is only one way back.

Giving Jesus an unreserved apology is then in place. For He is waiting for you. God’s light does not tempt nor give you the choice between good or evil. Temptations come from Satan and only he. God’s love is not to be mistaken when you have accepted the Son as your Savior. Then you won’t be wrong again.

In true worship, you see ways to joy that you didn’t think was possible. Once you have confessed your sins to God, the path is open to you and your walk in the light. The only solution is here. In 1 John 1.9, John says, “But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

The true joy unfolds in you, and the Holy Spirit equips and gives you key words that come from the Lord. You walk in the light and your stick is the Bible guide. Then you have the glory on your side into eternity and you should not die the total death. Jesus promised this and raised Lazarus as a proof of this.

Today I feel really strong after only 4 hours of sleep. Barely sees the keyboard.

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