My Poems

Hello Alicia, my dearest friend on earth

You gave me gifts with no strings attached
You let your love grow out of no physical touch
You experienced pain but did not cry in need

I saw you and your beliefs in love is my standard
I felt your every word giving me all that I needed
I knew that the end would be without me

You died yesterday physically but your spirit is eternal
You are now flying with other angels in heaven
You have a reserved space forever in my heart

Heaven is improved by your presence

A life should be ….

A life is a whole scene of unmapped experiences
Every bit in the puzzle will give you an appetite of life or bittersweet acknowledge of death
When you live in truth and will follow your dreams in prosperous expectations
You will see your shortcomings and act on those
Then your hurt will be fruitful as a drive through your motions
The result is life acting on remembrance of fault


Sometimes in your life, you will be hurt deeply
Every time your senses will not remember the structures that caused it, and you will start over
The hurting will never end in your lifetime; you just take it as proof of life

There is a way out of this like swimming
Every lap consists of continuous movement, as the snake begins its sand dance
Take one breath at a time never remember, when you did the last one

At sea level you will always see the sun, if you do not move you will drown and the dark will surround you
Hold your breath and swim ashore, never look back to deep waters
The shallow one will do nicely

To my father

Hi papa

I know that it’s been a long time since I was on your grave
But that doesn’t decimate or weaken my love for you
I still feel your touch on my shoulders and your hugs

I want you to know that I think of you every day
But you know that through angels giving you the latest
I can see your soul through me as your beloved son

I pray that you forgive me for my shortcomings in my life
But I know that you do that already before its happening
I could never do anything now to disappoint your love for me

I sense a pride in my own life knowing I’m your son
But that’s little compared to what  degree you loved me while alive
I need only to sit down and feel your angel like wings around me

I don’t know where you are in Heaven only that it became better
But I miss you so much papa that it hurts the same way as when I lost you
I know that I will see you again someday until then I salute you my dear papa