My interests

Volunteering / Community involvement

I am a member of an organization called Kompetansen Oslo, which helps disabled people with applications to public offices, and social travels to the German city of Kiel. They publish a newspaper six times a year. I help with data issues and updating on the machines. I also manage their website written in the language php.


I like electronica with eg. Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and YMO. Metal music with eg. Rammstein, Unheilig and Eisbrecher. I also like artists such as Celine Dion, Frank Duval, Depeche Mode and Dean Martin. Have a great music system, so I’m a little hi-fi freak.


I like action, comedies, documentaries, war, drama from reality and about historical people.

Favorite films are Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Dresden and the Lethal Weapon movies. I have surround sound system with DTS and TrueHD 24 Bit 96KHz. So I get the maximum sound experience on the movies.


I have a small collection of watches. It’s mainly watches that I’ve actually won in sales contests.

I like Rolex, Tag Hauer, Certina, Breitling and Old Omega.


I have multiple distributions installed on my machines. I have Linux Mint, CentOS and Fedora. Fedora is installed as a virtual machine on my Windows machine. I have good system-level knowledge and have tweaked kernel on all machines.


I have almost 30 years of experience with Windows. I can fix almost any problems with drivers and registry errors. I have Windows 10 in a virtual machine in Linux Mint. My main machine is Windows 8.1 Pro. I do not want to upgrade for security reasons. Seems that Windows 10 sends too much information to Microsoft.

PC building

I’m building my own PCs. I built my first PC in 1990 and have built over 100 PCs for friends and acquaintances. For example, I build game PCs and for special requirements like business with multiple monitors PCs. I have i7 and i5 processors in my machines. I have two laptops and one desktop. I also have two NAS disks and one server that I have built.

Web design for those interested

I am writing in the script languages ​​PHP, HTML5, Javascript, XML and CSS. My site is based on WordPress publishing tool.

I have installed the website for the organization FFO Oslo. It is the Joomla content system, free and open to all. It is written in PHP and has a MySQL database as a backend. It is a quick and easy system for administrator. I get good feedback on the system.