My book

My book will be built upon technical facts and a dramatized fictional story based on reports and police journals.

I’m going to write a complete storyboard to accompany the book. The storyboard will be written in English, and the book will follow soon after the Norwegian publication date.

The publishing date will be in somewhere of 2021-2023

The research and character building will be the biggest task ahead. They will be built on real people living in and around the city, and to get a reality that’s spot on, will take the better part of the time spent.

Here you can see the development of the book


12. may 2018 Collected photos and text from wikipedia for references
June 4, 2018 Have read the official report from the fire and determined the starting point for action.
June 10, 2018 Has seen the program about the fire in NRK’s TV archive.
July 18, 2018 Made the first chapter structure where the action i set
June 10, 2010 Another attempt on chapter one

Write stops due to lack of contact with historians and health problems.