Youth crime in Oslo

Friday June 29, 2018

– Juvenile punishment does not work well enough

Erna Solberg does not guarantee that Wara gets what he wants in the fight against young criminals. Measures that get the youngsters out of work can be the key, says the prime minister.

The Oslo police are concerned about juvenile delinquency. The police are powerless to young offenders. Dagbladet said Wednesday that ten children have been reported 187 times in Oslo city center. Children under the age of 15 are responsible for rape, robbery, gross violence and serious threats, according to the police. Justice Minister of Defense, Emergency Affairs and Immigration Tor Mikkel Wara claims that “Oslo’s streets are not safe”.

He will, among other things, expand the authority of child welfare and enable them to send out youth from the city or defend them. Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) says she has talked to Wara. She thinks that his statement is not about all the streets in general, but some areas with youths who have created insecurity.

“There are many good ideas for how to fight youth crime. Getting youngsters to do something else and getting them out of the environment can be one of the forms of reaction in the future. In what way and on what purposes we will do it, we need to spend some time to find out, “says Solberg.

– Difficult to get a summer job

Together with Trine Skei Grande (V) and Per Sandberg (Frp), she visited yesterday ‘Job Project 2018’ at Lindeberg School in Oslo. The project will provide young people with work experience. “We see that there are many fewer who announce summer jobs because there are still greater demands on competence, age, HSE and professional knowledge, also in order to have easier jobs. And it’s a huge challenge for many youngsters because they never get the chance to try, “says Skei Grande.

Rebuid Alna

For two weeks, 40 young people aged 15 to 21 will work for two weeks on behalf of the municipality of Alna. The project is under the auspices of NAV Alna and Alna district. The purpose of the project is to contribute to the well-being of the district, and to create mastery in the youth.

“It’s important to rebuild the area, but also to give our youth a springboard to work. Many do not have contacts, or struggle to get a summer job, says project manager Magali Hytten, from NAV Alna.

To become part of the project, young people have applied in the same way as any job. The application process has helped them, and out of 100 applications 40 young people got the job.

Some of them have not completed high school and lack motivation. Being a part of the work project can also help them to finish, after a taste of work, with salary.

According to Magali Hytten, it is also important to learn about common rules for working life, such as meeting up to the right time. She adds that she is very pleased with the efforts of young people so far.

“They are very good and always on. Nor are they coming too late, so I will write good testimonials on them.

New in working life

The youth have been attending a job at Ellingsrud Nursing Home and as painters at Lindeberg School. It’s educational, says Hajira Khan, 15, who has never had a summer job before.

– It goes really well. What’s best is that we have fun and work at the same time. We can both gain experience in life and see what it’s like to be working, says Hajira.

Crime among children

Thursday 28 June 2018

He wants more custody and adjust the power of attorney to the Child Welfare.

– Oslo’s streets are not safe

Tor Mikkel Wara will expand the authority of the Child Welfare to curb crime among children. Children under 15 years commit very serious offenses in Oslo city center.

Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara (Frp) is upset by the numbers of crimes among some children Dagbladet presents to him.

– This is a very desperate reading. I understand people are getting pissed, he says.


Criminal age in Norway is 15 years and Wara says it is not appropriate to lower this per today. Thus, there is little he, as a minister of justice, can do. Responsibility lies with the Child Welfare, according to Wara. It is the Children’s Act, not the Penal Code, which is the relevant legislation in these cases.

The Frp is nevertheless doing everything in its power to assist.

“What we as politicians can do is to ensure that the Child Welfare has all the legal measures and means they need,” Wara said.

The Minister of Justice specifically mentions two instruments that he wants to ensure that the child welfare has: custody and the opportunity to act without the consent of parents. According to Wara, it is obvious that society must be sheltered from children who commit many and serious offenses.

– Whether it’s a custody or a shipment out of the city; These children must be taken out of Oslo. If today’s legislation is preventing it, we should change the law. Obviously there are childcare reviews here, and they do not know me, but I think the goal is to get these criminal children out of circulation in Oslo.

“Oslo is not safe

Because young people under the age of 15 can not be punished, relationship building and involvement of parents are some of the measures taken by the police. The Justice Minister is aware that this is not always enough.

– Are Oslo’s streets safe today? Wara?

“No, obviously not,” said the Minister of Justice.

Last Friday, Wara had met Child and Equality Minister Linda Hofstad Helleland (H) and the police at Stovner, a district in Oslo. The state councils were then informed about challenges related to young people and young people recruited to crime in Oslo.

– Out of Oslo

The state councils and the police also discussed preventive measures for children, young people and families.

“Custody is a drastic tool, and you are talking about children here?

– Yes, and therefore, it is the child welfare service that will receive the legal measures and the means they need to take the children out of Oslo without the parents consent.

– But Child Welfare will act for the best of children?

“I think it’s absolutely best for the kids to prevent a criminal runway. We may have to change the law so that the child welfare authority gets the powers they need, both to take custody and to take action without the consent of parents, Wara answers.

Oslo rector turns the alarm: – Ability not to help the families

Children who have already committed serious or repeated crime can now be forced to child welfare institutions. The child welfare service may also impose various forms of relief and control measures.

– A serious procedure

The child welfare service has told the newspaper Dagbladet that they find that even with placements away from the institution’s environment for a year, the young people quickly return to the same gang when they return to Oslo.

“It is a serious effort to place a youth at the institution on duty, and it only happens in cases where it is absolutely necessary. Placement at an institution in the welfare office should not be based on society’s need for protection, but according to the youth’s need for treatment, says Eira Nybø, child welfare leader in Old Oslo, a district in Oslo with many criminals under 15.

Helleland promises more measures

The Minister for Children and Equality Linda Hofstad Helleland (H) also expressed concern about the development of young criminals. She has asked the directorate to make recommendations for measures or changes that may be relevant.

“The most important thing is good prevention. Therefore, we are soon setting up our own parental support strategy and will be able to provide child welfare better with early childhood and family help, “said Helleland to Dagbladet.

– Is increased use of child custody something you support, as Wara opens?

– The child welfare service will first and foremost provide the individual child with the necessary care and care. Custody is a criminal act and may be assessed by the Ministry of Justice. But we want to cooperate with the Ministry of Justice on good measures to prevent children from committing an offense, “says Helleland.

Labor Party(Ap) will forbid unvaccinatinated children to travel

Monday, June 25, 2018

The Labor Party wants the government to investigate travel ban for disease-induced countries for families where the children have not taken the MMR vaccine.

– Protecting from illness is something children are entitled to under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. That consideration must go before the parents’ view of vaccination, “says Oslo’s health agency, Tone Tellevik Dahl (Ap), to Dagbladet.

The party also proposes to allow municipalities who wish to introduce a mandatory vaccination notice for children under the age of 16, and Dahl believes Oslo should be the first municipality.

State Secretary Line Miriam Sandberg (Frp) in the Ministry of Health and Care Services believes there is no reason to change today’s order.
– Local prohibition will have no effect. If someone does not want to vaccinate the children, they can only move.

She also believes that a departure ban is drastic and that it will be difficult to lift, partly due to inter-landings.

All Norwegian children receive an MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, red dogs and other illnesses. The MMR vaccine is normally given at the age of 15 months and is repeated in the 6th grade at primary school.

Figures from the National Institute of Public Health show that 96 per cent of the two-year-olds in Oslo have been vaccinated against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, poliomyelitis, HiB infection and measles. In addition, the figures show that 97 per cent of 16 year-olds received one dose of the MMR vaccine, while 92 per cent had received both doses.

Kai-Wiggo has neither a passport nor a driver’s license. Now he does not know if he is allowed to move to a residential home

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The retired Kai-Wiggo Elnes (75) from Rjukan looked forward. He had been given a sheltered care home he would move in just three kilometers from the house where he now lives in the small town.

It turned out to be easier said than done, writes Rjukan Arbeiderblad.

“Before we just went up to the Population Register and said we should move. It was done in five minutes. Today it is much more difficult, says Elnes to Dagbladet.

– What do I do now?

The 75-year-old, who did not have a computer, went to the service center in the municipality where he received the telephone number of the Tax Administration. They sent him a migration form to fill in.

“When I turned the form, it says I have to attach a valid ID. Driver’s license and passport I do not have and the bank card was not approved.

On the form it is black on white that he must have an ID with a picture.

He traveled to the police house, but nobody could help him. The pass machine was sent to Notodden, an hour’s drive away. Kai Wiggo usually runs around in a small handicap car, not the fastest wayfarer.

“Then I say to myself,” What am I doing now? “I tried to call Notodden to get a pass, but it was difficult to get through. It’s queue just to get hold of them.

– It’s getting stupid

“If I had to go to Notodden, my uncle would have been there to prove that I am myself, because I do not have a photo ID. It’s getting too stupid for me. It is bureaucracy at its worst. I was so annoyed. That’s why I went to the local newspaper with the case, “he told Dagbladet.

As it seems now, it helped the retiree to go to the newspaper. The day after the matter was out, parliamentary politician Bård Hoksrud (Frp) engaged.

– And he’s just going to move here on Rjukan? No, this is too stifbenint, Hoksrud said to Rjukan Arbeiderblad, declaring that he should take the matter further.
Hope for solution

Hoksrud therefore quickly contacted the Ministry of Finance.

“It’s an important issue. There are many older people who are keen to do things right, he says to Dagbladet.

It also believes Elne himself.

“The worst thing is that it’s not just me. I have talked to people on the city and many have been in the same situation, “said the 75-year-old.

Eight days after moving to the care home, he must have submitted a migration report form.

“I am moving now and will be in place by 1 July in the care home. Now I’m just going to submit a form and hope that’s going well, he says.

– Refugee in their own country

After Hoksrud was in contact with the Ministry of Finance, they found a possible solution to the problem. He may use a bank card as a valid ID – if he removes the sensitive information.

“What must come from is picture and social security number,” says Hoksrud to Dagbladet.

The 75 year old appreciates Hoksrud’s commitment, but says he has no picture on the bank card. Elnes is fed up with the fact that technology manages almost everything in today’s society.

– Everything was easier without data. The worst thing is that the population register must be sent to you in Tønsberg. You could take care of Rjukan before. Now you have to go to Notodden. Those who work must take a full day off. I do not have a car or certificate, so depend on people to drive me. Money also costs it. Petrol and diesel are expensive.

“To say that, I’m a refugee in my own country,” he says.

The Electrocompany has found investors: operations continue

Friday, June 22, 2018

On Wednesday, I announced that the traditional Norwegian hifi manufacturer Electrocompaniet had declared bankruptcy.

Then, Fredrik Bie told the law firm Hammervold Pind that the company owed the bank a loss of NOK 32 million, but that it worked to find a solution that made it possible to move on.


They have apparently found that solution now. The Electrocompany announces in a press release that a group of investors led by the company’s board member Roy Gausaker has bought the estate and that the operation will resume as of Monday 25 June.

Investor Group is in the process of restructuring the company’s debt, and also adds fresh capital, according to the press release.

Former CEO Mikal Dreggevik turns over to become manager of business development, while Øyvind Lundbakk, who has been Product Manager in Altibox until now, takes over as CEO.

In a Facebook message, the company writes that they “feel relaxed” that there will be no change for the customers and that those with fresh money on board are ready to take over the world.

Hamar municipality receives compulsory school did not take measures for pupil

Monday, June 18, 2018

The municipality of Hamar is obliged to pay 100,000 kroner to the county governor after a school has not implemented measures to improve the working environment of a school student.

The compulsory fine is one of the first in the country after the change in section 9a on the psychosocial environment of the students came into force last year.

“This is the first time our county governor’s office is making a compulsion after this amendment. Nor is I aware that others have done it earlier, says Anne Cathrine Holth, Director of Education at the County Governor of Hedmark, to VG.

The sharpening of the legislation was one of the results after the government and the Parliment went through the authorities’ measures against bullying and – for a better student environment at school.

Did not secure the student’s right

The county governor in Hedmark concluded just before Christmas last year that the school in question did not do what could reasonably be expected to ensure the student’s right to a safe and good school environment.

According to the decision, compulsory fraud was notified as an instrument on 13 February this year if certain measures were not implemented within the deadlines set.

The notification of forced compulsion was repeated after a meeting a month later – March 15, as a result of information that the measure was not implemented by the current school.

Nor was a deadline for the implementation of the measure to be met, according to the County Governor’s decision on compulsion.

The decision can not be appealed, according to the Education Act section 9A-12.

It is after that VG does not understand a pronounced mob case that has caused the forced compulsion. But more of a matter of adaptation, custom training, well-being and security for a single-television.

Sorry that the student was not taken care of

Education Director Anne Cathrine Holth of the County Governor of Hedmark will, for the sake of the students, not go into detail about how the Hamar School has failed in the organization of the student at the current school.

Knowledge manager Dordy Wilson in Hamar municipality says they take the case seriously and regret that the student has not been well taken care of.

“We will do our best to give the student a safe and good school day. We now have an activity plan that the county governor has approved, and we are working specifically on this, “Wilson told VG

More dying in drowning accidents – 11 people drowned in Norway in May

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Eight men, two women and one child died in drowning accidents in Norway in May. There are four more than in May last year, the rescue company’s drowning statistics show.

“The great weather in many parts of the country has led to the fact that many more have taken the sea and the coast into use,” says Secretary General Rikke Lind in the Rescue Company.

Two of the drownings occurred in connection with swimming. A 75-year-old woman drowned in Strand Municipality in Rogaland, while a 28-year-old man drowned in Bergen. Five of the drowning accidents were boat-related. Three people drowned from a pleasure boat, one from a professional boat and one from a canoe / kayak.

– When someone drowns touches family, friends, colleagues and an entire community. The rescue company is working to ensure that no one is drowning, by having rescue boats in the preparedness all over the coast and by doing attitude-creating work, “says Lind.

She especially encourages people to accompany the children.

– Always bath with someone and check the conditions before you bathe. Do you have children, it’s important to always keep an eye on them. Children who play by the water should wear float wests, says Lind.

Men are clearly overrepresented in drowning accidents. 32 of the 37 who have died as a result of drowning so far this year are men. 24 of the drowned were over 40 years, while three were under 25 years old.

During the first five months of the year, eight more died in drowning accidents compared with the same period last year.

Knowledge Minister Jan Tore Sanner: To lift students with the weakest starting point

Monday, June 4, 2018

Knowledge Minister Jan Tore Sanner (H) acknowledges that neither current nor former governments have succeeded in lifting everyone at school.

Next year, he will come up with a separate statement on how to raise the pupils with the weakest starting point. The number of pupils who drop out of secondary education is slowing down, but remains the main concern for knowledge minister Jan Tore Sanner (H). In addition, he sees that some students are hanging out after almost one day in the first school years.

Now the school council and the right-wing leader are aiming to become the politician who made social equalization and lifted all the students in the Norwegian school. Statistics Norway has calculated that pupils with parents who have only primary education have 40 percentage points lower probability of completing high school compared with a parent with masters.

This example uses Sanner to illustrate the differences in the children’s starting point before starting in kindergarten and school. The school must elevate all students, regardless of how much education their parents have. Here the Norwegian school is not good enough. Still, we see that the opportunities for the pupils are affected by the parents’ background, educational level and where in the country they go to school, says Sanner to VG.

– Social differences that are inherited to students are pointed out in school for decades. Why should we believe that you are doing something about this?

– Because we have decided that we will succeed. We must succeed with this. The left side has only been keen to talk about tax when they have talked about social smoothing. But there are kindergartens and schools that are the main arenas for this. Several schools have shown that it is also possible to lift those with a tougher starting point than others. They have found the key. We must learn these, Sanner answers.

“We must think more fully and become more aware of how we can make a good and inclusive offer for the children. We have safe school environments and good kindergartens where the children thrive and diversity is appreciated. Children and young people have different needs, and there is not only one answer to how to make the children master and succeed, “says Sanner.

Socialist Left Party (SV) asks the Parliment to approve of critism agaist Bakke-Jensen

Saturday 2 June 2018

That said SV leader Audun Lysbakken during the party’s national board meeting on Saturday.

On Tuesday it became apparent that an unknown “serious incident” among Norwegian militia who fought against IS led Norway to temporarily interrupt the training. This was not mentioned in the defense minister’s Syria statement earlier in May, something SV leader Audun Lysbakken has criticized.

Now SV has submitted a proposal to the Foreign Affairs Committee that the Storting must approve of Bakke-Jensen because he omitted this information. Lysbakken says he understands that some information and discussions on foreign and security policy issues can not be published.

“But the government can not help publishing things that can be public just because they are uncomfortable to the government. Both the Storting and the public will lose the opportunity for an enlightened debate on Norway’s military efforts in the Middle East, “Lysbakken said to NTB during the country council meeting.

– The Storting believes that Frank Bakke-Jensen’s omission of relevant information in the statement May 2 is criticism is the wording of the proposal.

Thus, they have not chosen to use the phrase “highly criticism” as the strongest wording you can come up without promoting mistrust suggestions. But Lysbakken says it is a powerful mark from the Storting if it is accepted by a government council

“And I think that’s in its place,” he said.

The criticism proposal was submitted earlier this week and has not yet been discussed in the committee. It will be voted on the proposal in the Parliament on 13 June. Lysbakken believes in support from several parties.

“It is too early to say something concrete, but I believe that more parties agree to support the proposal. But this is not clear, he says.

In addition to the proposal for criticism by Bakke-Jensen, SV has submitted proposals to withdraw Norwegian forces from the Middle East. As part of the international coalition against IS, Norwegian forces trained local Syrian forces from autumn 2016 until autumn 2017. The efforts took place in the border areas between Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

Lysbakken says SV has always been against Norwegian participation in the Middle East. The militia have said in the newspaper Klassekampen that they have also fought against the Assad regime forces, contrary to the intention of fighting only against IS. Lysbakken believes this information as well as the serious incident that became known Tuesday shows how difficult it is to control who Norway is working with in the Middle East.

The party therefore proposes that Norway immediately terminate its participation in military operations in the Middle East.

Crisis survey for the Labor Party’s Raymond Johansen in Oslo

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Labor Party and City Council leader Raymond Johansen drops 10 percentage points on VG’s fresh Oslo survey. Just over a decade before the municipal elections, it is the right wing majority in the capital. At VG’s survey for Oslo, Ap receives 22.3 percent support, while the Right wing receives 33.1 percent.

Thus, the Labor Party has lost every third electoral vote from the municipal elections in 2015. Then the party received 32 percent and the “Labor-green” coalition took over the city council’s power after 18 years of right wing rule. Among the former voters of the Labor Party, almost half of them say that they have found a new party, most on the right wing side. The other half settles on the fence and states that they are uncertain whether they will vote for the Labor Party again.

Worst since the war

Should this be the result of the municipal elections on 9 September next year, it would have been the Labor Party’s worst election in recent times in Oslo. The overview of above all municipal elections in Oslo back to World War II (1945) shows that the Labor Party  has never had such bad support in the capital. It is thus far up to the party’s best result in the city from 1955, where The Labor Party received 58 percent of the attendance.

“Just a week and a half ago, we had a survey that still showed Labor-green majority in Oslo. Here it turns and nothing is settled. It is more than a year for the municipal elections, and at that time, the Labor Party will use the city’s good results and ambitions for Oslo, “says party leader Jonas Gahr Støre in a text message to the major newspaper VG.

For a Labor Party that is currently down with broken back, it will be very important to retain power in the country’s capital at the elections in 2019. The Labor Party City Council leader Raymond Johansen will not comment on VG’s survey.

Revolutionary good

The City Council’s support party “Red” (marxism) does revolutionizing well on the survey. With 8.7 percent, leader Bjørnar Moxnes’ of the party is becoming Oslo’s third largest party.

– Final is the Northern Norwegian conditions in Oslo. At last election we got 10 percent in Bodø and 15 percent in Tromsø. It would only be sad if the capital did not come after. I’m not surprised if we get a Northern-Norwegian level in Oslo at the election in one year, “says Moxnes to VG.

Although both “Red” and Socialist Left Party have progress on VG’s survey, it will not last. The Labor Party’s weakening means that the city council empire in Oslo can die: The bourgeois side with the Right, The Progress Party and Left side has a purely majority alone – and with Christian People’s Party the bourgeois majority will be further strengthened.

– If the left side goes to the election to strengthen welfare, we will win again. But to be unclear and show off differences between right and left side is the recipe for selection, “said Moxnes.

– Has it been done in Oslo?

“I can not afford any advice, but nationally they have said it has become too much settlement and compromise with the bourgeois. We’ll see if they change it now. It’s up to them, “said Moxnes.

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