Me and Lyrica

Monday, June 4, 2018

First, what Lyrica helps, cut and paste from the website:

Peripheral and central neuropathic pain: Lyrica is used to treat long-term pain caused by nerve damage. A variety of diseases can cause peripheral neuropathic pain, such as diabetes or shingles. The pain may be described as hot, burning, pulsating, sudden, stinging, convulsive, aching, tingling, numbness or as a small needle stick in the skin. Peripheral and central neuropathic pain can also be associated with changes in mood, sleep disturbances, fatigue, and may affect physical and social functions and overall quality of life.

Yes, that’s what I have. A little hell every morning before the Lyrica works. It takes about 30 minutes. I take 150mg three times a day. It makes life “something easier” to say the least. Before Lyrica I had a tough hell for several years. As a result, I isolated myself because of the. pain. There was not much I could do in social gatherings, it was mostly Christmas Eve and a couple of days with a family I have good contact with.

Now I’m painless for many hours every day. And I have have a surplus that I have not had for at least 5 years. It’s not just the surplus, but I’ve got back the creativity and an my idea bank that I had before the disease. It’s even more, I eat more and enjoy good food and drink. So life has come back to me.

Must write more about Lyrica’s behavior on me. It’s a bit early yet. The medications I tried earlier worked quite good but then after a few months they stopped working. It has been two months now, so I hope this will work for good now.

Now I’m sleeping all night

Monday 4 June

After I increased the dose of NOZINAN to the double to 50mg, I’ve got a much better life.
My doctor may say that this is too much, but with 25mg I only sleep for a few hours. I have no regular sleeping medication, but I need to have sleeping in tablets.

I have tinnus so high that it is impossible to fall asleep by myself. My right ear has such a high frequency sound that makes a lot of the day very bad. I listen to music in headphones, not so loud but just so it maskes the high pitched sound.

I use 2 x 7.5mg Immovane sleeping in tablets. It is a double dose of recommended. But I can not sleep with just one tablet. The doctor has approved this because I have so much trouble falling asleep.

So now I sleep all night and wake up for approx. 7 or 8 in the morning. So now I am refreshed every day and have a huge surplus. My life has improved with Lyrica, Immovane and Nozinan. I will write a new post on Lyrica.

Diabetes 2 and diabetic neuropathy are very difficult to live with

Thursday, May 24, 2018

These are complications due to high blood sugar over time. I had this for many years before I got trouble in 2013 and went to the doctor. I was tested and the samples showed a long-term blood sugar of over 11. My health was harmed by this, so I had to change my diet.

After a while, the sugar went down to a more lively 6.8 / 7.0. Now the sugar is at 5.8 / 6.0. But it does not help my feet. They are painful and my medicine Lyrica has a limited effect. I sleep badly and wake up early in the night. My quality of life is limited and I can not walk far.

For that reason, I have received an electric scooter from NAV, Labor and Welfare Administration. The application took a long time, but I got the scooter in 2014, almost a year after I was diagnosed. It goes about 40 kilometers on a load, so I get around.

The days are hard and dominated by remembering taking pills. I’m not looking forward to what the future will give me of several late injuries. I can not eat high-sugar foods or high carbohydrate foods, which gives me major restrictions in food selection.

So I hope scientists on diabetes find something revolutionary, which gives me future hope and the belief that I can do this.

A little heavy thoughts about my finances

Saturday 2 June 2018

I have the least disability insurance and in the world’s most expensive country, there is little to live off. I have no savings account and can not go to eg the dentist. In the nice summer weather, as it is now, I can not afford to buy me barbecue food. I never imagined life would be as it is now.

I am chronically ill and can not work due to diabetic neuropathy in both feet. I can not go further than a couple of hundred meters, so the pain is so bad that I get sick and unwell. I have an electric scooter, so I can shop for food and a little bit of outings.

Now it has become untenable to only afford food and some few cozy things. I have no family or support from anyone, so it’s hard to cope. Now I write from my heart and dare not think about what you’re thinking about this post. I’m not begging, but looking at it as sponsorship.

I have my own domain, it costs a lot of money in Norway. I subscribe to a local newspaper that also costs. I have to save to this throughout the year. I need a life, so I can afford this.

I appeal to you as a fellow man to sponsor me with a small amount. I do not ask for much, but just so I do not get a bad summer. I thank you for everything you decide.

Thank you in advance, you will find the link here
PayPal me

A bit about diabetes 2 mellitus I have

Monday, May 14, 2018

The disease I have is a chronic complex condition. It has the potential to really worry me. It is described as a disease with high blood sugar due to absolute or relative insulin deficiency, possibly also insulin resistance.

Diabetes mellitus will over time increase the risk of late damage. The risk can be reduced considerably with adequate treatment. The injuries are, among other things, the result that the smallest blood vessels are injured for a long time with high blood sugar.

The blood vessels that are affected are the finest years in the kidneys, the retina of the eye, the peripheral nerves and the legs. This causes poor blood circulation that can cause gangrene in the legs, in some cases with amputation as a result. It can also lead to visual impairment or blindness, kidney damage or erection failure and / or nerve damage.

So there are no good prospects later in life. So I am very careful about sugar and foods with high carbohydrate content. I hope to live long with this, maybe there will be better medicines in the future.

About NAV

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I have a lot on my mind when it comes to Norwegian authorities and their attitude to the poor. We have 9.3 percent poor people living under the UN poverty line. The food is so expensive in Norway that many of these people go to bed without having eaten a hot meal for dinner. Other expenses such as Dentist, doctor and medication are also expensive.

We have a government agency called NAV or Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. NAV administers all those who register as unemployed, those with disability benefits and other social benefits.

NAV keeps payments low and gives poor a difficult and unpredictable future. There is a political will to reduce disability payments among several political parties. It is also a program to reduce the number of people on social security and other benefits. So many people live in uncertainty about the next development in their case.

More about this later

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