Some good news

Saturday 8 september 2018

Woke to 8.4 in fasting blood sugar It should be between 5 and 7.

I take Forexiga, Januvia and Metformin after the measurement. So maybe I’m getting my levels down.

My feet have been stabilized and now at a living level, and I have to go 2.4 km today.

I am praying for this and the people I pray for daily. Christ is so crystal clear on my health. It should be cured with a “pencil stroke”. Those who do not believe and read this must of course believe I’m crazy that puts my health in the Lord’s hands.

It is stated in the Bible that Jesus removed sickness from people and the Romans received these rumors when they were to pronounce judgment on him. Jesus died for our sake, after his death, he showed himself to Mary and the disciples. After that, the disciples went on to proclaim a rock-solid story.

The disciples suffered a terrible death, they were also persecuted, etc. They never departed from the preaching of Jesus’ resurrection! They could have said that it was a lie all and saved their lifes! They died instead, because they knew it was more afterwards. So they believed in Him until the last.

That’s why I know that when I’ve laid my life in his loving spirit, I’m saved! I am part of the Savior’s story of Jesus. I confess my sins and He listens. Then I enter into His kingdom! I know a presence and an infinite love.

Then Jesus works with my blood sugar, giving the medicine power again. The doctor should be contacted on Monday and his deed shall be lifted into the sky.

Then there will be other bowls to fill!

Prayer request!

Have a prayer request. My “stepdaughter” of 24 is in school now, compressed education from 3 to 1 year. Examination Artium. It’s a hard one with its strong ADHD. She has no higher education and is a drop-out from regular school, bully victims.

She is the daughter of the brother of my best friend. We have a great friendship and calls each other several times a week. I also have ADHD, but Jesus cleared the way in my chaos. Helped her since she was little, and later with tourism education, but she has forgotten everything now.

Now she needs as many as praying for breakthroughs, and that Jesus meets her “in the door” I have testified of my faith. She is Roman Catholic and needs more testimony from me. Help me with guidance and love.

I have a faith that is for generations. I want to be a prayer booth. Have not read so much in the Bible because of concentration problems and ear sores.

So I pray as hard as I can about this. I tell all Christians that I know about this.

I am grateful for your prayers.

Prayers are powerful

I woke up in prayer today, for the first time in my life. I prayed for a friend here on Facebook. It’s so strong that I almost went down my knees. Jesus kept me up, so I got articulation to shape the words in prayer.

The wisdom of God is infinite, so I got what I needed. A wisdom that I am the brother of Jesus. We are all brothers and sisters of Jesus.

It started with a sou-caring phone call yesterday with my friend in faith. I received words and sentences in this trusted conversation to give my life’s experiences. It became a turning point in life.

So today, I received Jesus help to form a prayer to Randi, my Facebook friend. It is now active. I think it will come into her life soon. The plan of God, not mine.

I am now full-time God’s child. I think this was the meaning of life. Nobody can take this from me now. Satan’s temptations makes me stronger now. His attempt to ruin my health has stopped now.

I have never written on Facebook such words as now. You who read this may think I’ve been mad. Yes, I’m crazy for Jesus. He did not die! He is here to communicate with God directly so that we can use this channel.

I know that I am now witnessing to you. It’s not dangerous and I’m not an extreme Christian. I only got a revelation, with words and sentences to give my friend experiences of my life. Then God opened the canal seriously.

I do not go in a church, have no extreme opinions, I have only received courage and sentences to testify to you.

That’s it.

God is not dead

Saturday, August 25, 2018

I saw the three Christian movies God is not dead, from 2014, 2016 and 2018.

I am a personal Christian and have a strong faith from my childhood, with some rebel years where I completely deprived of Christianity. But God did not give up the fight to win me back.

Today I have a faith that can withstand fire and my own destruction just fine. After the movies, I get the confidence that I have chosen correctly. God helps to calm after many years of ADHD since childhood.

Finding the right words for this deed is particularly difficult. Because I have read little in the Bible and just know about movies and their knowledge and wisdom about the Bible. Therefore, this does not become Bible teaching, but considerations of believing.

To believe is like water for me, can not live without. The first Christians were persecuted and killed but never gave up the thought of believing. The disciples were also persecuted and killed. Nor did they give up faith. All of them believed in their Savior when they died.

God’s love for you who read this is irresistible and eternal. His only wish is to confess your sins and believe in the Savior of your life. Then He talks with you in your dying faith and expands your horizons and sets you free. Anyone who talks about rules and ways of becoming a Christian is wrong.

The world’s first people had good contact with God and only had love for each other. When it was eaten by the forbidden fruit apple that Adam and Eve did, death came into the picture and we got the free will. After that, God had to reconnect with His only son Jesus, who came to save the world and was killed by the Jews according to the plan. By Jesus’ death and resurrection, the contact was established.

Today, 66 generations after Jesus, we still have this contact. We can pray prayers and be heard if it is God’s will. His plans for us are hidden so we can not know what the future has for us. But one thing is for sure, we shall all die one day until judgment comes and gives us faithful Christians a heaven lasting forever.

Today, Christians have a problem with everyday life, because the community has been secularized and has almost disappeared from Christianity. It means that the services of the people are the only thing that has been met, since the media has stopped almost entirely with religious programs. YouTube is a nice channel with much that can be constructive.

The Holy Ghost holds your spirit in your hands and gives you a peace that you did not previously think would be your way. Your peace enables you to do incredible things, such as to testify of your faith to others and see the change in their lives. This happens on a large scale and is for example. in Muslims’s dream world where Jesus appears. They converge right away.

I will write later

Right Now!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Man turns more and more away from God, it is prophesied in the Bible that man is going to do it.

Everything is in the Bible about this in visual and visual language researchers still have trouble interpreting. What we know that the end time has begun.

It says that man must turn away from God and deny that God is behind creation. We still have to find our origin!

The Bible shows in the books of Moses a creation of everything. That time we were easier in the perception of everything around us. It became easier explanation that the first people could relate to. God knew we could do more in our future.

Today, we still can not show what was before the Big Bang. We do not even have theories about how the universe was triggered. Atomers content is almost just air, we do not know why it’s like that sometime.

Many researchers become Christians as they become aware and discover intelligent design and its origins. Then no one is writing in the media about this because God is to be removed as the origin of all entities.

I perceive and know God’s love and his family feelings as I get. His knowledge is the life of eternity and everything created. The more I know this, the more I get mental strength and wisdom about the enemies of Him. It is also written that my eyes will be “opened”.

Life is fantastic!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Life is fantastic! Even though I’m sick and have challenges in my life every day, it’s good to belong to Christ and be his disciple.

I’ve cut all the complications of life and made it easy to live. I believe in the Savior and know a divine love that permeates everything in my life. I live in a silent prayer all the time with self-transcendence and forsaking sin every day.

I live in a heavenly peace that is there all the time, it has lifted ADHD and removed all the noise I had before. I’m still sick with diabetes 2 (from 2013), diabetic neuropathy in my feet, 3 active pro-laps since 1993, ear sous that I need to have knock-out pills to sleep. Furthermore, I take Nozinan to sleep for a long time. I have a slow stomach with acid problems and need to take medicine for it or else I get chest pain. I can not go far, have a scooter for it. I have concentration problems, so I go a lot in the apartment between the battles.

Therefore, I am invalidity today. I have the lowest pension benefit due to the big holes in my resume. I went special class for children with challenges such as MBD (ADHD now) and was in a class of much sicker children. Everyone went straight to the disability insurance at the age of 18, but I wanted to try in the community. In the end, my IT consultant got a high salary and worked for more than 10 years and had an annual salary of 430,000 in 2001. I did not get the pressure and got sick in 2001.

I tried and tried to work with just a loss for many years and 3 refusal of unsuccessful applications to NAV until 2017, then they gave up and I was granted disability insurance. But I am being punished for having tried me for a total of 17 years with good work and good salary. Those who went straight out in retirement have more than 5,000 more paid per. month than me !. So I’m bitter about it, because my work has cost me many personal losses and terminations.

I have no family or girlfriend. It costs too much to have it. My love life has only cost money and has not always been good. Has three cohabitationes for a total of 22 years, and been kicked on the door in various ways with cutting results. So I’m over.

Now I enjoy life alone with all the flaws, but have God and Jesus with me all the time. They give me a power and love I could never have found on myself, such as self operation. There is so much more than that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Friday 17 August 2018

Now Europe is moving back to the pre-war mentality where democracy does not have the same sound anymore. Strong leaders get more power and those who do not have it yet seek the people as an alibi.

Russia has it, and now Turkey. Austria has Sebastian Kurz on his way now. Macron in France tries. And Britain is having trouble with brexit because of strong leaders.

We have not had a worse situation since the Second World War. Breakdown of all EU debt, they do not trust each other like they did before the euro.

This leads to war if it does not stop in time. The change of words between East and West is increasing. And Russia has made the SATAN2 rocket that can destroy a country alone with 10 nuclear warheads with strength far above Hiroshima.

We are moving slowly against a cold war after chemical attacks in England where they want a reaction. England has hated Russia and is seeking support in EU countries for this. Theresa May has said in this House about this matter.

Another threat that could be a problem in this century is Islam. They are lying about their common cause, which is changing land to a part of an Islamic caliphate when they are enough. Birth figures are clear and there are not many generations before they are in the majority of religious groups.

Christianity, our weapon of madness is on the folding front everywhere. It will make Islam get the ground it needs because we leave our safe ground. There is nothing that takes over for Christianity, so Islam is taking the job.

We are on our way slowly but surely into the dark. Nobody dares to say because of human rights to be as much worth. Muslims are not as worthy because they will kill us. Anyone who does not want good in democracies is a threat.

We can run out of responsibility with timid cry that this is incorrect and that this will not happen. But history shows us all evidence that Islam is a violence ideology with discrimination against all outside this. They have surnamed us infidelity and what we must pay in tax to them to live.

It has already begun

The end times is not too far away

Monday 6 august 2018

For those who believe that we can still change to stop the environmental changes. It is too late. Read this.

First calculations of man-made climate change in 1896, by researcher Samuel Pierpoint Langley

A Swedish researcher, Svante Arrhenius, used Langley’s observations before 1900.

Arrhenius ‘colleague, Professor Arvid Högbom, who was quoted for a long time in Arrhenius’ 1896 study on the influence of carbonic acid in the air at earth’s temperature

In 1899 Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin long developed the idea that climate change could be due to changes in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Paleo climates and sunflats, early 1900s to 1950s.

In 1938, a British engineer, Guy Stewart Callendar, attempted to revive Arrhenius’s greenhouse effect theory. Callendar showed that both the temperature and CO2 levels in the atmosphere had increased over the past half century, claiming that recent spectroscopic measurements showed that the gas was effective in absorbing infrared in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, most scientific opinions continued to doubt or ignore the theory

By the end of the 1950s, several researchers claimed that carbon dioxide emissions could be a problem, with someone estimating in 1959 that CO2 would rise 25% by 2000, with potentially “radical” effects on the climate.

In 1969, NATO was the first candidate to handle climate change at the international level. It was therefore planned to establish a focal point for research and measures from the civil society organization that addresses environmental issues

We have known about this for a long time now, and we could have had the Paris and Kyoto protocols and environmental agreements on the table already in the early 70’s. Then the price of this was probably a lot cheaper.

Now it’s too late to do something we’ve come across the date range a long time ago. Our grandchildren and their children will have to live on the limit of extinction.

We have food area for approx. 9 billion, we are already up for 7.64 billion now. It has been born 83.4 million so far this year and there are only 34 million dead. We increase by approx. 50 million per year.

In 25 years we have reached the limit of how many people have food. The areas of food production are decreasing for each year. In addition, there are many zones where it becomes impossible to stay because of extreme heat.

Contamination of the big cities continues and we will increase the number of people living in the cities. 68% of the world’s population is estimated to live in urban areas by 2050, the UN says. Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050.

There will be fewer farmers and people involved in animal husbandry for food production. Synthetic food comes and will reduce the life of us.

The food from the ocean is sinking and the contamination of the fish will have to be done before it comes to the counter or in the freezer dish.

There is more that will go beyond humanity than this.

We are the last generation who wants a decent old age. Those who come after us must clean up a hopeless situation. It’s actually the end of humanity in a few hundred years, if we fail to reverse the development of technology.

Creating a living world on Mars will take too long. We have not yet got missiles to carry out the journey at a “normal” time. We also do not have technology for terraforming, ie creating enough oxygen for a planet and planting growths on a sandy surface.

So it’s hard to escape this virginity. This summer was a taste that awaits. Winter is getting equally damn and we’ll soon get new ice-age temperatures when the Gulf Stream flips from our ocean areas.

I’m glad I’m so old that I do not get it badest. I may be in the age of the 80’s due to very old family members on both sides. But that’s not possible because of Diabetes 2.

Now it’s summer with a back injury

Saturday 30 June 2018

I’ve been fine until now. My feet are loose with Lyrica, and I sleep well with Nozinan and Immovane. So I felt good until today.

I have two slab caps in the back. They rarely cause me problems during the year. But now they have been re-activated. Now it’s murmur and a bit of pain, it’s getting worse during the day.

As soon as the shop opens, I have to shop for food. Can not carry big but I have to. I have had it since 2003 and it comes and goes two to three days in pain. Now I’m at the start.

Adam was not long in Paradise. Neither do I. Now I have to work on the few meters of the scooter. It will not be fun.

Doctors who have seen the rudder pictures say that it will calm down. That they said in 2004 and in 2012, it has not been my everyday life. So I’m a little fucked.

I have explained this to my doctor, but he says that he will calm himself too. So I get Paralgin Forte to lower the pain. They are quite hard against my stomach, so I only take them in the evening, so I get to sleep.

But I do not get the doctor until Monday, and then he writes out medications in the afternoon. So it gets tough until then.

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