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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Historic warmths all over the world

It’s not just in Norway it’s been an unusually hot summer.

Over the last few weeks there has been heat warfare worldwide. It has happened in such different places as usually cool Ireland to Canada and the Middle East.

On Wednesday, Dagbladet wrote about how southern Norway lies in a heat bubble of two high pressures.

Similar heat bubbles that have occurred in various places over the northern hemisphere lately, are what causes temperatures to rise to new records, according to The Washington Post.

They made an overview of the recordings Tuesday, and have had to update this with still new recordings over the week.

“Individual record in isolation can not be attributed to global warming. But overall, these records are consistent with the extreme weather we can expect to see more of on an ever warmer planet. “They stuck.

Will be more records

Climate researcher Eystein Jansen at the Bjerkness Center at the University of Bergen says the many records around the world do not need to be linked to global warming, but that climate change increases the likelihood of heat corrosion.

“It may happen a few years that the high pressures add to such an unusually hot, but it is strange that it does over so large areas, in several parts of the world, and that it becomes absolute records. The UN climate panel has said that periods of extreme heat will come more often as a feature of global warming. When the average temperatures rise, the peaks will also rise, he constants.

He further says that even though there may also be cold records, over time it has been seen that it is now more frequent than the warnings.

– So there can be more such summers like this in the future, and warmer than this too?

“Yes, it is related to the emissions of greenhouse gases, but analyzes have shown that in countries such as India and Pakistan, the temperature as today is the 10 percent warmest will be the norm. Also in southern Europe there will be the extremely high temperatures that become normal. What comes with is drought with subsequent food shortages and forest fires.

Historically hot in Norway

In Norway, eight out of ten records of measurement stations with the highest average maximum temperature over one month are measured from May or June this year.

“It has been unusually hot from mid-May to mid-June,” says climate watch Lillian Kalve at Meteorological Institute to Dagbladet.

Especially in May there was a record heat.

– Monthly temperature was 4.4 degrees above normal. It is the warmest in the series dating back to 1900, “says Hanne Heiberg, researcher at the department of climate services at the Meteorological Institute.

According to the climate watch, there is a new record for the number of tropical days during a summer if the high temperatures continue, as it seems.

Here are some of the hot records that The Washington Post has listed from last week in the rest of the world:
USA and Canada

A massive hot wave has enclosed two thirds of the United States and Canada from the east since the end of last week. It has not only been hot but also extremely moist.

* In Denver in Colorado, it was measured 40, 5 degrees on 28 June. The warmest temperature measured here ever.

* In Montreal, Canada, they measured the highest temperature in modern times on July 2nd. The temperature range here goes back 147 years in time and the record temperature was set to 36.6 degrees.

Scotland: Scotland has clocked its warmest temperature ever since measured on 28 June this year. It occurred in Motherwell, southeast of Glasgov, where it was measured 33, 2 degrees.

Ireland. Measured new maximum temperature on June 28th, at 32 degrees.

Tbilisi, in Georgia, recorded record 4 July. 40.5 degrees is the highest temperature ever measured in the Georgian capital.
Middle East:

The city of Quriyat in Oman also put a heat record on June 28, when the lowest daily temperature never came below 42.6 degrees.

Macron about Solberg: “When we are only two of us, we can see that the results are coming”

Saturday, July 7, 2018

PARIS (VG) Norway’s Oil Fund is at the forefront of an international commitment to climate-friendly investment, and Erna Solberg became an exclusive guest of France’s powerful president in Paris.

The reason for the Friday visit was the presentation of a common framework for investment, which will encourage funds to take environmentally friendly choices. Solberg was the only state and government leader invited to Elyseet, among fund managers from six countries.

– Let me express my gratitude to Prime Minister Erna Solberg. We have something in common: None of us like big summits without results. But when we are only two of us today, we can see that the results are coming, Macron told Solberg in front of the press after the meeting.

Do not expect miracles

* A collection of state pension funds, founded by Norway, New Zealand, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi following an initiative by France’s Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron.

* The purpose is to increase business climate awareness

* The main objective of the Norwegian oil fund’s investments will continue to be financial gain, but the committee believes that in the long term it will pay off to choose climate-friendly.

* Compliance with the principles is based on volunteering.

(Source: One Planet Sovereign Wealth Fund Working Group)

It was after an initiative by the French president in connection with the December climate summit, that it became known that the Norwegian Oil Fund is part of this exclusive environmental workforce of government investment funds.

Erna Solberg believes Norway has caught Macron’s attention because the Norwegian oil fund has already introduced climate-friendly practice and thus can be an inspiration for other major funds in the world.

The report presented today provides guidelines for investment funds based on voluntary efforts.

Prime Minister Solberg is realistic about what to expect, she tells VG in Paris.

“There are many of these funds where you do not even want to say how much money is in them, so you probably will not expect countries like Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to suddenly create very transparent systems. However, they commit themselves to pushing the companies they are investing in and taking greater responsibility, says the prime minister.

Huge values

The presentation of “The One Planet Sovereign Wealth Fund Framework” occurred six months before expected. Rarely have there been such great values ​​around one table as in the Elysee Palace today.

Norway, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Quaternary State Investment Fund have a combined value of around NOK 24 billion, according to NTB. It is around three times the value of the Norwegian oil fund alone.

Norway inside the good company

* Is divided into the Government Pension Fund Global – SPU (Oil Fund) and the Government Pension Fund Norway – SPN.

* The oil fund is today the world’s largest state fund.

* The fund has invested in 9,146 companies in 72 countries, which accounts for 1.4 percent of world listed companies.

* The Storting has adopted an action rule that over time, the same amount of the oil fund can be used as the expected real return of the fund. This is now estimated at 3 percent of the fund’s capital.

After Norway’s central role in climate change became known before Christmas, Solberg has received the audience several times at Macron’s table. Today’s climate meeting was followed by a bilateral meeting, which included the forthcoming NATO summit and international trade policy on the agenda.

Norway’s climate commitment has given us a ticket to a more visible role on the international stage, confirms Solberg to VG.

“Yes, and the fact that we have one of the world’s absolute largest funds,” the Prime Minister smiles in the French capital, and continues.

“It has come easier here. We notice that when we work internationally, we are more interesting to invite you to meetings. Some think it’s just because we have money in our pocket, but it’s not. We are keen on participating in our climate work, our efforts and the educational issues we have set up on the international agenda, “says Solberg in Paris.

Uganda introduces tax on social media

Tuesday 3 July 2018

Uganda has introduced taxes on the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.
The tax was proposed by the country’s long-standing president Yoweri Museveni, who earlier this year complained about the proliferation of gossip in social media.

Social media users in Uganda must then pay 200 shillings a day, around 5 cents (US), in advance to access social media. This comes on top of what else they have to pay to use the internet.

According to the authorities in the country, around 17 million of Uganda’s 41 million inhabitants are active on the internet and the new tax is not well received.

“The reasons for introducing this tax are antisocial, and it is not development friendly,” says Human Rights Attorney Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi.

Ugandan government hopes that the new tax will bring about NOK 820 million a year.

It is not the first time Uganda’s authorities try to slow down the use of social media, which also happened during the February 2016 elections.

All access to Twitter and Facebook was closed in connection with the election, referring to unspecified threats to the country’s security.

The election ended with victory to Museveni, to protests from the opposition and criticism from international observers.

800 crypto currencies are worthless

Tuesday 3 July 2018

A large number of cryptic currencies that appeared last year were fraud, according to the US website.
Over 800 of the crypto currencies that have appeared in the last half year are now sold for less than $ 0.01. Many newly-launched crypto currencies were fraudulent or did not result in anything, according to CNBC.

Since 2017, initial coin offering (ICO) has exploded. In 2017, investors bought digital currency from newly created companies worth $ 3.8 billion, equivalent to NOK 31 billion. So far in 2018, this sum has risen to $ 11.9 billion, or NOK 97 billion.

The price of the most valuable crypto currency bitcoin has fallen 70 percent since record year 2017, and is Monday at $ 6,370 per coin, according to data from Coinmarketcap.

China steals the “crown jewels” of American technology

Tuesday 3 July 2018

The white house accuses China of stealing American technology. That’s how they mean it’s done.

Donald Trump has been awkward about how to stop China stealing American technology. It was expected that a final decision came before Saturday, but instead he accused the EU of stealing as much as China.

Until recently, there have also been no concrete allegations about how China steals technology.

Now the White House has published a 36-page report on five ways.

1. Theft

China is supposed to literally steal intellectual property through physical theft and hacking.

China’s response to the CIA, the Ministry of State Security, will be behind many of the thefts.

According to the report, a Florida woman was sentenced to smuggle submarine parts from American companies to a Chinese university affiliated with the Chinese Navy.

2. Legislation

Arne Melchior is researching international trade in NUPI. He holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Oslo.

The laws in China make it difficult for foreign companies to retain their technology for themselves. For example, strict requirements are imposed on companies that establish themselves in the country.

“There is some truth in Trump’s charges, and the EU has raised criticism of China on some of the same points. Among other things, companies that establish themselves in China through a merger with a local company, joint ventures, are often forced to transfer their knowledge to them, says senior researcher Arne Melchior at the Norwegian Foreign Policy Institute (NUPI) to E24.

3. Capture

China is the world’s largest producer of raw materials used in the production of high-tech products. The authorities have introduced export restrictions on a number of these materials.

Export restrictions may force companies using these raw materials to move their production to China, according to the report.

4. Information retrieval

The white house accuses China, among other things, of affecting Chinese people working with technology in the United States to retrieve information for them.

For example, it is suggested that the Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei collaborates with the University of California, Berkeley, about artificial intelligence to see how the technology can be used militaryly.

5. Investments

China plans to become world leader in a number of technology fields by 2025, the so-called “Made in China 2025” plan. They invest heavily in companies in line with this plan and facilitate the regulation of these sectors.

The report explains that this is problematic because companies that benefit from this policy are more susceptible to control by Chinese authorities.

– Trump already has the gear he needs

Melchior believes Trump does not necessarily have to go to trade war, as he has threatened and partially introduced, to bend with China. There are already systems for this in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

– Trump has criticized the WTO for failing to deal with China. But the WTO has introduced the so-called TRIPS agreement after American pressure, to secure intellectual property, thus giving Trump the tools he needs. The United States has appealed to China for WTO on the basis of the agreement, but chose to introduce 25 per cent duty on goods worth $ 50 billion before the negotiations were completed, explains Melchior.

Trump Announces New Judge July 9th

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Donald Trump says he will announce who will be the new Supreme Court on Monday 9 July.

Trump thus nominates his second judge to the US Supreme Court. The new referee takes over Anthony Kennedy, who this week announced that he retires in late July.

Trump informed the press Friday that he is considering two women, but that as many as seven people can be interviewed.

Asking if he would ask the candidates about their view of abortion, Trump said that this is something he does not want to do.

“It’s not a question I’m going to ask. That’s inappropriate, said Trump, who will start interviewing people Monday.

Trumps first nomination, Neil Gorsuch, was approved by the Senate and taken oath in April 2017.

Four men injured in shooting in Helsingborg

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Four men in the 20’s were injured, three of them seriously, in Helsingborg on Saturday night. Sources tell Aftonbladet that it is about a gang settlement. The event took place near Gustav Adolf’s church at Södergatan.

Four men in the 20’s were injured when two gangs went at each other, NTB writes. One 27-year-old is arrested, suspected of murder attempt.

“Some were shot so some have gunshot wounds and cuts,” said police spokesman Fredrik Bratt to Aftonbladet. Region Skåne states that three of the men are seriously injured and one more lightly injured.

Two of them were taken to hospital with ambulance, one in police car and the fourth in a private car.

Helsingborg is located about 65 kilometers north of Malmö, which has been shaken by gang violence in recent weeks. After the triple murder on the open street at the end of June, there have been several revenge actions, and the victims, they do not dare to go out into the street after dark.

Searched by helicopter

The police were in place on the spot with forensics and several patrols night to sunday. A helicopter and dog patrol also contributed to the search for the perpetrator or perpetrators.

A witness told Aftonbladet that a black-haired shooter arrived on a motorcycle and fired several shots.

A witness tells Helsingborg Dagblad that he was on his way to the cinema with some friends when he heard a shot. According to witnesses, a man was driving a motorcycle against traffic on Södergatan. The police will not confirm this at the moment.

A witnessed Helsingborg Daily newspaper photographer talked with, should have told that a person was shot in the leg.

Aftonbladet earlier this year mapped deadly shooting episodes in the Swedish metropolitan areas. Only in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg there were 131 killed in shooting episodes between 2011 and 2018.

NSA deletes call data

Saturday 30 June 2018

The US intelligence organization NSA deletes call data from 685 million phone calls, collected since 2015.

Congress in the United States set foot for NSA’s practice of retrieving call data after American defector  Edward Snowden revealed the scope of business in 2013.

Snowden, who previously worked for the CIA and NSA, leaked documents that showed that NSA daily received nearly 5 billion registrations from base stations worldwide.

The data showed, among other things, hundreds of millions of mobile phones at all times, as well as who called each other. The information went straight into a huge database and was then analyzed using a tool called Co-Traveler.

Telecommunications companies

US telecom giants like AT & T have for several decades assisted the NSA with the collection, but in 2015 Congress adopted a law stating that the intelligence organization could no longer automatically retrieve such call data. The law instead instructs telecommunications companies to store these data for a period, but opened the NSA in certain cases to request access.

This has been done by the NSA, and the data they have retrieved has been stored in their own database. The NSA database finally contained call data from 685 million calls, but must now be deleted. The job of erasing began in May, NSA announced.
Had to go

Just a few months after Snowden’s revealing, the NSA chief Keith Alexander left the job, and in 2016, the scandal also cost the US National Intelligence Manager James Clapper the job.

During a hearing in Congress some months before Snowden’s disclosure, Clapper refused oath to receive call data from US telecom companies.

The NSA has over 30,000 employees and is the largest of the United States 16 intelligence organizations. The organization has facilities for collection and analysis in countries like UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Germany.

Poland’s reluctance to accept asylum seekers from Muslim countries

Saturday 30 June 2018

Poles would rather drop the EU than to accept Muslim asylum seekers

WARSZAWA (VG) Poland’s reluctance to accept asylum seekers from Muslim countries has led to a deep divide in the EU, and a tough day for the country’s Muslim minority.

The building located on a small hill of Warsaw is bright and modern in the design, inviting and atypical of a mosque.

“We wanted a glass facade with full-blown insight to show people that we are open to everyone,” says Director at the largest Islamic Cultural Center in Poland, Abdul Jabbar Koubaisy, to VG.

The idea was good, but on the grass outside the house of God there is evidence that many people are not interested in insight into Koubaisys culture. In fact, they want both him and built away. Seven large windows were broken this time, to a total of 100,000 kroner. It’s far from the first time it happens. A total of 27 glass windows have been destroyed by vandalism in the past.

“It used to be not as bad as this, but the last couple of years hated Muslims here has become far more prevalent,” says Koubaisy from a mosque bath in the evening light.

Only two men have come to pray this evening.

Migration conflict puts the EU in crisis

Together with Hungary and the Czech Republic, Poland has torn the EU by refusing to accept asylum seekers from Muslim countries. The three countries have been appealed by the European Commission for their failure to comply with the EU Agreement, which aims to allocate 160,000 new arrivals between countries within the Union.

The agreement is from 2015, the same year as the Law and Justice Party (PiS) made a bracket election. The country’s very conservative authorities say that they, and not the EU, will have full control over who they may accept in the country.

“The government so openly puts Muslims up against the Catholic, has awakened instincts in Poles, as we have not seen in the same way before,” said Culture Center Director Koubaisy.

Migration is at the top of the agenda when the heads of state from all EU member states come together for the summit Thursday and Friday this week.

Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary boycotted the preparatory extraordinary meeting on migration and asylum. The fragmentation within the Union is now so serious that it can lead to a collapse in Angela Merkel’s coalition.

Almost only poles

Poland is one of Europe’s most ethnically homogeneous countries. As many as 98 percent say that they are ethnic Polish, according to World Atlas figures from June 2018.

A majority of the poles, 51 percent say they are willing to let go of membership in the EU and all the subsidies that come with it, if they had to choose between the union and to receive more Muslim asylum seekers, a survey conducted by IBRiS for the newspaper Polityka. It is despite the fact that 71 percent of Poles think it is positive that the country is a member of the EU.

On the train on the way to the mosque in Warsaw, VG meets more people who openly say they are skeptical of immigration from Muslim countries. Cezary Dziukka and Monika justify the resistance to what they describe as incompatible religions.

“The Catholic Church says quite correctly that it is important to help. But it is difficult with Muslims because it is such a different religion. Your religion is dangerous, we see television reports from there. Islam leads to terrorism, means the middle-aged dressed man Cezary Dziukka.

Few Muslims

While the Juni River falls into Warsaw, it is warm and warm inside the Al Badia Restaurant, located at the back of the Muslim Cultural Center.

Holder Salim Shihada Alhamdane (33) is a rare success story. Just over ten years ago, Alhamdane came from the war-fought homeland of Iraq, and has built up the restaurant that has become a focal point for Muslims in Warsaw.

He says there have been unpleasant episodes, but he would rather focus on the good. “I think it’s just a phase,” he says about the current anti-immigration flows in Poland.

His three young dinner guests from Oman disagree.

“It’s almost impossible to make friends here. The poles do not want to talk to us, especially young men and the oldest, and as an Arab you can only forget to rent an apartment. It often happens that I’m called shells or pushed into the subway, says Saud Alriyamy (23) to VG over a plate of rice and chicken.

More attacks

Muslims make up less than 0.1 percent of Poland’s nearly 40 million inhabitants. Surveys show, however, that poles believe there are far more. On average, people say that believing Muslims accounted for 7 percent, showed a survey from Open Democracy last year.

After the law and justice party gained power in 2015, the number of attacks on Muslims rose from 192 to 362 the following year, according to AlJazeera.

The refugees that the EU will allocate between Member States is largely from Muslim countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

At a joint press conference with Polish Heads of State in May, Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban said that “we are a Christian people and we know what it means to help. But we can not

Trump and Putin meet in Finland 16 july

Thursday 28 June 2018

President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will meet in Helsinki this summer, reports Fox News on Twitter.

Neither The White House nor the Kremlin have confirmed the information, but according to the Russian news agency Interfax, the Kremlin will announce at 14 Norwegian time a notice of time and place for the planned summit.

It was Wednesday it became known that the US and Russia had agreed that Trump and Putin should meet later this summer, probably in July.

The announcement came the same day that Trumps national security advisor John Bolton met Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.

Putin counselor Juri Usjakov said that time and place of the meeting will be announced Thursday. He stated at the same time that the meeting will not be held in the United States or Russia but in a third country.

Earlier, Putin mentioned Vienna as a possible venue for the meeting, but on Tuesday, several American media and Finnish Helsingin Sanomat experienced that Helsinki is likely to be the venue and that it will take place sometime in mid-July.

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