Trump Announces New Judge July 9th

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Donald Trump says he will announce who will be the new Supreme Court on Monday 9 July.

Trump thus nominates his second judge to the US Supreme Court. The new referee takes over Anthony Kennedy, who this week announced that he retires in late July.

Trump informed the press Friday that he is considering two women, but that as many as seven people can be interviewed.

Asking if he would ask the candidates about their view of abortion, Trump said that this is something he does not want to do.

“It’s not a question I’m going to ask. That’s inappropriate, said Trump, who will start interviewing people Monday.

Trumps first nomination, Neil Gorsuch, was approved by the Senate and taken oath in April 2017.

Four men injured in shooting in Helsingborg

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Four men in the 20’s were injured, three of them seriously, in Helsingborg on Saturday night. Sources tell Aftonbladet that it is about a gang settlement. The event took place near Gustav Adolf’s church at Södergatan.

Four men in the 20’s were injured when two gangs went at each other, NTB writes. One 27-year-old is arrested, suspected of murder attempt.

“Some were shot so some have gunshot wounds and cuts,” said police spokesman Fredrik Bratt to Aftonbladet. Region Skåne states that three of the men are seriously injured and one more lightly injured.

Two of them were taken to hospital with ambulance, one in police car and the fourth in a private car.

Helsingborg is located about 65 kilometers north of Malmö, which has been shaken by gang violence in recent weeks. After the triple murder on the open street at the end of June, there have been several revenge actions, and the victims, they do not dare to go out into the street after dark.

Searched by helicopter

The police were in place on the spot with forensics and several patrols night to sunday. A helicopter and dog patrol also contributed to the search for the perpetrator or perpetrators.

A witness told Aftonbladet that a black-haired shooter arrived on a motorcycle and fired several shots.

A witness tells Helsingborg Dagblad that he was on his way to the cinema with some friends when he heard a shot. According to witnesses, a man was driving a motorcycle against traffic on Södergatan. The police will not confirm this at the moment.

A witnessed Helsingborg Daily newspaper photographer talked with, should have told that a person was shot in the leg.

Aftonbladet earlier this year mapped deadly shooting episodes in the Swedish metropolitan areas. Only in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg there were 131 killed in shooting episodes between 2011 and 2018.

NSA deletes call data

Saturday 30 June 2018

The US intelligence organization NSA deletes call data from 685 million phone calls, collected since 2015.

Congress in the United States set foot for NSA’s practice of retrieving call data after American defector  Edward Snowden revealed the scope of business in 2013.

Snowden, who previously worked for the CIA and NSA, leaked documents that showed that NSA daily received nearly 5 billion registrations from base stations worldwide.

The data showed, among other things, hundreds of millions of mobile phones at all times, as well as who called each other. The information went straight into a huge database and was then analyzed using a tool called Co-Traveler.

Telecommunications companies

US telecom giants like AT & T have for several decades assisted the NSA with the collection, but in 2015 Congress adopted a law stating that the intelligence organization could no longer automatically retrieve such call data. The law instead instructs telecommunications companies to store these data for a period, but opened the NSA in certain cases to request access.

This has been done by the NSA, and the data they have retrieved has been stored in their own database. The NSA database finally contained call data from 685 million calls, but must now be deleted. The job of erasing began in May, NSA announced.
Had to go

Just a few months after Snowden’s revealing, the NSA chief Keith Alexander left the job, and in 2016, the scandal also cost the US National Intelligence Manager James Clapper the job.

During a hearing in Congress some months before Snowden’s disclosure, Clapper refused oath to receive call data from US telecom companies.

The NSA has over 30,000 employees and is the largest of the United States 16 intelligence organizations. The organization has facilities for collection and analysis in countries like UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Germany.

Poland’s reluctance to accept asylum seekers from Muslim countries

Saturday 30 June 2018

Poles would rather drop the EU than to accept Muslim asylum seekers

WARSZAWA (VG) Poland’s reluctance to accept asylum seekers from Muslim countries has led to a deep divide in the EU, and a tough day for the country’s Muslim minority.

The building located on a small hill of Warsaw is bright and modern in the design, inviting and atypical of a mosque.

“We wanted a glass facade with full-blown insight to show people that we are open to everyone,” says Director at the largest Islamic Cultural Center in Poland, Abdul Jabbar Koubaisy, to VG.

The idea was good, but on the grass outside the house of God there is evidence that many people are not interested in insight into Koubaisys culture. In fact, they want both him and built away. Seven large windows were broken this time, to a total of 100,000 kroner. It’s far from the first time it happens. A total of 27 glass windows have been destroyed by vandalism in the past.

“It used to be not as bad as this, but the last couple of years hated Muslims here has become far more prevalent,” says Koubaisy from a mosque bath in the evening light.

Only two men have come to pray this evening.

Migration conflict puts the EU in crisis

Together with Hungary and the Czech Republic, Poland has torn the EU by refusing to accept asylum seekers from Muslim countries. The three countries have been appealed by the European Commission for their failure to comply with the EU Agreement, which aims to allocate 160,000 new arrivals between countries within the Union.

The agreement is from 2015, the same year as the Law and Justice Party (PiS) made a bracket election. The country’s very conservative authorities say that they, and not the EU, will have full control over who they may accept in the country.

“The government so openly puts Muslims up against the Catholic, has awakened instincts in Poles, as we have not seen in the same way before,” said Culture Center Director Koubaisy.

Migration is at the top of the agenda when the heads of state from all EU member states come together for the summit Thursday and Friday this week.

Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary boycotted the preparatory extraordinary meeting on migration and asylum. The fragmentation within the Union is now so serious that it can lead to a collapse in Angela Merkel’s coalition.

Almost only poles

Poland is one of Europe’s most ethnically homogeneous countries. As many as 98 percent say that they are ethnic Polish, according to World Atlas figures from June 2018.

A majority of the poles, 51 percent say they are willing to let go of membership in the EU and all the subsidies that come with it, if they had to choose between the union and to receive more Muslim asylum seekers, a survey conducted by IBRiS for the newspaper Polityka. It is despite the fact that 71 percent of Poles think it is positive that the country is a member of the EU.

On the train on the way to the mosque in Warsaw, VG meets more people who openly say they are skeptical of immigration from Muslim countries. Cezary Dziukka and Monika justify the resistance to what they describe as incompatible religions.

“The Catholic Church says quite correctly that it is important to help. But it is difficult with Muslims because it is such a different religion. Your religion is dangerous, we see television reports from there. Islam leads to terrorism, means the middle-aged dressed man Cezary Dziukka.

Few Muslims

While the Juni River falls into Warsaw, it is warm and warm inside the Al Badia Restaurant, located at the back of the Muslim Cultural Center.

Holder Salim Shihada Alhamdane (33) is a rare success story. Just over ten years ago, Alhamdane came from the war-fought homeland of Iraq, and has built up the restaurant that has become a focal point for Muslims in Warsaw.

He says there have been unpleasant episodes, but he would rather focus on the good. “I think it’s just a phase,” he says about the current anti-immigration flows in Poland.

His three young dinner guests from Oman disagree.

“It’s almost impossible to make friends here. The poles do not want to talk to us, especially young men and the oldest, and as an Arab you can only forget to rent an apartment. It often happens that I’m called shells or pushed into the subway, says Saud Alriyamy (23) to VG over a plate of rice and chicken.

More attacks

Muslims make up less than 0.1 percent of Poland’s nearly 40 million inhabitants. Surveys show, however, that poles believe there are far more. On average, people say that believing Muslims accounted for 7 percent, showed a survey from Open Democracy last year.

After the law and justice party gained power in 2015, the number of attacks on Muslims rose from 192 to 362 the following year, according to AlJazeera.

The refugees that the EU will allocate between Member States is largely from Muslim countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

At a joint press conference with Polish Heads of State in May, Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban said that “we are a Christian people and we know what it means to help. But we can not

Trump and Putin meet in Finland 16 july

Thursday 28 June 2018

President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will meet in Helsinki this summer, reports Fox News on Twitter.

Neither The White House nor the Kremlin have confirmed the information, but according to the Russian news agency Interfax, the Kremlin will announce at 14 Norwegian time a notice of time and place for the planned summit.

It was Wednesday it became known that the US and Russia had agreed that Trump and Putin should meet later this summer, probably in July.

The announcement came the same day that Trumps national security advisor John Bolton met Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow.

Putin counselor Juri Usjakov said that time and place of the meeting will be announced Thursday. He stated at the same time that the meeting will not be held in the United States or Russia but in a third country.

Earlier, Putin mentioned Vienna as a possible venue for the meeting, but on Tuesday, several American media and Finnish Helsingin Sanomat experienced that Helsinki is likely to be the venue and that it will take place sometime in mid-July.

Trump Appoints New Judge

Thursday 28 June 2018

The election of a new conservative Supreme Court judge in the United States may be of great importance to a number of major issues.

The US Supreme Court judge Anthony Kennedy announced Wednesday night that he retires by the end of July. He met on Wednesday President Donald Trump in the White House, where he informed the president of his decision.

Kennedy was appointed to the Supreme Court of Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1987. Now Trump is able to appoint his second judge – and thus he can put his mark on the court for a long time to come.

Strife Cases

These are some of the issues that may be affected by the selection:


During the election campaign, Donald Trump promised to appoint abortionists to the Supreme Court. Now he has the opportunity to replace Kennedy with a judge who can help make dramatic changes in the United States abortion laws. The Supreme Court is today divided in the midst of this question, and the new judge may therefore have a decisive influence on the outcome of new matters, writes the Politico website.

The court will be able to decide when an abortion can be completed during pregnancy, but also the restrictions that the states may introduce.

Homosexual rights

Kennedy has long been known as the strongest defender of gay rights among the Supreme Court judges. Several times his voice has been crucial, among other things when the United States Supreme Court with five to four votes in 2015 decided that similar marriage would be allowed in all 50 states of the country.

Now the gay organizations fear a setback.

“We regret that a judge who has fought for the decent treatment of gay people chooses this time to hang away, thus giving the Trump administration the opportunity to undermine the laws to protect against discrimination,” said Rachel Tiven in the Lambda Legal organization to Politico .

Death penalty

Kennedy has not provided any signals that he has been prepared to declare the death penalty in violation of the Constitution. Nevertheless, he has repeatedly appeared as the only Republican judge who believes that the Constitution sets clear limits on the implementation of the death penalty. In 2005, his vote was crucial when the Supreme Court decided that people under the age of 18 can not be convicted of such a punishment.

The opponents of the death penalty fear that fewer death sentences who get their case processed by the Supreme Court will get through.

Associate Professor at Bjørknes College, Hilde Restad, believes the appointment of a new judge will be of great importance, and emphasizes that the election will mobilize voters both on the right and left sides.

– If the Republicans are not approved Kennedys replaces before the middle of November, both sides have a very good reason to meet in polling stations: to control the Senate where the judge is to be approved. The left side has been ready for battle since November 2016, but now all Christian conservatives on the right side will also have an incentive to meet up, says Restad to VG.
Has a list ready

Trump announced Wednesday night that the work of appointing Kennedy’s successor will begin “immediately”. The president already has a list of over 20 candidates ready, the same list used as a starting point before last year’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch.

The question is now whether the Senate will be convened to vote on a nomination before the middle of November, where there are 33 seats of the Senate’s 100 seats.

The republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said Wednesday night that the Senate is prepared to vote for a nomination already in August. Democrat Senate leader, Chuck Schumer, said on his side that it had been “the top of hypocrisy” to vote before the middle election.

The Netherlands introduces a ban on burka and nikab

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

In schools and hospitals at first

The National Assembly in the Netherlands has by a large majority decided to introduce a ban on burka, nikab and other cover of the face of schools and hospitals.

The so-called burka ban also applies to public transport and public buildings, where there is also a ban on using helmets or otherwise covering the face.

The proposal for burka ban was first promoted 13 years ago by outer right politician Geert Wilders, who described himself as Islam hater.

The House of Representatives of the Dutch National Assembly voted for such a ban in 2016, but it would take another three years before the decision in the upper house. It is expected that the ban will come into force next year.

How the prohibition is to be practiced and who will enforce it is highly unclear. One of the questions raised is whether bus drivers should deny passengers with nikab or burka access.

Lawyers are critical of the ban, and the opposition calls it symbolism because there are hardly more than 400 women carrying burka in the Netherlands.

Wrote “The little house on the prairie”. Now her name is removed from book price

Monday, June 25, 2018

CLASSIC: The books in “The Little House on the Prairie” series are based on Wilder’s own childhood, and are filmed several times. PHOTO: Mary Evans Picture / NTB News

Changes the name of the book price after the racism debate.

The children’s writer Laura Ingalls Wilder is best known for the classical children’s books in the series “The Little House on the Prairie”. The grand children’s award “Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal” is also named after her and has been distributed by the American Library Association since 1954.

This weekend it became clear that this year’s prize is the last one to be awarded with this name. After a vote in the American Library Association, it became apparent that the prize changed its name to the Children’s Literature Legacy Award, writes Washington Post.

The reason is concern about how Wilder, who lived from 1867 to 1957, portrayed Americans with African background, and American indigenous people.

– Incompatible with the core values

The organization stated that Wilder “uses expressions of stereotypical attitudes incompatible with ALSC core values”. They further stated that Wilder’s books are still published and read, but that “her inheritance is complex” and “not universally embraced”.

According to The Guardian, the books contain a number of phrases that are unacceptable today.

Wilder should also have apologized for his thoughtlessness, “according to The Guardian, and changed a sentence in one of the books in” The Little House on the Prairie “series, which said that in Kansas there was no people Indians. ” The sentence was changed to “no new settlers, only Indians”.

Wilder was the first writer to receive the award in 1954. The award of the year went to author Jacqueline Woodson.

Trumps Twitter messages have changed in recent weeks

Monday, June 25, 2018

Donald Trump has twittered 257 times so far this month. The messages are getting more and more bizarre.

The fact that Donald Trump’s messages on Twitter raise awareness are far from new. Ever since he was elected president, critics have targeted the smooth flow of outbreaks and controversial comments. But in recent times there has been a development, CNN writes.

The news channel claims that the activity on Trump’s Twitter account has escalated and become more and more strange. The president has shown himself from his controversial page several times earlier, including threatening nuclear war against North Korea.

Political reporter in CNN, Chris Cillizza, has been following a lot on Trump. Now he has analyzed recent updates.

Strange times

The CNN reporter now claims that Trump not only tweets more than before, but also makes it bizarre times of the day. In addition, in his posts he focuses much on the ongoing investigation of himself and the election, led by Robert Mueller.

Of the 22 Twitter messages Trump posted on Sunday, eight of them investigated the investigation and how the FBI handled the Hillary Clinton investigation. Six of them were accusations against the democrats.

The Trump archive reveals

On the website “trump Twitter archive” you can see all the Twitter messages the president has posted since 2009. There are also statistics about how many messages are posted and what they are about.

According to the website, the president tweeted 140 times in May last year. The same month in 2018, he twisted 237 times. So far in June, the president has tweeted 257 messages.

Sindre Beyer, adviser to Try Advertising Agency and former information director for the Labor Party, told Dagbladet that the president’s way of communicating breaks with most other politicians.

“He is confrontational and it is unfamiliar with people who have as much authority as the Trump has and who goes to personal attacks like he does. Not only was there a heated election campaign on the Twitter front, but it also continued after he entered the office; It’s a bit scary. The world does not need a higher conflict level, but it contributes to Trump, says Beyer.

– A whole new communication

The counselor thinks Trump deliberately tries to weaken the media and undermine their credibility – which, according to Beyer, he partly succeeds in. It is also former state secretary of Erna Solberg, now consultant at First House, Sigbjørn Aanes, agreed to.

“What we see is a brand new communication from a US leader. There are strong words and little nuances that he brings. Many are scared of the way he is on, and the tone he has, says Aanes.

Success despite criticism

Despite being both criticized and controversial, he believes Trump has succeeded in helping to manage the agenda as he wants, because many run after when he pronounces.

“But I would like to say that he gets less impact politically. He is not keen to build alliances, thus gaining more resistance and less support while weakening his own impetus in political cooperation, says the consultant, who believes everyone today must master social media.

“But the challenge when it comes to Trump is how he communicates and rhetoric,” said Aanes.

AP: Captors are subjected to torture and sexual assault in prisons run by the Emirates in Yemen

Sunday, June 24, 2018

The United Arab Emirates run several secret prisons in southern Yemen where hundreds of men are being tortured and subjected to sexual assault, according to AP.

Saturday they will be beaten up, Sunday they will be tortured and Monday is the break. The order will repeat the next three days, while Friday is the day of isolation.

This way, everyday life stands out for hundreds of Yemeni men who are held captive without law and sentenced by prisoners driven by United Arab Emirates south of Yemen.

The news agency published this week of drawings smuggled out of Beir Ahmed Prison in the port city of Aden, which documents various forms of abuse.

Sexual violence is usually used to force “confessions,” the cartoonist and six other prisoners tell the US news agency. None of them will appear with names because they fear reprisals.

The pictures show, among other things, a man hanging naked in chains while being exposed to electric shock. On another drawing, a man on the floor is surrounded by snuggling dogs while more people kick him. There are also drawings of anal rapes.

The secret prisons and the extensive use of torture were revealed by AP in June last year. Since then, the news agency has discovered that at least five prisons have been established in southern Yemen where security forces use sexual torture to break down prisons.

Many of the prisoners are suspected of belonging to al Qaeda or IS, but none of them are brought to trial.

According to eyewitnesses, the serious sexual assaults are being carried out by Yemeni prisoners on direct orders from officers from the Emirates. The sources say that some of the assaults are being filmed, that the prisoners are subjected to electrical shock to the genital organs, that stone is attached to the testicles, and that rapes are carried out with trawls and metal rods.

The only reaction from the Emirates comes from the country’s permanent UN delegation in Geneva, claiming that the country has never operated secret prisons in southern Yemen.

However, it is inconsistent with what Jemen’s Minister of Internal Affairs says. He claims that he has no authority over the prisons and that he must have permission from the Emirates to enter Aden.

Four of the five prisons where, according to Aps sources, sexual assault is in Aden. One of them is also on a military base which serves as the headquarters of the Emirates military forces in Yemen.

In this prison, US officers must have been observed with Colombian mercenaries. Even though Americans in uniform have not participated directly in the torture, they must either have heard the cries or seen the brands, according to Aps sources.

“The Americans use the Emirates to do the dirty job,” said an official at Riyan Prison in Mukalla.

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