Giuliani: Trump could shoot Comey and still not be charged

Monday 4 June

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani heads the president’s legal team and claims the president will not pardon himself from Russia’s investigation, although he probably has the power to do so.

The New York Times published a confidential letter from several of Donald Trump’s lawyers sent in January, arguing that the president does not need to testify to specialist researcher Robert Mueller because the position gives him the power to give himself amnesty in the investigation and to stop the whole investigation.

In the end, US law experts have discussed the content of the letter. Former state prosecutor Preet Bharara, now legal expert for CNN, told the channel that it would be outrageous for a seated president to give himself amnesty.

“If the president was to pardon himself, I think that would automatically trigger a court order,” he said.

Trumps lawyer Rudy Giuliani has also stated on Sunday. At ABC’s “This Week,” he said, “He has no intention to pardon himself” even though he “probably has the power to do it” and at NBC’s “Meet the Press” he said it would be “unthinkable” that Trump should give himself amnesty, and he also said that “it would probably lead the court immediately”.

“If he is shooting James Comey, he will be sued for the next day.” They have to put him to court first, so they can do whatever they want with him, “said the lawyer.

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump rebuked that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue “without losing votes.” Norm Eisen, Ethics Committee in the White House of Barack Obama, told Huffington Post that the president’s lawyers are wrong when it comes to the president’s power.

Was notified of a dead person – was man who basked

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A police officer in Stockholm received a disturbing message that there was a dead man in a park in the Swedish capital.

“My colleague was out on patrol when a man came running to him and said there was a dead man in a park,” said police inspector Viktor Adolphson to Aftonbladet.

Fortunately, when the policeman came to the spot, it did not seem to be able to vote. The man was not dead.

“There was a man who had dressed to enjoy the sun and he was fine. He was not drunk and took it easy, says the police inspector.

Asked why the suspect thought the person was dead, says the police inspector;

“It’s a bit unclear. He might be pale.

Furthermore, he said that it was good with committed citizens, but that it would have been better if the tipger had taken direct contact with the man who was asleep.

China expresses strong dissatisfaction

Monday, May 28, 2018

with the fact that two American warships have sailed past an island that China claims in the South China Sea.

The Chinese Department of Defense said they sent a ship to warn the two American vessels while they were near one of the Paracel Islands. The ministry said that the two ships sailed into Chinese waters without requesting permission.

The United States makes it clear that they sail their ships in the South China Sea to enforce the right of free movement on the ocean and make their opposition to the Chinese demands of the controversial sea.

This posted China Daily today:

#PositionChina China resolutely opposes two US warships trespassing into China’s territorial waters off the Xisha Islands, said a Ministry of National Defense spokesman.
– China Daily (@ChinaDailyUSA) May 28, 2018

China claims 90 percent of the South China Sea, including waters belonging to the territorial waters of the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries around the South China Sea. The Chinese are building bases and facilities on islands and shores that the other countries claim.

Trump declines summit with North Korea

Friday, May 26, 2018

THE WHITE HOUSE (VG) Donald Trump canceled the planned meeting with Kim Jong-un in June. At the same time, he warns that he has “massive and powerful” nuclear weapons. US President Donald Trump has written a letter to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un where he cites the summit to be held in Singapore in June.

VG is present this week in the White House together with the American press following the president daily. In the news that Trump has canceled the meeting with Kim, all of the TV reporters from big channels, such as Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, jumped to reach their small tents just outside the West Wing, where they go live on television. Although it has been in the air that a cancellation could take place, few of them were expecting this right now.

Our nuclear weapons are massive and powerful. The letter from Trump to Kim comes one day after North Korea called US Vice President Mike Pence “ignorant and stupid”. I looked forward to meeting you. Unfortunately, based on the huge mind and the open-minded hostility you showed in your recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate to conduct this long-planned meeting at this time, Trump writes in the letter.

The US president also mentions that he has more powerful nuclear weapons than Kim. You are talking about your nuclear weapons, but ours is so massive and powerful that I pray to God that they never need to be used. In a press conference later in the day, Trump said he had talked with the defense minister and the general staff after renouncing the planned summit with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. Our military is clear, if necessary, he said.

However, Trump does not close the door completely and says he looks forward to meeting the North Korean leader sometime in the future. Meanwhile, I would like to thank you for escaping the hostages who have now returned to their families. It was a beautiful gesture and we really appreciate it. UN Secretary General António Guterres says he is deeply concerned that the meeting was canceled. North Korea threatened itself last night to cancel the planned summit. They have also canceled a planned meeting between Kim Jong-un and the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in.

Trump: The military is ready if necessary

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The US president says he has talked with the Defense Minister and the General Staff after he canceled the planned summit with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.

“Our military is ready, if necessary, he says, adding that he has also talked to South Korea and Japan.

“They are not only ready if North Korea is doing something stupid or flawless, but they are willing to take much of the bill for US operations – if we are forced into something like that,” said Trump.

Zombie alarm in Florida

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Emergency data in Palm Beach warned of “extreme zombie activity” during a power outage in the middle of the night.

Last night to Sunday, residents experienced a nightmare in the quiet suburbs of Lake Worth, in the county of Palm Beach on the coast of Florida, writing the Palm Beach Post. First, thousands of residents lost power.

Then, at 01:41 at night, they could read a push message on the mobile phone, which strikes a power outage, then hit the full zombie alarm. However, the message tried to reassure residents that the “extreme zombie activity” affects fewer than 7380 customers.

Following the zombie alarm, the city spokesman Ben Kerr had to complain. “I want to emphasize that at the present time, Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity,” he assured. Kerr announces that the city “looks at the matter” about why the automatic alert system reported zombies.

The message was written in capital letters and also referred to “Terminus”. “Terminus” was one of the hangouts of Rick and his gang in the “The Walking Dead” zombie survival scene.

Kerr tells Gizmodo that the automated warning system was hacked before August last year when a series of zombie messages were sent but were snapped up before reaching the audience.

The system has thousands of pre-programmed messages, which have been modified to deal with zombies. The authorities are now trying to clean the messages.

Kerr says that Lake Worth investigates hacking.

“Hopefully, next time there is a warning about zombie invasion, it will be a real zombie invasion,” Kerr told Gizmodo.

Chaos in the emergency notification systems in the United States is nothing new. On January 13 this year, Hawaii residents received a push message about “incoming ballistic missile” where it was stressed that it was not an exercise.

Mother convicted in UK of forcing teen daughter to marry

Wednesday 23 may 2018

LONDON: A British jury has convicted a woman of forcing her teenage daughter to marry a man 16 years her senior in Pakistan, a rare criminal prosecution in England for forced marriage.

The victim says she was 13-years-old, when she was forced to enter a marriage contract with the man, became pregnant and had an abortion.

She says that as her 18th birthday approached in 2016, she was tricked into going to Pakistan for what she thought was a family vacation and made to marry the man instead.

The girl eventually returned to Britain with government help.

Her mother was found guilty Tuesday at Birmingham Crown Court of forced marriage and perjury.

The woman, who can’t be named to protect the identity of her daughter, is set to be sentenced Wednesday.

Conspiracy theories about Hitler buried:

Saturday, May 19, 2018

He did not escape to Argentina on a submarine

Scientists have examined the dictator’s teeth and skulls.

For those who might have thought that Germany’s dictator Adolf Hitler did not die in 1945 but, on the other hand, fled to Argentina in a submarine, the suspicion can now definitely be buried.

We can stop all these conspiracy theories about Hitler. He did not fly to Argentina in a submarine, he is not in a hidden base in the Antarctica or on the dark side of the moon, says professor Philippe Charlier, a specialist in medical and legal anthropology, to AFP news agency.

Charlier has previously also been noted with investigations of historical individuals, both Richard Lionheart and Jeanne d’Arc.

Died in 1945

He and four other French scientists received access by the Russian intelligence service FSB and Russian state archives in 2017 to investigate a skull that was said to originate from Hitler. According to Charlier, the skull shone well with radiographic surveys made by Hitler’s skull one year before his death.

Our study shows that Hitler died in 1945, the French professor says very definitely.

Bullet and cyanide

The balloon hole in Hitler’s skull and blue deposits on Hitler’s dental prostheses, according to Philippe Chariger’s opinion, can end a discussion as to whether the dictator died of shooting himself or eating cyanide.

“Most likely, both are”, says Charlier to AFP.

Royal wedding reflects a change in Britain

Friday, May 18, 2018

When millions of people visits, or watch tv Saturday morning for the British royal wedding, there will be talk of fairy tales and plenty of cinematic shots of Prince Harry and his bride, Meghan Markle, riding in a horse-drawn carriage past thousands of cheering fans with the turrets of Windsor Castle in the background.

“If you look at royal history and you look at how things are changing in terms of diversity, the fact that Meghan Markle is going to be married to one of the princes … that’s massive!” said an supporter. “At the end of the day, I think it’s important for me as a colored woman to be able to identify with the leadership in this country.”

The family has not always been popular and their problems have gone beyond the usual complaints about how much they cost and how much of anachronism monarchy seems today.

Royal watchers say that by accepting a self made negro woman into the family, the Windsors will seem a little more open and a bit more in touch with some of the shifts in the United Kingdom, particularly multicultural London, where more than one-third of the population is foreign-born and 41 percent are black or other minorities.

But beyond the ceremony and royal craft at which the British excel, there is a genuine story about a changing Britain, a complicated American family, a resilient monarchy and the saving of a “difficult prince”.

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