Has sewn his mouth after ten years in asylum reception

Friday, August 24, 2018

NOME (NRK): Reza Mohammadi (43) hunger striker because he has been deeply despaired for asylum reception for years. “I can not live like this any more, it’s a hell,” he says.

The 43-year-old says he fled from Iran to Norway in 2008, then applied for political asylum.

“I am an asylum seeker and have a hunger strike at Nome reception in Ulefoss from July 22nd. I want to talk to you, please say it in the e-mail Reza Mohammadi sent to several media Wednesday morning.

In the e-mail he also sent a picture of himself where it is clear that the 43-year-old has sewed his mouth three different places.

Have not seen her son in almost 11 years

Reza Mohammadi has received more refusal to apply for residence in Norway because the Immigration Board believes it is not dangerous for him to return to his country of origin. Reza disagrees.

– At the same time, Norwegian police can not carry out a compulsory return without a valid passport. He has not, therefore, says the case where it is, says Jon Ole Martinsen of the Norwegian Organization for asylum seekers (NOAS), who is Reza’s lawyer.

Reza Mohammadi does not want to elaborate on NRK why he had to flee from Iran, but says he came to the edge of the regime and fled because he was afraid to be killed. Life in Norway was not as he had hoped.

“I have come in a terrific situation. I can not live on an asylum reception anymore, it’s like hell. I have not seen my son and the rest of my family in about 11 years, “said Mohammadi to NRK.

– A burden for all

The reception at Nome tells NRK that they do everything they can to help the Iranian asylum seeker who has hunger strike for a month.

“We think it’s very sad that a person goes to such drastic measures. We try to take care of him as well as we can in this situation, because we are afraid that it may harm his health. It is also a burden for other residents and employees, says CEO Anne Stokken.

Get a doctor’s visit

The asylum receiver says that the 43-year-old seems determined to continue the hunger strike.

“He says he has some pain, but for the time being he did not want a doctor in addition to the doctor’s consultation we had on July 25th. He will have a home visit by a doctor and nurse on Tuesday next week.

– How long can such a hunger strike last?

– I’m not sure about that. There is probably one more medical science question.
Not unusual

Jon Ole Martinsen of the Norwegian Organization for asylum seekers (NOAS) says they know about several cases where asylum seekers have stayed in asylum reception for many years without a decision.

– The asylum seeker believes that he or she can not return to the home country, while the agency believes there is no risk of return. There are some countries where the police can not enforce asylum seekers from Norway without a valid passport, thus ending asylum reception for many years.

NRK has been in contact with the Immigration Commission, which says they can not comment on individual cases.

My comment to this is:

10 years on reception is way too much. He shall either be returned or stay, far within this long time. We must abolish this scheme as people lose their lives after so many years on hold.

We have to take in far less people and take only those who really need protection. Today we have all directions and religious groups in the country, so we can not invoke the “safe haven” anymore.

We now have all groups of people and it is time for them to bend loose on each other. Thus we can forget about the security we had before immigrants came into play.

Real asylum seekers can have trouble with their own assurance that people who hate them are already in the country as “golddiggers”, they are here only for our financial benefits.

Those who are here without a foundation for protection should have been expelled! No matter how long they have been here! Quota refugees are not people who need protection, but have fled for economic reasons.

We need to sharpen the help where needed, do not import the problems here! We can help more and they do not need to learn language or adapt to the new system of society! It will be cheaper and we can with this eliminate poverty wherever it is.

All European countries should have gone away from this monster. We do not need to drain our people, nor increase the differences between ethnic Norwegian and immigrants. We do not actually need them.

I’m not racist! I believe that those who need protection should be warmly welcomed, such as Christians from Muslim countries, not Muslims. Christians in all Muslim countries are persecuted and have to pay a Muslim tax Jitza for living in a Muslim country.

No real Muslims from Muslim countries need protection, they are Muslims and have come solely for achievements and invade Western countries to spread Islam and take over when the strollers increase to the majority.

We see that the western world disappears in line with the spread of Islam in the West. So he can go home after so many years here, he has nothing to do unless he is a Christian, Jehovah’s Witness or the like in a Muslim country.

The oil fund has gone on a Turkia hit

Wednesday 22 August 2018

The oil fund’s investments in Turkey are affected by the crisis in the country, says the managers. The fund owns Turkish shares for NOK 10 billion, including a number of banks.

The oil fund has gone on turkey-click

The oil fund’s investments in Turkey are affected by the crisis in the country, says the managers. The fund owns Turkish shares for NOK 10 billion, including a number of banks.
The value of the Turkish-Ukrainian investment has fallen after the crisis in the country, with strong currency weakening and stock market decline. The fund owns, for example, shares for more than one billion dollars in the Guarantee Bank. This is the Turkish bank headquarters in Istanbul.

The value of the Turkish-Ukrainian investment has fallen after the crisis in the country, with strong currency weakening and stock market decline. The fund owns, for example, shares for more than one billion dollars in the Guarantee Bank. This is the Turkish bank headquarters in Istanbul. Photo: Murad Sezer Reuters

As a global investor, the Oil Fund is also affected by the fact that Turkey is in a hurry with the United States, which has contributed to a sharp currency meltdown and increased uncertainty about the country’s economy.

At the beginning of the year, the Oil Fund had investments of NOK 23.7 billion in Turkey, NOK 10.6 billion in shares and NOK 13.1 billion in fixed income securities.

In the third quarter, the Turkish lira has fallen sharply. This affects the Oil Fund’s values ​​measured in NOK quite strongly. There have also been shares in Turkey, the managers of the Oil Fund point out.

“Of course, the inventories there have been heavily diluted because of this,” said Trond Grande, Deputy Chairman of Norges Bank Investment Management, at a press conference on Tuesday.

He does not want to say exactly how much the fund’s values ​​have fallen after the Turkey crisis.

Milliaries in Turkish banks

Among the 51 Turkish assets of the Fund at the beginning of the year, NOK 1.17 billion was invested in Akbank Turk, NOK 1.06 billion in Guarantee Bank and NOK 495 million in Isbank.

In addition, the fund had NOK 896 million in Turkish Airlines, NOK 685 million in steel producer Erdemir and 440 million in the white goods company Arcelik.

The oil fund also owned shares of NOK 705 million in the refinery company Tupras, 422 million in the contractor Tekfen Holding and NOK 552 million in the Turkcell mobile company.

At year-end, the oil fund owned Turkish government bonds for NOK 12.98 billion. Otherwise, the only other Turkish fixed income fund was a 120 million kronor in one of the country’s largest banks, Vakifbank.

Critical President

In a pre-recorded speech before the Muslim holidays, Al-Adha, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described Monday the recent currency crisis as an attack on the Turkish population, according to Reuters news agency.

“The attack on our economy is certainly no different from attacks on our bean top and our flag. The goal is the same. The goal is to force Turkey and its people in the knee to catch it, says Recep Erdogan in a televised voice.

He claimed that the country is able to resist the crisis.

Turkey’s currency has been under severe pressure throughout the year, after the president has tightened the grip of the country’s central bank and the United States has imposed sanctions.

My comment on this is:

What in the world do we want to have Muslim investments in the oil fund! NO! Islam is a destiny we must resist. We do not want their black money or have anything to do with them at all.

This girl describes ADHD in a unique way – Everyone should read this!

Tuesday 21 August 2018

I’m quite like you, but completely different.

I get the same feelings like you, experience the same things. I get just a little more of everything. When I’m happy, I’m happy. When I’m angry I’m really cursed. When I’m sad, I’m baseless despair. If I’m hurt by someone, it feels like the whole world is under. But if I get a hug, everything will be fine again, no matter how crazy it was.

At times I take everything personally. I can feel that everything that’s happening around me is geared towards just me. I need a valve in my brain, which means that everything comes out in a completely different way, and most often through the mouth. Perhaps you think I’m exaggerating. But I do not have the valve you have, things get very big for me. I have not been given the opportunity to stop to sort thoughts.

Never quiet
I’m not bad to listen. But I can have big problems concentrating. There may be dripping from the faucet, a passing car, someone sitting on a bench; All everyday things that you sort away with your valve will be left in my head.

I can see your lips move. But if I am tired, I can not get what you say, even if I really try. It’s not to overlook, it’s just because my head is ugly. And in my head, it’s never quiet.

You may be tired of asking again about things you’ve just told me. It’s got nothing to do with being stupid, slow or tight. It’s just that what you said to me has drowned in all the other thoughts I have in my mind. And then I have to ask you again. Perhaps I’ll ask again, just so I’ll remember it.

I need breaks
It does not work very well for me to spend a whole night on the couch watching movies. After a while, the tingling begins in the body. I can not concentrate on what’s on the screen. My body is announcing that I need variation.

No matter how good the movie is, my patience ends. But if my brain gets a break of ten minutes, then maybe we can continue to see. My head does not have the same capacity to process impressions yours has.

Perhaps you are mad at seeing that I constantly fool with phones, bedding, clothes or whatever I have between my fingers? It’s just my way of spending some energy, so I’ll be able to focus on you.

For you, you may feel like I do not understand you or your feelings. But I understand much more than I can say. When there are strong emotions in turn, my mind is controlled by the feelings and I can not get word out of my lips. I am keen to control the body so that it will not do unexpected actions against myself or others.

Are you informed that I throw things everywhere? Kaos is my way of keeping the order. When there is chaos in my mind, I feel safe. Then I have control.

You will surely be surprised by my changing mood. Do not get it. My mood is entirely controlled by the feelings that come to grips. And this can change quickly. My brain is still in rebellion. It’s not always I’m going to hang out with.

Do I wipe things everywhere? Kaos is my way of keeping order. As there is chaos in my mind evenly, then I feel safe. That’s when I feel I’m in control.

I often end up in conflict with others. That’s because I hate injustice and refuse to look at while other people end up in trouble.

Interfering is something I specialize in. It’s not to be annoying, but I lack the fierce barrier that many people have. I have no consistent thoughts and
often put me in dangerous situations to save people I like or have compassion for.

Do you think I’m an expert in pampering me? It’s like I’m not looking loud, jumping in water puddles or laughing as embarrassing. I’m just doing what’s coming in. What I feel for there and then. I do not have time to think about what other people think about me.

Much of all
We who have ADHD / ADD are intensive. We feel more. We hate more. We provide more. But we also love more. Because when we love someone we do it not only with the heart but with the whole body.

If you know that when you do not manage to be understanding anymore then go away. Take a break. Get a break from us, because we can be tiresome. When we join, something always happens. We are in constant motion. But we are not only intensive and hyperactive. We are also intelligent and creative. We just think in another way, we’re missing the valve there. In order to survive, we have created our own way of being and reacting.

You must allow us to.

If you give us that opportunity, the opportunity to be who we are, then you will see how much we have to give you. Our handicap also has a lot of positive benefits. You will understand. Be proud to take part in our journey and discover the world as we see it.

My comment on this is:

Yes, I had it before Jesus broke into my life on a February day in 2014. Then the storm stopped forever. Before it was a test every day as it still dropped me for the living. I have three suicide attempts behind me. But Jesus said no! I survived everyone and gained such a gradual order of life in 2013. In 2014, it was time to get calm from the Master. A heat went through the whole body and I felt a cosmic calm and a love I could never have established myself.

After that I sought up churches and found out that I had to charismatic churches to find the same love of Jesus and God. The silence has meant that I have left the life with powerful concentration to read everything I come across.

It thunders in life with God. The roaring lion gives me a power I did not have before this occurred. My love is rewarded and is two-way. Many times I feel that I hover over the asphalt, in his grace.

So Jesus will find you safe if you ask for it and forsake your sins to Him. Then you’ll find the calm.

The new satirian of the newspaper Aftenposten will not draw the Prophet Muhammad

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A few days ago Aftenposten presented her new newspaper Marvin Halleraker. He says to his own newspaper that it is easy to find material for a satirical character nowadays. There is a lot of involuntary comedy in the world. “But as a starting point, the artist has clear limitations on what he wants to comment on. The Prophet Muhammad is not one of these.

– If you ask if I would draw Muhammad, the answer is no. The costs are too big, he says.

The question became fierce about the publication of the Muhammad caricatures of Kurt Westergaard in Jutland Post in 2005. The artist Lars Vilks is another who has charity Islam who has been tried to kill and lives with constant police protection. In 2015, the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo’s premises in Paris attacked and large sections of the staff killed in a jihadist terrorist attack.

“Obviously, I was scared after the attack on Charlie Hebdo. You do not know what individuals can find and it is uncomfortable. Nevertheless, one may need to move on, says Halleraker.

Despite this, Halleraker claims that: “I feel free”.

“I’m doing my point,” he says.

His point of view, however, is not to challenge Islam’s emergence in Europe. Fear rages.

Red.anm .: This article is not a criticism of Halleraker. Resett himself puts limits on the publication of satire against Islam. This is done for the sake of the safety of personnel.

My comment on this is:

We have come so far in the true face of multiculturalism, Muslims already limit freedom of the press. How long will it be before politicians do something? They just sit there and let it play. I am angry with politicians who do not do anyone against Satan’s ideology!

Muslim refugees could not continue after refusing to shake hands on female

Wednesday 8 August 2018

A Muslim crew at a primary school in Oslo was refused to continue after refusing to greet women. City council leader Raymond Johansen supports the decision.

The religious man in the 40’s has complained to the school and the Nav for the Discrimination Board after he could not continue as expected in a vacancy as a teacher and assistant at the activity school, writes Dagsavisen. Former Rector, Bente Alfheim, at Ekeberg Primary School, remembers the matter well and says the subject was raised several times.

“We always said it was a problem, we never said we accepted it. However, we were open to inclusion and would give him an opportunity, she explains.

She says there were complaints from female teachers who felt that he would not take them in hand. The former Rector can not see how she could defend that an employee at school will not greet women.


City council leader Raymond Johansen (AP) supports the school’s decision not to extend the temporary work. He believes that not having a handshake for religious reasons should not be a practice Oslo Municipality is to support.

“One should not be able to avoid attacking another person because for religious reasons it is unacceptable,” said the city council leader to NRK.

Appeal procedure

The Discrimination Board reports to Dagsavisen that the complaints will probably be dealt with in October and that a decision can be expected in November.

The case is not unique. In April, the Supreme Court of Appeal in France ruled that a Muslim woman should nevertheless be granted French citizenship after refusing to hand in two distinguished representatives of French publicity during a national ceremony.

The authorities believe this was evidence that she “had not been assimilated into the French community”. This is a reason that the authorities may use in the legislation to reject citizenship of the spouse of a French citizen.

My comment on this is:

Muslims who do not adapt to Norwegian traditions and statutes can go home! We in Norway will have our traditions. In all Western countries, it is usual to greet. So Satan’s ideology can go home, we do not want them here.

Why did Stephen Paddock kill 58 people?

Saturday 4 August 2018

The investigation after the massacre in Las Vegas last year has ended. But still it’s a riddle what drives Stephen Paddock to kill 58 people with cold blood.

It has been called “USA’s Breivik case”. On October 1st last year, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock began shooting from his 32nd floor hotel room in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

The goal was easy to hit: before the killers had an audience of 22,000 people who experienced a concert during the Route-91 National Festival.

And the 64-year-old was heavily armed: Inside the hotel room he had an entire weapon store – more than 20 heavy weapons and thousands of bullets.

When Stephen Paddock one hour later took his own life, he had murdered 58 people.

Why did he kill?

Friday the investigation was terminated. It has been going on for 10 months, hundreds of people have been questioned and several thousand working hours have been laid down.

But the police still answer the most important question: What was the motive of Stephen Paddock’s unthinkable wrongdoing?

Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who has led the investigation, said.

But Lombardo concludes that there is no evidence that other than the massacre was involved in the massacre in Las Vegas.

Active gambler

An important part of the investigation has been about Stephen Paddock’s economy and his life as a notorious gambler.

People in the casino environment in Las Vegas describe the later mass murderer as a skilled player with video poker as a specialty. According to investigators, he had a turnover of just over NOK 12 million in casinos in two years.

However, according to investigators, Paddock had a significant game gala and he should have worn mental problems in the time before committing the wrongdoing.

Not terrorism

US authorities have established that the massacre in Las Vegas has no connection with international terrorism.

But the company MGM Resorts International, which owns the hotel where the murderer lived, attempts to get a federal court to explain the wrongdoing as terror.

With such a classification, the company will release insurance liability to survivors and survivors.

My comment about it is:

We have all the inner demons we have to trade with each day. Most people do this well. But then you have a high suicide rate among those who struggle mentally. Some will actually bring as many as possible as they leave this world.

The people have stopped believing in God long ago. They believe that wealth, love success is all that matters. When this fails for them and they no longer manage to hold a front with these entities, the road down to the depths and hell is very short.

It is a spiral of evil that kills. Satan controls these people into murder and suicide. They do not know that there has been a contract for the extinction of these souls. Every time it succeeds, is a tribute to Satan.

All non-believers think this is just bullshit, but there’s more in the world than they think. They can choose to see it or just pass the story as a sentence.

Now recently, one of the world’s most famous physicists acknowledged that God exists. He says that space is created by a higher intelligence. And now that Einstein’s laws are now tested and approved, we can finally finish the question of God’s existence.

I think we will get an increase of desperate people who want to end their lives in a big final. There will be no traces of their motives, because the subject is ruin and it disappears with the perpetrator’s death.

Our mental health is on offer and the help is absolutely essential. People who need help in the early stages get no help as the device that should catch them does not exist yet. Do not think this is coming, we are concerned that everyone will be like us. If you are not one of us, we will give you a minimum of help and money.

The community is a bit elite and you must be a champion of success in life. Then you get to know today is to become a debt slave from the first-bought house (Norway), car loans on the house and you are debt-free when you retire.

Young people today only have debt to look forward to, and those who are older have an old age that is empty without God. A life without God is almost condemned to failure, we can look at the divorce stance, the gay and pedophile priests. The human-ethics project fails in all areas.

Only God can help these people, in the faith of a Savior.

How should Christians relate to their new countrymen?

Thursday 2 August 2018

How do we as Christians relate to the growing number of immigrants arriving in Norway? Head of the Team Interact Daniel Profits and Accountant Helga Røyland held a sparkling seminar that encouraged the audience to engage in the efforts to openly open those who come and include them in our churches.

Everyone will hear the gospel

Daniel encourages Norwegian churches to be conscious of their call to reach all people with the gospel.

-We see that many immigrants who come to Norway do not have a community they are a part of. We have more than enough Christians in Norway to take care of all who come. The church has an important role to play in the inclusion of our new countrymen, including incorporating them into our churches.

Fear prevents contact

Helga believes many attitudes are turning to reach our new countrymen in the local community.

“I think many Christians have appreciated the work that has been done in foreign services on other continents more than work among our new countrymen in Norway. However, I experience that people become more aware of reaching people living in the local community. I think fear is a factor that prevents many in contact with our new countrymen. The best way to deal with this fear is to go to the Bible and read about Jesus’ love in the face of people.

Great work in Norway

-How do you have tips for those who want to meet immigrants?

-I think you should ask Jesus to show you where to go. And do not be afraid, he answers.

Daniel points out that there is a lot of good work in Norway aimed at immigrants that people can engage in.

-I want to say, throw yourself on or let someone else get lost on you. There is already a lot of good work aimed at immigrants in Norway. Organizations like KIA and Team Interact have a lot of good work all over the country. Right now we are launching a new website that we have called Immimeets (Immimeets.no) that can help immigrants and Norwegians unite. We are concerned that our new farmers will be aware of what multicultural work exists and that Norwegians can see where they can volunteer. We want to become a Finn.no for all multicultural Christian work in Norway.

Friendship means everything

– Can you make a real difference, even if you have little time to create new relationships?

Absolutely! I was back with a friend who came from another country. He told me that our friendship meant so much to him. But the only thing I had done was eating his food, and he asked for help for accommodation. We had just spent time together. There is often no more available. People who come to Norway want first and foremost a relationship with Norwegians, says Daniel. Helga agrees.

– You can not reach everyone, but for a person you can mean very much. What these people need is a friend, a relationship. You do not have to be a psychologist for those who have experienced a lot of pain. All you can do is go with them and be a friend. There can be so much to say.

My comment on this is:

Of course, we would like to welcome most people. But Muslims are a sect we should all fear. They will kill us unbelief and do not want us to be very good friends. They are keen to illuminate Islam as a peace-loving religion. In truth, there is a violent ideology that is worse than Nazism.

Western politicians do not want to see what ideology Islam is, they believe everyone should participate in the value of democracy. But Muslims do not want democracy, they want sharia-starred countries. They only wait until they are in majority and they do with much higher birth rates. Therefore, we must fear this and do something about it quickly.

NBA youngsters receive billion wages

Saturday 21 July 2018

Devin Booker (21) and Nikola Jokic (23) are two players very few have heard of. Nevertheless, along with a number of other young players, they have received a massive pay rise this summer.

Because even though it’s LeBron James who has signed the biggest contract this summer ($ 153.3 million, or $ 1.23 billion over four years), there are several youngsters who really have salt in the porridge, and so forth .

21-year-old Devin Booker was drafted as 13th of the Phoenix Suns in the 2015 draft, and the average 24.9 points per match match in the 2017/18 season for a weak Suns team. The score was the tenth best in the league.

In the first four seasons (the first three plus the one now), he has “just” earned 10 million dollars in total, or around 80 million dollars.

Then Phoenix Suns offered him a five-year deal worth $ 158 million (or $ 1.2 billion) starting next summer.

The same goes for the 95 models Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon and Nikola Jokic. LaVine smoked the ribbon in his left knee in February 2017, and was out for eleven months. Jokic was chosen as number 41 in the second round of the draft in 2014, and has the average of 18.9 points per game, while Gordon has not managed to reach his potential after four years in the league (the average of 17.6 points per game this season).

This is how the NBA system works

Nevertheless, these three got well paid this summer: LaVine and Gordon have signed four new contracts with respectively. Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic with a value of nearly $ 650 million each while Jokic accepted a Denver Nuggets offer of $ 1.2 billion over five years.

*Eleven players will earn $ 30 million or more in the coming season. Just twice before this season, a player has earned $ 30 million or more in a season: Michael Jordan in 1997/98 and Kobe Bryant in 2013/14.

My comment on this is:

No person is worth such sums in sports. They do nothing that contributes in society to a better everyday life. I get a sum a year from the state as they earn in a few hours. This is a deeply unfair part of society as it becomes more of this in the future. Fresh and above average physics will be a new nobility. We who have bad health due to factors we can not forsee are the losers and are then punished by society. We are heading towards an elite community where you must succeed most of the time.

Gays: We are not to be ashamed of us

Friday, July 20, 2018

Hate crime against gays, lesbians and transpersonals must and must be taken seriously. We still have a way to go.

You’re holding hands with your boyfriend. You are called discusting and hear that you should be shot. You kiss a date good night. You must run from men who eventually hit you on the open street and you bleed. You tell the outside world that you’ve found someone you love. You get draped and have to go with violence.

All three events have taken place in Oslo during the year. We are very tired that the hatred of love is still so strong in many. We have all experienced the wonderful feeling that love is. Then you will not experience hate and insecurity for yourself and the one you love.

Last year, the police received 83 reviews of hatred crime against LHBT people. In addition, we know from the survey that only one in three reports. Often the perpetrator is unknown.

From the reported hat crime in Oslo 2017 it can be read that half of all who are exposed to hatred are less than 30 years old. Most homosexual men report hate crime, but they also report hatred crime from lesbians and transgender people.

There is an increase in hate crime reports from 41 cases in 2016 to 46 cases last year in Oslo. Nevertheless, this reason does not suffice to say that we are moving in the wrong direction. It is positive if fewer people refuse to report than before and the police are becoming increasingly adept at detecting and following up hate crime.

The government’s action plan for the LHBTI field, “Security, Diversity, Transparency”, proposes to create a common supervisor for the detection of hatred crime, common definitions for hatred crime throughout the country and having a greater professional environment in the field just in order to combat hate crime. It is an absolutely necessary work to ensure follow-up across the country, not only in Oslo where you have your own hate crime group.

An important and correct signal was sent in spring, when a unanimous parliament incorporated trans-people into the hatred definition. The hatred flourishes on the web as well, but unlike many other men who hate they are not just cellar rebels. Our haters have no trouble telling us straight forward as we walk the street.

Some of us not going hand in hand late at night. Some avoid parts of Oslo. We both have experienced it ourselves. Not because we are ashamed, but because the statistics say there may be a risk to take. That’s how we have it in Oslo.

Every Pride then you read debates around glitter and glamor, but to be allowed to be self and to love what you want, that is what Pride is about. That’s why 40,000 walked in Oslo’s streets a little while ago. That’s why 250,000 looked. They celebrated the love the way it is and the diversity Oslo is known for.

We still have the way that the acknowledgment we see during Pride will be everyday, throughout the country. Therefore, openness and visibility are important beyond Pride, and so attitude and information work is important in all layers of society – no one is ashamed of who they are.

My comment on this is:

Homosexuals shall not be discriminated or bullied. But gay is a sin according to the Bible, but it is up to God to punish them. They should not have special rights just because they are gay. The church should not marry them and the City Hall should not too.

Was 25 years before he dared to swim in the Oslo Fjord

Friday, July 20, 2018

The fear is due to one and only one movie, “Jaws”, which is candidate number two in the list of the darkest horror films of all time.

It’s a warm summer night. You throw yourself in the fresh waters and swim out of the shore. Suddenly something bites you hard in your leg and draws you under water. You’re crying out of pain and shock. Helplessly, you are thrown around like a cat-lingering cloak in the mouth of a rottweiler. You’re giggling feverishly for air. The water around you is filled with blood. It will not leave you. You swim to a bow and cling onto it. But to no use. You are pulled back with even greater power. Ribs are broken, the legs wear off close. You know this is the end. And you are dragged underwater for the last time.

This is how “Jaws” starts. The brutal monster is introduced. The fear is set. The panic is on standby. Let the fun begin.

Shark fear in the summer

He was close to 25 years before he dared to swim in the Oslo fjord. And this fear is caused by one and only a movie, namely “Jaws”. Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece from 1975. A pop-cultural phenomenon and reference point in the horror and thriller changer.

A very aggressive and hungry shark terrorizes the waters around a small and drowsy American beach town. The authorities, motivated by the money the tourists leave, decide first to dodge it all down. Then they claim to have killed the guilty shark. Before they realize that it’s just a solution; a good old-fashioned shark hunt.

The local sheriff, together with a marine biologist and a drunk shark hunter, takes up the fight against this huge beast. For this shark is not a small one.

The shark does not get good of this. It appears to be vengeful, enchanted and human. It makes Moby Dick appear as a mild and forgivable little pet.

What you see is not the scary thing

Animals are often used in movies to scare our lives. It may be extra scary as these animals actually exist. Unlike a vampire or zombie. And we can probably assume that there are minorities of zoologists who have written these movie scripts.

The animals are stigmatized and demonized one by one. But no other animal as much as the shark. And never with more conviction than in “Jaws”.

The film is based on Peter Benchley’s 1974 novel with the same name. He later stated that if he had actually had any knowledge of the shark he would never have written such a book. Well, a little late to come with, after giving the reputation of the shark a near irreparable scratch in the paint.

The film became a giga success, and the first movie to earn over $ 100 million at American cinemas. It is interesting to note that we do not actually see the shark until after about 80 minutes. And here is also some of the recipe for the film’s success. Keeping the predator hidden pours our imagination and increases the excitement. That’s hidden, which really scares. And one thing is for sure; It does not get much more exciting and scary than this.

Classical movie music

The film music is a chapter for itself. You almost get chills on your back just by humming that dun … That’s dun … That’s dun …

We rise from the cold, deep and dark waters, and shine the little human body where it swims alone with the sky alone as a background. We are slowly approaching. That’s thin … Dah thin … That’s thin … The little legs move keenly in the water. We move faster. We are almost ahead. That’s dun … That’s thin … That’s thin … Snap!

And the film, or more precisely composer John Williams, also received Oscar for best song. Highly deserved.

Funny that Spielberg obviously reacted with laughter the first time he heard the title track. He thought it was a joke and asked Williams what song he had actually taken for the film. Another proof that you should often rely on professionals.

– You will need a bigger boat

Many have argued that the movie was not about a shark, but it’s a metaphor for something else, be it infidelity, masculinity, Watergate or Marxism. Spielberg has, however, been asked about this and then answered; «No. It’s a movie about a shark ». Fair enough.

The film has an exceptional nerve and intensity. Great photo, creative camera shooting and smart clips give the movie both visual enjoyment and tremendous excitement.

Spielberg is a masterful storyteller and atmosphere. He has full control over his universe and gives us, thanks to a rocky manuscript, a series of extremely strong and near iconic scenes and replicas. Performed by characters we actually care about.

The opening scene alone, the poor girl who takes an innocent night bath, unaware of what awaits in the depths, gives more unhappiness and fear than most modern horror films manage to evolve throughout their playing time.

And the monologue of Robert Shaw, who plays shark hunter Quint, about the wreck of the warship Indianapolis, who had just delivered the Hiroshima bomb, and how nearly everyone was attacked and killed by hungry sharks. So wonderfully presented that it gives us goose bumps.

Wait for the bathing season to end

Even over 40 years later, it still scares the waters of the audience. We are stupid by admiration of how terrifyingly effective this film was (and still is), while being a bit pissed on it deprived us of so many good bathing years.

The original got three followers, and has inspired an armada of films like casher into our fear of what moves around the big dark sea. But none of these reaches “Jaws” to the ankles.

A classic and undisputed masterpiece. But wait to see it until the bathing season is over. That’s dun … That’s thin … that’s thin …

My comment on this is:

I was frightened for several years, could not bathe for three years. I was 16 years old, in fifth row in the big screen cinema. The shark was huge and frightening. Had nightmares for several years about the shark that ate me.

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