Ivanka Trump testifies to Capitol riot committee

Former White House adviser Ivanka Trump testified for hours on Tuesday to the congressional committee investigating the 6 January attack on the US Capitol.

Ms Trump, 40, was asked for her account of her father’s activities as the crisis unfolded.

She was one of several aides said to have tried to convince the president to condemn the violence.


How this year of working on Zoom has affected your brain

We have passed a year since the initial Covid-19 shutdowns. That means a year of working from home, business casual from the waist up, and staring at your colleagues’ faces in a 13-inch grid.

Zoom has become a huge part of today’s work flow, with a 470% increase in customers having more than 10 employees from this time last year, the company says.

Coronavirus pandemic: Updates from around the world

What you need to know


  • More than 7.2 million cases of the novel coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide, including at least 411,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.
  • The global economy will take at least two years to recover from the pandemic as the world enters the worst peacetime recession in 100 years.
  • Almost half of US states are seeing higher rates of new Covid-19 cases as Americans go out to socialize or protest.

‘Gone with the Wind’ pulled from HBO Max until it can return with ‘historical context’

New York (CNN Business)HBO Max has pulled “Gone with the Wind” from its library of films.

The removal of the film comes as mass protests sweep across the United States following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who was killed while in police custody.
The 1939 film, which tells the love story of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler during the American Civil War, is considered by many to be a cinematic classic and is one of the most popular films ever made. However, the movie is also incredibly controversial. The film’s portrayal of slavery, African Americans and the Civil War South has been received much more critically in the decades since its release.

Some new information

The Norwegian state is a hellish state to live in. They want you to conform into their socialistic system where everyone have the same value, even people who wants to kill us.

If you go outside the box and complain, they hunt you down with all the means breaching all the anonymity on the net.

You haven’t even the right to complain about your pension level, even if its rightfully too low.

My silence is a more than a threat to them, taking them down with my alarm to others.

Your freedom is limited by politicians that speaks with a dualistic tongue

The tracked letter som of it

Some of the contents, tracked down, no personal stuff here, just observation on my situation and a blast from the past.

Here’s some of it :

I no longer have the power to fight against NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) I am sick every day with trials that make it difficult to get out of the home other than shop food, and barely that. I have no money to travel to friends and family in Rygge, or anything else!

I am stuck in my apartment and have not been on holiday or other recreation since 2002.

I really can’t afford sleeping pills and Nozinan, which is not on a blue prescription. I can’t be without them.

Dentist is excluded

I can’t afford the amount up until the doctor’s free pass. Uses a net service for prescriptions, has not been with the doctor who is uninterested now and has a feeling he will not help me anymore since it is quiet from the doctor’s office.

I can’t afford clothes and light bulbs, soaps, toothpaste and more, but I buy it and live on shit food (which a diabetic should NOT eat over time), one month to get the most basal. Have not shaved me since 2016, the costs is too high too ….. showers twice a week on fixed days.


Prime minister Erna Solberg’s vision of “Arbeit mach frei” is that everyone should work. It shouldn’t pay to be sick ….. Hitler would approve this hell. The sick are a saldering post with crumbs from the rich table.

The point is that I am discriminated, decimated and neutralized by my own authorities and aid agencies in my dear country. I have NOTHING to look forward to, other than more poverty, as the prices adjust to the salary feast here this year I don’t get any of, and that is NOT a WORTH life.

The trust that have been breached

The feeling of security and security has vanished. I used a SECURE VPN from France, #freevpn.me and it is NOT secure. The police spent three days tracking me when I wrote a “complaint letter” to the media and the Prime Minister’s office. It was personal and a cry for help. But what the authorities did was find me and neutralize me. They knew a lot that finding me would ruin my freedom. The contents of the letter were not dealt with.

I used the “safe” #Protomail with a nice address that should be safe, but it wasn’t.

It is disturbing that the police have such powers and that anonymity is a joke. They know everything and can do everything. The GDPR agreement has probably the same in the closet, and is certainly more comprehensive than we know. Anyway, I now feel insecure, failed and neutralized.

Found this from 2007-2011 !!!! Old and just as relevant

Found this on the net, an oldie, but its actuality is for real 

i have a question , when you do something “wrong” in your own country but you use an overseas high anonymous proxy or VPN , or janusVM
and police from your country want to know who are you , how police track the proxy ?

1º police from my country ask all ISP from my country who is the user who connected to the anonymous proxy.
2º police from my country ask overseas police (country who is located the proxy) who is the user who connected to the anonymous proxy. and maybe they care about it or not and will eventually forget.

i ask this question because somebody wrote in other forum some years ago that
police dont need ask overseas police to track the anonymous proxy but they ask ISP from own country when they suspect that user is located in the own country . is this true??


If the proxy or VPN has done its job then the police would have to request the information from the proxy or VPN owner because they would only have the IP of the exit node unless your DNS leaked. They should not know who your ISP is without going through the proxy or VPN service provider, and some proxy’s do not log traffic.

Some VPN’s that call themselves anonymity providers use protocols that are known to be bad for leaking DNS. You should research DNS leaking, and Jurisdiction to help you choose the VPN that is right for you if your main concern is anonymity. Also read their service agreement to see if they log traffic, and what their policy is on turning over users information. Nothing is fool proof so educate yourself, and know the risk. I am no expert in this field so use these services at your own risk!

Answer 2, so the trust can be breached by your VPN :

First, times have changed dramatically from some years ago. A lot of things law enforcement agencies and government in general needed to do to start an investigation and carry it out, they may no longer need to do, or they just plain ignore them. You need to know the law in your own country first, and then you need to do some research about the laws and the way the government and police handle things in the country whose IP you are using. If it is a “friendly” country, meaning your country has a lot of ties to the other, you can expect that the two countries will very likely work together, if the charges are serious enough.

Also, never, ever trust your VPN provider, proxy, and what have you. Having a privacy policy is not the same as following it. Almost every company in the world has one, but that doesn’t mean they’re sticking to it. The truth is, if you do something stupid enough that law enforcement or higher gets involved, or your ISP, VPN provider, and so on decides they don’t want to deal with whatever these agencies want on you, they’re going to hand you over, gift-wrapped with a bow.


The Police can take down VPN

I created an email address at Protonmail with a freevpn.me VPN connection.

The message was drastic to say the least. I sent it newspapers, lawyers and the Prime minister office.

It took three days and the police contacted a public service to call on me.

The prime shunned me

What you do to privatize yourself doesn’t matter. They will find you any how

So be aware what you do!

They probably hacked my phone as well, as they know everything.

Spread the world all around ,,, it damn true … nothing is safe any longer, 1984 as hell

To monitoring agencies

What is freedom of expression? According to Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Convention, Freedom of Speech is the right “to assert opinions without interference and to seek, receive and disclose information and ideas through any means of communication and without regard to borders”. Freedom of speech is not just about words. Words that are said, words that are printed, words that are singed, words, words, words. Speeches are more than that. An expression can be a song, a picture or a painting, a dance or simply silence.

Article 100 of the Constitution states that “Freedom of expression should take place”. This paragraph was already introduced in the constitution as early as 1814. Our proud Norwegian constitution was made with ideas based on the American constitution and the idea of ​​life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

In 2004, section 100 of our Constitution was revised to reflect Norway’s obligations to the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Convention of 1950, and the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights. This can tell us, for example, that times are changing and that reforms are important! Among other things, paragraph 100 received a sixth paragraph which states the following: “It requires the State Authorities to rectify the conditions of an open and enlightened public conversation.”

That is, we can be critical of what is happening around us, and the authorities are also no exceptions.

I hate no one! I don’t hate anything at all. I love everyone who wants me well, and I trust everyone no matter what until someone breaks it.

I put no one in front or back, but those who want to kill me or hurt me, they I despise Biblical. I am a believer and practice it with pride. Jesus is my role model and he was radical in every way.

I have never, in my life, gone behind someone’s back, or ever sailed under a false flag. My life consisted of finding alternative routes home due to. bullying. I never got a good upbringing out there, but the home was my sanctuary.

As I said, I will never post hatred, but criticism and crunching outcomes are in place. But NEVER personal attacks! System failure will always be criticized and we are there now no matter what the authorities write. When you remove parts of ones basis, something else will always replace it.

For the people must have a common denominator, and when Christianity falls, something else will replace it. That’s how it has always been, ever since our cradle. So then we have system failure that the authorities have kindly participated in without asking questions; they have even reinforced this idea of ​​a secular society where everyone is equally worthwhile.

Communism is this called on a slightly different basis of values of course. We still have biblical foundations that have only received new multicultural additions. There is controversy about the biblical origin of the Human-Ethics Federation where rites and rituals strive to be independent mindsets. We are a Christian nation and that’s still a fact.

We need an innovation where everything that is visibly threatening gets the tag that fits and is removed from society. The multi-culture also gives space for what in the mind where general freedom is the sound bottom. General freedom is in danger now because censorship begins to get almost fascist tendencies. The censorship is the connective tissue for an ideology we know, which will then grow without hindrance in our democracies.

A future religious civil war on the European scene is then thinkable. ABB is completely off the wall, but Fjordmann knows a great deal. But there are extreme thoughts only, about something that is likely to happen. Look at what happened in Spain in the 6th century.

I’m not a fortune teller or something like that. I only know when you forget the story it will repeat itself. Look at the realms we have had without any comparison. Check the history of kingdoms etc … see what rotted inside. It will repeat itself when people do not keep the story in their claims.

Now, youth do not learn about World War II until high school. And then they choose out the subject’s history, because it is presented dead and lifeless. Because no one has any longer links to the war, as it was when I grew up and had it already in the 7th grade. Couldn’t choose it away then.

So when no one wants to see the long lines because the policy applies for 4 years at a time with broiler politicians with the party book in order, yes then the entrance to the doom is a fact with all the play of what I have mentioned. Because we are rich and have it as a basis, there are at least 100,000 poor here under the UN’s poverty line.

When we round the next 100th anniversary, I’m sure something basically wrong has happened to us as a nation and Europe. Right-extreme parties get a foothold now and we sail steadily on the same course. What is needed for someone with visions to get their voice through without being verbally killed?

In the old times, people were grateful for what they got and adapted to this. Such was the beginning of the Third Reich. What do we see today? An adaptation to the multi-culture on the same level as the system, not content of course. So it sneaks into a custom version of ….. do you really think so? This is an ideology that does not adapt but swallows!

So I’m 60 in June. I’m glad I’m so old. Has no prospect of a worthy old age here as a minimum pensioner, so I have to get out of my own dear country to survive. So nothing to look forward to.

Then it was enough from me.

Why do the Norwegian authorities make a swan dance around Islam.

Tuesday, January 16, 2019

We see an increasing adaptation to the Islamic law of Sharia.

By Hege Storhaug, www.rights.no

We who have known Oslo in about one generation (= 33 years), often do not feel at home anymore. The Arabization through especially girls and women’s clothing suits, which shot violently across the country after the migration crisis in 2015, causes many to react. Not to mention the largest group from Islam-dominated countries, Somalis, who fill in particular Oslo’s inner east.

Culture walks with people, and the more wandering, the stronger people take with them both culture and religion, especially when the latter is Islam. And precisely Islam pushes forward in our streets, an Islam that is at its core a set of rigid rules of life and a hard law system. This is a fact, but most of all should be ignored by both politicians most and almost all leading media, while academia barely facilitates the eyelid.

We are alienated in our own home, Norway. Last year, HRS decided to photo document the “cultural revolution” that is happening outside our living windows, especially with your readers. The contributions have been many and good. As from Stavanger.

For some residents, including inmates, and especially those from the Islam-dominated world who left their homeland to seek shelter from power misery, the development of patience erodes. You want political action to push Islam’s power demonstration in the background. So far, hardly anything happens from our foremost political body, the Storting. We have asked politicians at the hands of whether Islam’s advancement is a theme in the political backdrops. The feedback is that Islam is a non-theme. Think it.

This is perhaps the greatest political betrayal of our time. A complete antiquarian human and social view is thus allowed to attach deeper and deeper roots to what was once the home of the Norwegian people with pillars of Christianity.

This is truly the cultural revolution of our time, and it is a revolution that is pointing backwards, far backward, worthy of value. And we have a lot to lose – just value.

The economic also destroys people’s patience. We are predicted to be 10,000 more in tax per person a year in around 2025. Erna Solberg has even tried to prepare for a work week of 43 hours. And we all – who have eyes and ears open – understand that the main reason is that too many unqualified people have come to Norway who live as if Norway were an eternal free lunch.

The employment figures speak for their very clear language. Disappointing few from the Islam-dominated world are in full-time work, we could show in 2014: Only 15 percent of Somalis work 30 hours per week or more. For Eritreans, the figure is 19 per cent. Syrians are well below 10 percent, Document wrote a few days ago. The share of community resources used for additional immigration and integration costs is increasing year by year, and for most people, the failed integration is linked to the number of hijabs and also the nikab. Do not sniff the snare, this can trigger a dangerous anger in parts of the population.

The recently deceased Arabian giant in Norwegian contemporary, Walid al-Kubaisi, said the following in the last major interview with him:

“Assimilation for me is a mental state where one lives by Norwegian values ​​and thinks as Norwegians.”

Can people then use the hijab – and think like Norwegians? No, al-Kubaisi replied:

“… The hijab doesn’t belong at school or at work. Hijab is for me a symbol of political Islam and a belief in sharia, the caliphate and a theological system that collides with democracy. It has nothing to do with Norwegian and Western values. If one goes with the hijab, one tells the outside world that one wants the Quran to be part of the society. ”

I’m afraid of Islam

Same al-Kubaisi openly expressed his disappointment at muslims in Norway that he thought had “listed” himself “unwise”.

“We (the Muslims) have reinforced the image media have mirrored: that Muslims are primarily religious beings who cannot liberate themselves from the traditions of the Middle Ages. Is it strange that people are skeptical about us? The Muslims in Norway must know that they are the weakest minority. Why? Because Norwegians fear them. The resistance to immigration is about the Muslims – not Poles, Vietnamese and Tamils. No one fears them. Norwegians fear the religion of Islam and that Islam must influence Norway. And I understand them. I myself am scared of Islam. Who will not be when one sees how political Islam destroys countries by country in the Middle East, and how many Muslims in Europe live in ghettos and hold on to traditional beliefs about how society should be governed (my highlight).

And I can say al-Kubaisi: I am also afraid of Islam, but even more afraid of the political paralysis of the “religion” of fear.

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