The pharmaceutical companies have a major influence over the studies they pay for

Monday, October 8, 2018

An investigation of industry-sponsored medical studies shows that pharmaceutical companies had an impact on all parts of the research.

Much medical research takes place in purely academic environments, ie at universities or other independent research institutions.

But when promising drugs are being developed into finished vaccines or medications and tested on humans, it is almost always a drug company that is behind.

Now the industry and independent researchers are involved: The pharmaceutical company finances the study and supplies the medicine, while physicians and researchers carry out research on their patients. This is a collaboration that both serve.

Obtains credibility from independent researchers

Hospitals gain increased competence, prestige, free access to new and better medicines, greater opportunity to follow up patients and funds for more employees.

Industry receives access to hospitals ‘patients and physicians’ treatment skills. And not least, to the credibility of independent researchers. It will be a guarantee that the research results are reliable and not controlled by industry’s financial interests.

But now a new survey suggests that this warranty is less worthwhile than we have assumed.

The results showed that industry was often deeply involved in all parts of the studies. In many cases, there were researchers from the pharmaceutical companies who analyzed the data alone. They also often wrote the research articles without their names appearing in the authors lists.

The drug companies had great influence

It is Kristine Rasmussen at the Nordic Cochrane Center at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen and her colleagues who have done the survey. They took care of the 200 latest industry-financed studies of medicines, vaccines and medical equipment, published in seven highly prestigious medical journals.

Rasmussen and co. also sent a questionnaire to the main authors of the 200 studies.

The results showed that employees from pharmaceutical companies were writing 87 percent of the articles. And in 92 percent of the cases, the industrial partner had an influence on the design of the study. In many cases, this study design may have a lot to say for what results the survey can provide.

Only four percent of the studies were completely independent, ie completely planned, performed and reported by researchers from academic institutions.

When it came to analyzing the data, industry workers were included in 73 percent of the studies, while independent researchers only participated in the analyzes in 40 percent of the cases.

This means that employees in the pharmaceutical companies not only had an influence on how the data from the study were interpreted. In many cases they had the full control. But the information in the articles about who stood for the analyzes was often ambiguous.

This result is consistent with the conclusions of previous studies.

It was also often unclear whether the independent researchers themselves had access to the data. This is consistent with previous research, writes Rasmussen and colleagues. A study from 2012 showed that industry partners often had control of the data. also wrote about similar issues. A survey we conducted in 2017 showed that researchers often have no influence on what happens to the data from studies in Norwegian patients.

The questionnaire to Rasmussen and colleagues shows that most academics looked at the cooperation with industry as useful.

However, some reported about problems, for example because the drug company delayed the publication of the results, or that the two parties disagreed as to how the study should be designed or reported.

In a research, 2015 showed that Norwegian researchers have also experienced such episodes.

– Should decline cooperation

In a comment about the research, Rasmussen writes that she and colleagues started the survey because they knew about researchers who had experienced their academic freedom limited by the industry partner.

And because they knew about researchers who were only concerned about the benefits they could derive from an industrial partnership.

Thus it was interesting to find out how widespread this was. The results of industry-sponsored clinical trials are important. They have a lot to say when professionals and health authorities decide what kind of treatment patients will receive.

Good decisions depend on the fact that the clinical studies that are based are reliable and safeguard the patient’s interests, for commercial reasons, writes Rasmussen, and strikes a blow for more independence in future studies.

– The academic environment should refuse cooperation when the industry requires control over design, implementation, data, statistical analysis or reporting.

Report: Wind turbines leads to heating

Sunday, October 7, 2018

During the first century, transition to wind power is worse than coal and gas, a new US research report shows.

The report, conducted by researchers at Harvard University, shows that if the United States received all the electricity from wind turbines, the temperature in the country would have increased by + 0.24 degrees Celsius, up to + 1.5 degrees at night. + 0.54 Celsius around the wind farms.

This would have more than eaten the benefits of decarbonizing the country’s power sector, which is intended to give a profit of – 0.1 Celsius.

However, some places on the east coast will experience lower temperatures.

In addition, the wind farms will occupy five to 20 times more area than previously thought, which will seize about a third of the United States.
Will take 100 years to achieve environmental benefits

It will take around 100 years of wind power before the benefits begin to outweigh the disadvantages, researchers conclude, no matter how much of the energy wind power takes.

“The reason is that the climate impacts of wind power instantly enter, while the benefits of reduced emissions accumulate slowly,” says physics professor David W. Keith to The Harvard Gazette, adding that “there is no free lunch.”

“If the perspective is ten years, wind power in some aspects has more impact on the climate than coal and gas,” he says.

“If the perspective is a thousand years, wind power is hugely much cleaner,” Keith says.

– Affects the climate

Keith further explains in an article in the Joule magazine that wind turbines, in addition to making power, also change the air movements in the atmosphere.

The turbines mix the air layers close to the ground with the slightly higher in the atmosphere, while extracting energy from the wind. Normally the air is more quiet at night where cold air is close to the ground while the air is warmer higher up. Therefore, the effect is particularly noticeable at night.

The turbines move more of the hot air down to the ground. In addition, they make a “windshadow” behind, where the wind is weaker, and the consequences of this are not fully investigated. In any case, the wind farms become less efficient the bigger they become.

Around individual wind turbines, the effect is negligible, but the case becomes completely different when there are thousands of them.

Previously, the study shows ten other cases where higher temperatures are detected locally around the wind farms.

– Redistributes heat into the atmosphere

– The wind turbines redistribute heat and humidity into the atmosphere, which affects the climate. We have tried to make models for this on a continental scale, Keith says.

The more wind turbines placed in the same place, the less efficient they become, especially if the wind farms span several kilometers. In addition, more of them will have to be placed in more windy places when the most attractive areas are filled up.

This is something that has not been taken into account in previous studies, Keith and his research colleague Lee Miller believe.

Refuses climate impact

Critics of the report believe that Keith and Miller really talk about your local temperature rather than global warming. In particular, the American Wind Energy Association, AWEA, is in the throat of the report, which believes that climate change is not at all the only baking temperatures.

– Keith and Miller’s analysis explores an excessively high level of wind turbine deployment and the effect it can have at higher local temperatures. However, they have not found that wind power leads to global warming, nor to the cascade of side effects and self-reinforcing effects we get from carbon pollution, writes communications advisor Greg Alvarez.

Keith emphasizes that the report is not meant to be a fundamental criticism of wind power.

“The work should also be seen as the first step in looking more seriously at the consequences of increased use of renewable energy sources,” he said.

To the Technology Review magazine, powered by MIT, he believes that the world should perhaps support more against solar cell technology and invest less on wind power.

The Christian film The Encounter

Tuesday 2 October 2018

Synopsis :

Five strangers are forced to re-examine their life choices after finding themselves stranded at a mysterious, isolated diner with a man who somehow has all of the answers to their most pressing problems. From the callous businessman (Steve “Sting” Borden) to the unhappily married couple, the desperate runaway, and the solitary woman, each of these lost souls faces an existential dilemma that has thrown their lives into chaos. But the proprietor of the restaurant, a man called himself Jesus (Bruce Marchiano), possesses the secret to freeing them all from an eternity of suffering, if they could only see outside of themselves long enough to understand just what’s at stake.

A review on IMDB. I find the exactly what I experienced :

First of all I find it unsettling that there are some who attack people’s ratings of this movie because of a failure to meet a cinematic standard they want to see in a movie or others beliefs as Christians. We’re suppose to rate the movie, not peoples ratings or their beliefs.

This is a low budget film, of course it’s not going to be on the same level as a major Hollywood blockbuster. But what it lacks in that is made up in the content of the film. The actors chosen for this film are perfect for their roles.

What I enjoyed about The Encounter is the reality of Jesus who knows everybody and how he intervenes and reaches out even when they don’t know he is there. The concept of meeting him at a diner I found to be brilliant, making him personable and real. It’s put a fresh new perspective of him in my life and how simple it is to reach out back to him.

This is a different Christian movie than most others and really refreshing. It really showed the reality of the choices we are faced with and the consequences, both good and bad of those choices, and the constant battle between good and evil.

If you’re a Christian, you’ll love this movie, if you’re not, it’s definitely worth giving it a chance because believe it or not, this movie shows a real side of Jesus you won’t find anywhere else. It succeeds in showing how real and approachable Jesus really is. There are much worse things you could waste your time watching.

You find the whole film on YouTube in a bit poor quality



My belief

Sunday 23 september 2018

When Jesus died, He disolved the old “order” and created a new order which born-again Christians like me believe in. Martin Luther went out of the catholic church and directed a more true belief according to the Bible. He attacked the Pope and many of the structures in the church. He cleared the path to true Christian wisdom in many ways. He wasn’t popular and had to seek cover many times, and people hid him.

3. january 1521 he was banned by the Pope. In 1522 the New Testament was finished translated from Greek to German and he and his collaborators completed the translation of the Old Testament in 1534, when the whole Bible was published. The New Testament was so popular that they had to print more editions of it.

We have many of Luthers prints in our Christian legacy, he was the founder of the evangelic lutheran church. He was a seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation too.

Luther taught that salvation and, consequently, eternal life are not earned by good deeds but are received only as the free gift of God’s grace through the believer’s faith in Jesus Christ as redeemer from sin.

In 1542, Luther read a Latin translation of the Qur’an. He went on to produce several critical pamphlets on Islam, which he called “Mohammedanism”. Luther saw the Muslim faith as a tool of the devil.

Martin Luther is honored in various ways by Christian traditions coming out directly from the Protestant Reformation, i.e. Lutheranism, the Reformed tradition, and Anglicanism.

That’s what I believe in

Life’s Daily Doses

Sundag 23 september 2018

Life is measured in daily doses
Of trials and pleasures each.
Day by day grace is dispensed
To meet our immediate needs.

Comfort comes to the weary
We find that which we seek.
A bridge is built at the river
And power is given to the weak.

One day’s load we have to bear
As we travel on life’s way.
Wisdom is given for the occasion
And strength to equal each day.

We are never required to stagger
Under tomorrow’s heavy load.
We journey one day at a time
As we travel life’s rugged road.

God’s mercy is new every morning
And His faithfulness is sure.
God perfects all that concerns us
And by our faith, we will endure.

–Lenora McWhorter

God works with me

Sunday 23 september 2018

I have recovered blood vessels in my feet that was dead for a while. Because of prayers from Sweden, South Africa, the United States and many in Norway. God hears prayer and now I feel much better in my feet. It was a pain to get back these nerves, so I doubted God’s work for a while. But just before I went to bed, I felt sure it was God’s work.

Then I went to bed in faith and woke up with some discomfort, this is God’s work so I’m patient. The “new” nerves and bloodstream must be adjusted again, so it’s a bit left. I know God will fix the rest.

I take the medicine for this and get an even better everyday now. All the little miracles that take place in life are homage to life. Nothing is taken for granted and prayer in gratitude goes up quite often now.

When my hopes fade
And my dreams die.
And I find no answer
By asking why.

I just keep on trusting
And hang on to my faith.
Because God is just
He never makes mistakes.

Should the storms come
And trials I must face.
When I find no solution
You rest in God’s grace.

When life seems unfair
And more than I can take.
I look up to the Father
He never makes mistakes.

God sees our struggles
And every bend in the road.
Men ingen feil er ever made
Cause He weighs every load.

-Lenora McWhorter

The Islamic trumpet

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thirty years ago everyone shook hands on each other. Today, some Muslim men will not greet women.

My mother used to say that you can not blow in a trumpet the opposite way. You get tired without getting any music out of it. Use the nozzle and the right side of the trumpet. I remember this when I look at the situation in Western Europe today.

An example is Norway. When I came to Norway thirty years ago and was in asylum reception, and when I later worked in nursing homes and hospitals, nobody spoke of halal meat. No stores had signs where they advertised halal meat. But eventually there was halal meat in prisons, hospitals and everywhere else.

Thirty years ago, there were very few who used hijab. When I wrote about a hijab ban, the feminists replied “Almost no one uses hijab, maybe only 200 pieces.” Eventually, more and more people have been using hijab. And in Norway there is now more hijab than in Pakistan or other Muslim countries. We have hijab fashion, hijab program leader. And women with hijab like “hate white men” sit at the lunch table of the prime minister on March 8th. It is a symbol of 8 March – the day of women’s liberation.

Thirty years ago, there was no children-hijab, but today kindergarten children go with hijab.

Thirty years ago, no burkini was found. Now there are many who use burkini.

Thirty years ago, nobody used to burka. If you are taking a trip in Oslo today, for example in Greenland, it is like “little Karachi”, Mogadishu or Afghanistan.

Thirty years ago, great religious markings such as eid, ramadan, muharram (southern moon) were not marked in public. Today there are large and visible selections. During eid celebration in Valhall sports facilities, with separate seats for women and men, the prime minister is present.

Women and men were separated during the eid celebration in Valhall in Oslo in 2017.

Thirty years ago, hanging curtains at restaurants was not possible. But today it is hung up in some restaurants so that the women can sit separately from men.

Thirty years ago people worked where they got a job. Today, more and more people refuse to work where they can go to sausages and salami, even if they wear gloves. Pork can be seen as a good reason to either go home and live on NAV.

Thirty years ago it was usual for a five-day work week for all. Today, you need to have a leave on Fridays to attend the Friday prayer.

Thirty years ago, there were very few mosques in Norway. Now there are close to 60 mosques only in Oslo and Akershus. Several of them are built with, among other things, money from the treasury.

Thirty years ago everyone shook hands on each other. Today, some Muslim men will not greet women. And they are supported by naive headless feminists and anti-racists. “There are many ways to show respect.”

Thirty years ago, people did not blame for not being stamped as racists. Now all means are used to bring life into the blasphemy law and restrict freedom of expression. Chronicles, demonstrations, threats and even killing are funds that are taken into use.

Thirty years ago, there were no Sharia courts. But now Muslims do everything they can to introduce sharia courts in Norway, as they did in Britain. Sharia laws is practiced in some mosque environments. Now they want and that it must be approved by the state. Some headless naive people even support this.

What will be the next requirement? Own tram and bus for women? Own tram and bus for men? Gender-shared public transport so that Muslim men are not excited to sit next to a woman?

Or is it next to stop serving and selling alcohol on Fridays? Cut out to serve alcohol and ribs for the Christmas table because there are some Muslims present?

What will be the next requirement? Gender-divided schools?

Prohibition of high-heeled shoes and perfume because Muslim men get excited?

What will be the next requirement? A guardian of Muslim men and their headless supporters who will ensure that satire, drawings or posts are not published in the newspapers? That those who criticize Islam are not interviewed by the media?

What will be the next requirement? Swallow all opinions and offend all people for Muslims to not be violated? Have not Muslims violated millions of women in 1400 years because they have treated them inhuman? Do not Muslims violate millions of women by making them to grandchildren, rocking them or committing bigami? How many women have been killed or lost over their heads because they have given birth to girls or boys?

What will be the next requirement? That national anthem changes? Because it praises the Norwegian people and Norwegian nature? And remove the cross from the Norwegian flag and replace it with the red moon? We are going to delete everything that makes Norway to Norway. Europe to Europe. Little by little Norwegians will no longer know who they are. They become identityless and it becomes easier to color them with Islam.

Europe and the United States have a bad conscience because of slavery. But Muslims were also big slave drivers. They castrated male slaves. And in this way they destroyed people. We see many African generations in the United States and Europe after slavery. But in Arab countries there is hardly anyone because they were castrated.

We are still talking about the Vietnam War and World War II. Why do not we talk about Islam and Muslims treatment of Jews, Persians, Christians, Gays and Women, the Unbelievers and Converts? Because no one dares to write about it. Because Muslims are violated.

Why does all criticism stop when Islam and Muslims are mentioned? Why should not Muslims taste their own medicine. Be violated?

Muslims came to Norway. But they did not integrate in the country they came to. Instead, they demanded that those living here should integrate in their religious and political ways. They blew in the opposite direction of the trumpet. And they managed to make such a strong and magical sound that all of Europe danced for them.

Stop all special demands from the Muslims. Treat them as ethnic Norwegian and remember one thing. Norway is Norway, with all its characteristics: Equality, freedom of expression and democracy.

Google employees resign in protest against China censorship

Monday, September 17, 2018

Several Google employees have resigned in protest against the company’s plans to develop a search engine adapted to China’s desire for censorship.

It reports more foreign media.

According to Buzzfeed, seven employees have resigned because of the company’s lack of openness about the project called “Dragonfly”.

Google pulled its search engine from the Chinese market eight years ago because of censorship and hacking. According to the Tech Times, the new search engine should ignore topics that the Chinese government believes has “sensitive content”, such as democracy, speech freedom and human rights.

A loss of values

One of the employees who have terminated is Jack Poulson who has worked for Google since May 2016.

“I see our intention to provide for censorship and monitoring requirements in exchange for access to the Chinese market, as a loss of our values ​​and our state-of-the-art negotiating position worldwide, he wrote in his resignation made by The Intercept.

Ask for openness

In addition to terminations, 1,400 employees have signed a letter delivered to Google’s management. The letter states that the development of a search engine specifically adapted to China’s desire for censorship and control, raises moral and ethical questions about the work they are doing, writes the New York Times.

Google has not commented on the redundancies or the new project, which was made known to the public by a whistleblower.

Facebook apologized to Nina Karin Monsen

Monday, September 17, 2018

Facebook has lifted the exclusion of the disputed philosopher Nina Karin Monsen after the link to the article “Homo

In addition, Monsen receives a regret from the social media, writes the day.

– It looks like we made a mistake and removed something you published on Facebook that does not violate our policies. We would like to apologize and inform you that we have now recovered the post and removed the blocking of your Facebook account, it says in an email that the newspaper has accessed.

The article she linked to, addresses questions about marriage and KrF politician Geir Jørgen Bekkevold’s marriage of a lesbian couple. It’s the third time she got the quarantine from the social media, and originally the exclusion should have been for 30 days.

My comment on this is:

The homolobby has for many years been under the skin for many. This is reflected in the slow but surely acceptance of the people. To be gay and live it out should be normal now. God hates sin, and gay practice is a sin in the Bible. BUT Gays are loved by God. But they should not have positions in the church.

It has gone too far now, including Muslim/Christian devotional book, etc.

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