Aalesund fire

The city that burnt down to the ground

Orginal 1904 picture from the city fire’s own Norwegian website.

The events

The fire broke out on Aspøya, in Aalesund Preserving Co.s factory, which was where the Lower Strand Gate 39 is located today. At quarter past two in the morning, the 23 January 1904, came the first fire signal to the fire station on Lihaugen. The fire ravaged throughout the night, morning and afternoon, before it had to give up. The cause of fire was careless handling of fire.

It is certainly the explanation that has become common eventually. No one will be convicted or punished for something in connection with the Ålesund Fire, but it is spoken for a while about the arson and fraud, but the rumors die away gradually. The fire stopped just west of what today is called Brusdal Hagen, ie Borgund Road 39 The last and most easterly house that burned, stood Borgund Route 37 is today.

The wind was south-westerly storm with hurricane storms. Later in the day the storm passed over the more western and north western edge. Partly cloudy. Approximately 850 houses were consumed by fire, and after the fire was again about 230 houses within the city limits. Approx. 10,000 people lived in the fire area, and most of them lost their homes and most of his worldly goods.

Only one died, an elderly lady who ironically lived next door to the fire station on Lihaugen. Her name was Ane Heen and was 76 years old. The people who fled were crammed together in the farmhouse and outbuildings in the areas where it had not burned, especially along Nørvøya and Borgund. Later they spread around the district.

Plenty of help came to Ålesund from near and far in Norway and abroad. Much of the good help, however, was completely overshadowed by the Germany of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s name, sent north. He was the one who stole the show. Ålesund’s reconstruction was fully underway in the autumn 1904. And just three years later – in 1907 – were most of the burnt town was rebuilt.

All text is translated orginals from the city fire website. You can use Google translate to get more. Go here to the The Norwegian website to english through Google Translate