Opinion: There’s no way to fix the Second Amendment. Let’s just get rid of it

CNN)Who says history doesn’t repeat itself? It sure does when it comes to the aftermath of mass shootings.

After Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Virginia Tech, Margery Stoneman Douglas, El Paso, Buffalo, Uvalde and so many others, it’s always the same.
First, shock. Then, grief. Then, a demand for action. Then, the phony claim: Too bad, but we can’t do anything about guns because of the Second Amendment. And then, nothing is done to prevent the next attack.

Ukraine pleads for more weapons, cholera spreads in Mariupol

  • Ukraine wants more artillery for battle in the east
  • Mariupol mayor fears thousands may die from cholera there
  • Food shortages caused by war could lead to hunger globally -U.N

KYIV, June 11 (Reuters) – Ukraine pleaded to Western countries for faster deliveries of weapons as better-armed Russian forces pounded the east of the country, and for humanitarian support to combat growing outbreaks of deadly diseases.

In Sievierodonetsk, the small city that has become the focus of Russia’s advance in eastern Ukraine and one of the bloodiest flashpoints in a war well into its fourth month, further heavy fighting was reported.