Florida governor signs bill limiting LGBTQ instruction in schools

March 28 (Reuters) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday signed a Republican-backed bill that bans classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity for many young students, drawing swift criticism from companies, Democrats and advocacy groups.

The legislation, referred to by its opponents as the “don’t say gay” bill, has stirred national controversy and got attention during Sunday’s Oscars telecast amid an increasingly partisan debate over what schools should teach children about race and gender.


Murdered Putin rival ‘tailed’ by agent linked to FSB

Boris Nemtsov: Murdered Putin rival ‘tailed’ by agent linked to FSB hit squad

Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov was shadowed by an agent linked to a political assassination team for almost a year before he was shot dead, an investigation has found.

Nemtsov was a fierce adversary of President Vladimir Putin. His murder in 2015 is the highest-profile political killing since Putin came to power.

The authorities deny any involvement.


Seborga: The Italian village that wants to be a country

There are plans to build a luxury hotel overlooking the coastline below.

(CNN) — Atop an idyllic hill in the Italian Riviera sits a tiny village with a big dream: becoming an independent nation.
The Principality of Seborga already has its own flag, national anthem, passports, stamps, currency and, of course, a monarch. It hopes to one day back them up with legal recognition of its sovereignty, which it has been seeking since the 1960s.
For now, however, Seborga is simply a picturesque hamlet in the northern Italian province of Imperia, close to France, with just over 300 residents and covering about five square miles of land.