Jesus resolves all things

Before Jesus raised me February 22, I had one void in my heart after three relationships with women. No peace was possible with them, just a quest for something they could not give me.

February 22 changed everything, the void was intended for Jesus from the very beginning. He moved in and gave me the Holy Ghost, a spirit so strong that it heals all mental and physical wounds.

The Holy Ghost cannot be tamed by anything, it burns internally and holds me to Jesus all the time. Prayer and anointing follow this urge to worship. The first thing that happens is a confession of sin, after which the love explodes in so many facets. I feel most loved then.

This happens every day now. An anointing to be a Christian. Jesus lives in the heart and that is my brother in faith. He is like a family member and is faithful until I change my address sometime in the future, as Billy Graham said so elegantly.

He got up that time, now He did it with me.

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