Mathew 15:11

This is only in English as I know more English than my own Norwegian tounge.


11 What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile them, but what comes out of their mouth, that is what defiles them.”

It’s not what you think, because that’s your own. But what comes out of your mouth is what’s important.

Your faith and The Holy Spirit will guide you in what to say at times you need to address people. You have your thoughts about many people in your near surroundings.

Your thoughts can be your enemy if you let them control you, You want to be seen and heard, but a voice inside say you’re not worthy to let them into it. Or you think your thinking is not important because you think less of you.

Jesus didn’t do closed sessions with his own thoughts. He opened for meetings with his thoughts and saying. Gods thoughts was his to preach. We are in the same arena with our thoughts. They must be measured by their anatomy and origin.

What you’re influenced by is defining what you are. Its like food, it defines what you like… Your thoughts is a journey into your days work where your picking the peace or disruptions of even a bit of dispear in your situation.

A roller coaster through time without any meaning, you’re in a wagon without handles. You waiver inside the wagon, is it true or is it false. Your mouth speaks of Him, but your heart is somewhere else. You’re almost dizzy of this motion that present itself as something big, but you’re ready yet you think.

Then God peals a onion to get inside, The Holy Spirit goes into action, because you’re open for a change of heart. The Spirit never misses a situation like that. When inside it transforms you and take out the roller coaster in a blazing glory.

Now what? The Spirit inside you calls for work, a true commitment to the Word. Reading and worshiping isn’t enough, and there’s something coming out your mouth, about salvation and transformation. There’s even more than that.

The Holy Spirit is a teacher, member, family, resolver, fellow journeyman and a loving father/motherhood entity that gives you more love than ever before and what you’re able to understand. You’re never alone.

What you think is cluttered by Satan’s will to dismember your understanding of self. Your heart belongs to the Father, because He created you. Satan knows this and takes it on, you’re not worthy…. but you are!

What you say is a picture of your declaration of understanding of the situation you’re in. And at that moment you’re going into the matter blurred by your missing the beat. Then you retract when you not able to give it your saying in it. Every time you do that.

Jesus didn’t retract even when knowing He would die. His saying was the same even in every pain sustained by hanging from the cross. He said “it was finished”, that meant it really was finished for us to keep. His saying overruled everything.”

When you speak, there’s a mountain to climb for each story you tell about your life. The steep hills are like thorns in your head like Jesus. You can’t get it out! Your lips move but there’s no sound.

You’re in for a treat when you turn to the cross and resurrection. Your mouth becomes a weapon against evil. You open up and you can’t do other than giving people hope for a transformation in Christ. There will be a change of heart and you’re getting a stronger self even.

The Holy Spirit guides you into real worship, because it resides in you because of faith. Never going back, because you died and was raised up as a new self. A train of thoughts giving praise, can’t say anything other than love for Him. A natural seeking of truth and its met by Him.

Your be-wilderness is gone, and Mathew 15:11 becomes easy. Your story and involvements is no longer cluttered. A vial of lies is gone too, you’re seeking it but its not there, only the truth. Everything is no longer a hassle with truth or lies. There’s only one way and that’s forward. What’s dragging you down is gone and done with.

Now what you say is of light and divine understanding. You need to give your light to others. Its in a Christian tradition to do this. Your mouth becomes that weapon against evil and hurt. Love is like that, a continued moving towards the light. Even if your hurting inside by old pain which tries to destroy you, the light is stronger and have a resolve that you can live with.

Satan is trying to destroy you when you bow to the Lord. But the Savior is a stronger host to rely on. His infinite love and understanding will give a peace you’d never thought could come your way. It dissolves lies and true pain. It takes down your old shields which never gave you the protection you thought they could do. A new weapon comes through faith alone.

You become a weapon that could destroy evil and mistrust in another person. Your transformation is a bearer of hope and eternal life. You connect with other people, giving it and you’re surprised of your own capability to communicate on this level. The Holy Spirit at work! Your belief crushing every false conception of faith.

Now you can rest if faith alone. Satan flees when you praise out loud your commitment to Christ. Your love transform to a full fledged weaponry that takes down Satan’s legacy inside you. You see the other side of Satan, which are a lot like you, but in a false light and becomes true death of your soul. Satan’s power of you diminish as you pray for a resolve without lies or a promise of a resolve that is not of lasting power. You see the truth in false or true now.

Your mouth can take down the evil one by just one sentence. Now you’re in control! Biased by faith you resolve things you’re not equipped to do by yourself. Faith becomes a weapon and you’re a colonel in Gods army. Driving at a war against the evil one, giving in no more. By confession of sin you take down every attempt to destroy faith, God strengthen you in every prayer for relief of sin.

Lies and deception goes into oblivion, never to surface again. Only truth of self reside inside you now. A true diamond for God. Your fellow Christians must be in joy for this. They see the light you have for the Lord. You can’t shut up in worship. You’re soaked in faith when you speak. Everything else have no importance any longer. Your self pity is gone too, you’re stronger than ever before.

Your mouth is now under control from Heaven, and you’re a joy for God.

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