My spirit is strong as an ox today

Has received home help from the municipality. God is on my side as it is only sick who receive this help. So the representative who was here considered that I needed help. About approx. 14 days comes the help to come every three weeks.

Now my creativity grows in the Spirit because my existence comes in order. Being sick is not in the identity of the Spirit, so I ask for total healing. I have so far received many prayer answers, so I should be on that list now. The prayer has power and I fully believe in it.

Jesus was always on par with spirit, only after he was betrayed he became sad. Because he knew his destiny then, when the soldiers came in Gethsemane because Judas had told them where they were. This betrayal is synonymous with what Vikdun Quisling did to Norway in 1940. It cost more than 10,000 Norwegians during the war.

Today, the names of Judas and Quisling are serious signs of betrayal. Have a Quisling who tried to destroy my life. Her betrayal was in the class where even the police chose to stand outside the case. So I also have a Judas in life, in the immediate family. So I know what betrayal is.

When I was raised from my old soul on February 22, all references to betrayal disappeared in seconds! Then I went from an old worn soul to a new one in the Lord. I witnessed in minutes to a friend who saw what happened. I was attacked, but was told to pray, I did so. Then I was reunited with my heavenly father.

Now I have the right medication and now get help for cleaning. Then I’m creative with the ADHD rush as a guide in the universe to my soul mate Ann-Katrin. Our hour-long phone calls, where I give advice and have fun with everything, even a little rough talk.

Now the Spirit and the soul are in a balance I have never experienced before. Safe in all facets of life. This is just God’s work!

Now I look forward to the continuation ……

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