Dark forces in your lives

Dark forces in your lives

Sometimes you don’t know the source of “evil” thoughts. They come lightning fast and binds you with a blindfold. Temptations, sexual, fear, hate, love and many more. They just take charge at any moment that comes from within.

Every aspect of each of them can turn you into a feeling zombie without a way out. You turn every stone without finding a useful explanation of why you fell into that pithole. You are stunned and baffled and you’re even shaking a bit.

But there’s a reason for it, and you’d never guess where. There’s a spirit who wants pain and suffering inside you. You know that, because there’s no reason that you came to this alone. Someone or something activated this inside. Blindfolds gives you a blurred view and you can’t see the real reason because of it.

The spirit is Satan in his full bright light, giving fuel to every wrong feeling you have. Building a full set of completed thoughts you can do anything without asking questions, just brewing them. Fuel by them you’re in for disappointments and even self pity for them failing. They never seem to get around.

Satan hate self reflections because they tend to expose him. Reflections puts together truth and expell lies. You turn to the source but you don’t beleive its him doing this. You think its all your fault, failing short of explanations because there’s nothing to grasp. Then you turn away from them not knowing or willing to understand the nature of them.

That nagging feeling of someone or something order you around is so consuming and disturbing. What is there to expose and how?. The source came out of nothing, but there a common denominator for them. A starter and a fierce source inventor, the false light that surrounds you when you’re feeling weak.

There’s only one to protect you when you’re feeling weak or bewildered. He’s there all the time and have better light and super powers. He’s in there for the long howl. His love and affection you can’t feel at once, but He has a guiding light through your conscience saying there’s another way. There’s almost alternatives in your thoughts. You don’t trust those, because they come from a almost same origin without the base feelings.

Those feelings comes from The Holy Spirit guiding you out in a different way without pain or sorrow. The emptyness is not that roaring and its silenced by love and direction. The source is even revealed for you, giving the evil one a kick back to its pit. You’ll never go there againfor the same reasons.

Jesus died for excactly those reasons, giving guidance in faith. The most important in life is to choose right ways in everyday life. You will fail but you raise up in faith summing and give a praise to His glory because He went through death and back just for you. He gives guidance through The Holy Spirit which drives a neat package you can’t miss after you repent your sinful life.

Its not easy to give control to a external celestial being you can’t see or touch. But you never question failed feelings source, you just fell into them. Why are you doing that? What is there to put two and two together and get true victories over them by faith. The sweet overwhelming sense can be yours.

Follow Christ as your Savior, and you will see that your sinful flesh will be mastered by your faith alone. You will see temptations and other feelings with another light and lumination. There’s then hope for a better future without a harse and tough everyday life. Your ways will improve and your getting a compass that never lie to you.

A living God is always a strange feeling, you can’t feel right away, but you will never question His existance because of your new-born being when you ask Him for His son to be your guiding light. He’s there always. Those nagging feelings will never have a hold on you any more. You’re more free then than ever before.

Every aspect of a Christian life include prayers for protection and receiver of love. And you have that in a jiffy when you ask of Him.

Why giving it a try, you’ll never go back.

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