Walking in the valley of shadows

Walking in the valley of shadows where everything is blurred can pose real challenges. You don’t know if the light is real anymore where it lies like veil on the ground. It lives its own life where it does not enter without you being naked. Your nudity is your fear expressed in a senseless game.

Then you see how little that light has for you. You want to see another truth. It is the worst form of breach of trust, you think. You turn away from God. Satan has played out his hand in his false light and given you the impression it comes from God. There is only one way back.

Giving Jesus an unreserved apology is then in place. For He is waiting for you. God’s light does not tempt nor give you the choice between good or evil. Temptations come from Satan and only he. God’s love is not to be mistaken when you have accepted the Son as your Savior. Then you won’t be wrong again.

In true worship, you see ways to joy that you didn’t think was possible. Once you have confessed your sins to God, the path is open to you and your walk in the light. The only solution is here. In 1 John 1.9, John says, “But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

The true joy unfolds in you, and the Holy Spirit equips and gives you key words that come from the Lord. You walk in the light and your stick is the Bible guide. Then you have the glory on your side into eternity and you should not die the total death. Jesus promised this and raised Lazarus as a proof of this.

Today I feel really strong after only 4 hours of sleep. Barely sees the keyboard.

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