Service 10. March 2019

Being a worshiper is a good thing.

The song of praise is very good and is about eg. humility and worship.

The challenge is to look at what is being talked about. We need a prayer to confess sin and it does not exist in “Oslo Christian Center”, I have not so far received such a prayer led by the pastor.

Confession of sin is one of the pillars of the Christian faith. You must confess sin to come to the altar of God. It says in the Bible and cannot be misunderstood.

It is fine with Jesus worship in many facets and angles. But you do not come to God without being “pure” of sin. There are so many places in the Bible that confession is very important and that we cannot overlook this.

I come back on this after a conversation with someone in the church, how they experience this challenge. Many congregations have a personal sphere that stands strong intellectually, but it is not the foundation and assurance of the text. Humility and confession are the path to salvation.

Nevertheless, I find that there is spirit in both pastors who are married. It is a personal sphere that includes confession for them. Common prayer is probably a matter worth fighting for here. For the church is good and I feel at home there.

The spirit is strong in me and I will do everything to share this gift with others. How to do this is another matter, in which form and strength must be tailored to meet people in their situation. At least it’s something I need to bring to people. For love overcomes all people’s mental barriers.

Now the night will have room to lower me in bed.

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