All discrimination against Norwegians must end

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

by Vidar Kleppe
Former parliamentary deputy and political deputy for Democrats in Norway

In Norway, in fact, individuals can receive refugee grants in both primary and secondary schools pursuant to Section 4A-1 of the Education Act, – if you are a foreign national who has been granted asylum in Norway and sits on the Norwegian school bench. The sooner one begins to educate after you come to Norway, the longer one can receive and receive a refugee grant – which is commonly referred to as the gold scholarship with a value of over 100 thousand kroner a year.

If a refugee, for example, has received asylum in Norway, begins education in Norway within three years of reaching Norway, he or she may receive a gold scholarship for a period of three years. If one begins education within four years of coming to Norway, one may receive a gold scholarship for two years. If one is in regular upper secondary education that they are entitled to after the education act, a special treatment that does not Norwegian students receive – is that the financial support the refugee receives is converted into a gold grant.

Figures in NOK based on the teaching year 2018-2019 then give the foreign national who has received asylum in Norway a total of 108 250 (12756 dollars) kroner annually in refugee / gold grants.

This shows that the parliamentary parties discriminate between Norwegian students and provide unfair special arrangements for foreign nationals who have been granted asylum in Norway. I am therefore a strong opponent of a Norwegian education system that does not provide Norwegian youth who take education, equal financial rights through equal fellowships – like foreign nationals who have been granted asylum in Norway.

Unfortunately, only the Democrats of the parties in Norway say no to it: Economic discrimination of Norwegian youth who receive education – and who do not receive a gold scholarship of more than 100,000 kroner (11800 dollars) annually – such foreign nationals who have been granted asylum in Norway do.

National Insurance

I find it furthermore highly immoral and wrong that promoting people without affiliation to Norway can get far better economic conditions than Norwegians who have paid into national insurance through a long – and often tense life. It is a big political scandal that refugees who are allowed to stay in Norway are entitled to a 40-year income in the National Insurance Scheme – with all rights from the first day.

Democrats believe that the citizens of the country, those who have struggled, who have been injured, those who have been injured in the workplace must also be entitled to good pensions and benefits from the National Insurance Scheme. Therefore, of course, the Democrats will still fight for the elderly in Norway. They will be able to enjoy their many years of contributions. This discriminatory policy of the parliamentary parties over the Norwegians in the National Insurance must expire as soon as possible.

In my opinion, it is clear that Norwegian elderly and disabled people and women deserve far better benefits from national insurance than newly arrived refugees. This must end – and it must be cleaned up as soon as possible. Enough is enough!

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