Swedish preschool ends with Lucia: – wrong with “gender perspective”

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Parents of children at a preschool in Motala in Sweden were announced during the previous week that the traditional lucia celebration at the preschool is now over. The reason for this is that preschool management does not want to “exclude someone”.

On Wednesday there was a debate during a meeting between parents and preschool teachers at Kärrbacken preschool in Motala, Östergötland, after the preschool had decided to terminate lucia celebration on a permanent basis. According to preschool leader Anna Karmskog, there are many reasons for the decision, and it should not have been relevant at any time to discuss the matter with the parents.

– There’s nothing they can decide. The decision is taken within the framework of the school act, against discrimination and offensive treatment. We do not want to exclude anyone, “says chairman Karmskog for local newspaper MVT.

During the meeting with the parents, Karmskog defended the decision that most children do not have high expectations for Lucia that not all parents can afford to buy clothes and equipment for the celebration and that children become troubled in large assemblies. In addition, it was stated that questions are asked about the “gender perspective” at Luciatoget, meaning it is problematic to distinguish between girls and boys in celebration.

The decision has created dissatisfaction among parents and children. Several of the parents left the meeting and resigned in the preschool council after the decision became known.

“We learned that it is not part of the curriculum, and that some children feel uneasy when it comes to standing in a group,” says Jessica Gunnige, one of the parents, to MVT.

My comments to this are:

The multiculture and trickery for Islam is everyday now. Our traditions are being excluded to adapt to Islam. Islam is Satan’s ideology and is a fauna we should forbid instead of accepting as a “good religion.” All Muslims in the West just wait for their chariots to come in the majority, so the demands of sharia and other sorcery come from Satan’s pantry.

I’m glad I’m too old to experience Satan’s imprint in our society, but our grandchildren will have big problems.

Economic consequences of a globalist policy

Sunday, November 25, 2018

There is a lot about economics in the Norwegian mainstream media, but you are not told an important indicator. Purchasing power adjusted GDP per capita shows how much in real value is produced for each Norwegian. You may be overwhelmed when I tell you that this is the same today as in 2007. If we include the fact that the richer part of the population has received a larger proportion of cakes in recent years, it means that the Norwegians have it worse now than ten years ago.

The mainstream media have mainly said that the Norwegian economy has gone well in recent years. This is true, but if we count on the huge increase in the population through immigration, we are experiencing the same badness today as ten years ago. We have had a lost decade.

Simple economic theory can indicate that immigration is the cause of the increasing skew distribution of resources. As in all transactions, the price is determined by supply and demand. When there are more jobs and not demand increases in line with this, the labor cost will be reduced. Particularly in the sectors where immigrants have the competence to work in or manage to acquire competence for, will experience increased competition and hence reduced wages.

It must be clarified when it comes to Norway that the market alone determines wages. Here, wages are set for each sector after negotiations between unions. Thus, the salary in Norway will not necessarily follow the market. In economic theory it is known that if wages are seen over what the market naturally determines (equilibrium), fewer positions will be offered.

In the last decade, the proportion of work has been drastically reduced. When the workers can not undermine each other, fewer people can get a job. Instead of adding two to a smaller salary, they must hire one for a higher salary. The increase in labor supply thus entails a reduction in the proportion of employment. What happens is that the weakest are selected out of work. It is clear that an employer wants preference for a healthy and experienced foreign worker, than a sick Norwegian worker. Outside is increasing as competition progresses.

Free trade is another fad for the globalist elite. They want the whole world to be able to trade without restrictions, something they say will bring a better economy. There is a truth in that we have access to cheaper products than ever, but a negative consequence is that domestic production is moved abroad. It is particularly uncertain whether cheaper products justify the major losses of jobs and resultant social degeneration. It follows from economic theory that free trade will lead to a convergence of wages between rich and poor countries. Because workers in richer countries will reduce their demands for work. The richest are those who will enjoy the best of this, since they can take more of the profits of production. There has been a huge increase in billionaires in the last 10 years and they are getting more and more of the world’s resources.

The globalist policy summarizes a reduction in standard of living for the poorest part of the population. It is a policy that transfers from the poor in the western world to the kingdom. If it is supposed to do this, I do not know, but the consequences are clear.

All discrimination against Norwegians must end

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

by Vidar Kleppe
Former parliamentary deputy and political deputy for Democrats in Norway

In Norway, in fact, individuals can receive refugee grants in both primary and secondary schools pursuant to Section 4A-1 of the Education Act, – if you are a foreign national who has been granted asylum in Norway and sits on the Norwegian school bench. The sooner one begins to educate after you come to Norway, the longer one can receive and receive a refugee grant – which is commonly referred to as the gold scholarship with a value of over 100 thousand kroner a year.

If a refugee, for example, has received asylum in Norway, begins education in Norway within three years of reaching Norway, he or she may receive a gold scholarship for a period of three years. If one begins education within four years of coming to Norway, one may receive a gold scholarship for two years. If one is in regular upper secondary education that they are entitled to after the education act, a special treatment that does not Norwegian students receive – is that the financial support the refugee receives is converted into a gold grant.

Figures in NOK based on the teaching year 2018-2019 then give the foreign national who has received asylum in Norway a total of 108 250 (12756 dollars) kroner annually in refugee / gold grants.

This shows that the parliamentary parties discriminate between Norwegian students and provide unfair special arrangements for foreign nationals who have been granted asylum in Norway. I am therefore a strong opponent of a Norwegian education system that does not provide Norwegian youth who take education, equal financial rights through equal fellowships – like foreign nationals who have been granted asylum in Norway.

Unfortunately, only the Democrats of the parties in Norway say no to it: Economic discrimination of Norwegian youth who receive education – and who do not receive a gold scholarship of more than 100,000 kroner (11800 dollars) annually – such foreign nationals who have been granted asylum in Norway do.

National Insurance

I find it furthermore highly immoral and wrong that promoting people without affiliation to Norway can get far better economic conditions than Norwegians who have paid into national insurance through a long – and often tense life. It is a big political scandal that refugees who are allowed to stay in Norway are entitled to a 40-year income in the National Insurance Scheme – with all rights from the first day.

Democrats believe that the citizens of the country, those who have struggled, who have been injured, those who have been injured in the workplace must also be entitled to good pensions and benefits from the National Insurance Scheme. Therefore, of course, the Democrats will still fight for the elderly in Norway. They will be able to enjoy their many years of contributions. This discriminatory policy of the parliamentary parties over the Norwegians in the National Insurance must expire as soon as possible.

In my opinion, it is clear that Norwegian elderly and disabled people and women deserve far better benefits from national insurance than newly arrived refugees. This must end – and it must be cleaned up as soon as possible. Enough is enough!

Immigrants grossly overrepresented among gang rape members in Germany

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The massacre of a young German girl in Freiburg in October has caused the debate on imported crime and rape to have flared back in Germany. The girl was raped by ten different men, most of them from Syria.

A security expert in the country has said that Germany has imported the genocide revenues, and that most gangsters come from Arab countries. This claim has long been confirmed by a state fact checker. It has been found that 67.1 percent of all perpetrators in this type of criminal act were immigrants in 2017.

These figures apply to gang violence in case of assault, ie unplanned abuse, but when looking at gang violence in general, immigrants are exceedingly overrepresented, 53.6 percent of all confirmed gang members in 2016 were immigrants.

It is especially the proportion of Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis who are increasing dramatically, which is linked to the migrant crisis in 2015.

According to Voice of Europe, the state fact checkers nevertheless discern the numbers, partly because they refer to so-called socioeconomic factors.

Kjære nye landsmenn: Ikke prakk Allahs åk på oss

Mandag 12 november 2018

Til deg som er kommet til landet vårt med en muslimsk tro og kultur, og som ofte gir uttrykk for å bli krenket. I Norge har vi en kristen arv. Derfor korset i flagget vårt.

Vi har rett til å si hva vi mener her. Vi har oppnådd mye når det gjelder kvinner og menns rettigheter, og likeverd. Vi har demokrati og folkestyre. Vi har rett til å tenke og tro hva vi vil. Vi er stolte av vår humanistiske arv og vår kristne arv, selv om mye kan klandres kirken opp gjennom århundrene. Vi har intet prestestyre eller tankepoliti.

Vi er forbi den mørke middelalderen med overtro, kirkemakt og elendighet. Opplysningstiden forandret vår tenkemåte. Den var frigjørende i forhold til kirken og forståelsen av vår plass i universet, men det kostet! Vi kan rette stjernekikkerten mot himmelen: Vi ser både soler, planeter og måner, og mye mer, og vi tør nå å si hva vi ser uten å risikere livet.

Men nå blir det klarere og klarere at noe er i ferd med å skje, føler mange!
Vi merker at en del av våre nye «landsmenn» ikke respekter vår kultur og vår væremåte, men bare later som. Mange nordmenn opplever at muslimer er nedlatende til oss vantro, og tilkjennegir en omvendt form for fremmedfiendtlighet i forhold til samfunnsdebatten ellers. Vi kommer til å havne i helvete.

Stadig hører vi at muslimer blir krenket over nordmenns manglende respekt for Islam og deres kultur, og at vi krenker profeten. Dette er en snedig måte å oppnå en offerrolle på. Noen sier, kanskje med rette, at det er en utspekulert og kalkulert form for hersketeknikk, og at det er en innlært krenkelse, og ikke ekte følt.

Det er ingen menneskerett å bli krenket, og ingen har hevd på å bli krenket. At Ola og Kari Nordmann blir krenket og såret over det de opplever, har vi ikke hørt så mye om. Noen innvandrere krenker oss og våre verdier fordi de forventer at vi skal tilpasse oss dem og deres kultur og religion uten motforestillinger. De har søkt tilflukt og beskyttelse, og det har de fått. Men de er ikke fornøyd:

Er det da så rart at mange nordmenn opparbeider en motvilje, en motreaksjon og irritasjon, og føler seg utnyttet og krenket? Men mobbing og hatytringer er ikke måten å reagere på!

Terrorister og fanatikere har latt seg lede av forskjellig tankegods, og har stedvis forårsaket mye elendighet, ja rene helveter på Jorda. Religionen og politiske retninger har inspirert dem til grusomheter. Vi har vår Breivik, men han er ikke bevis på at noen kan klistre terroriststempelet på resten av det norske folk. Vi kan heller ikke påstå at alle muslimer er terrorister. De fleste vil leve i fred og fordragelig, og vil ikke provosere noen.

For oss nordmenn er det skremmende å se bilder av fanatiske islamister, og verre er det når vi på hjemmebane opplever dem rope død og fordervelse over annerledes tenkende. Og truer med: Bare vent til Norge blir et muslimsk kalifat!

Mange «ekte» nordmenn føler engstelse, ikke først og fremst for hva ekstremister kan finne på, men for at vår, Ola og Karis, frihet vil bli innskrenket igjen: De frykter at en ny middelalder er på vei inn i landet. Sunn fornuft og opplysningstidens oppdagelser skal vi ikke vite om mer. Prestestyret er på vei tilbake i ny forkledning.

Det er som å gå bakover i historien. Det er Koranen som forteller hvordan verden ser ut. Demokrati, stemmerett for menn og kvinner, og like rettigheter for menn og kvinner er historie. De religiøse robotene har overtatt makten over tankene våre, og bestemmer hva det er lov å si og mene.

Er du blant dem som tiljubler dette? Er det dette du vil? Er det kalifatet du er ute etter? Og du forlanger å føle deg velkommen!

Hva flyktet du fra? Med patriarkalsk bestemt bagasje ser vi at mange jenter og kvinner kler seg opp i religiøse uniformer, ufrihetens drakter sett med våre øyne, men det er visst for å komme nærmere Gud. Det synliggjør i hvert fall hvem som har makta. Dette er noe nytt for oss, og vi tenker: De kunne vært frie nå, både menn og kvinner, men de velger fortsatt fysisk, psykisk og religiøs ufrihet. Og den vil noen også prakke på oss.

Vi lurer igjen på hvorfor du kom, og hvorfor du flyktet når møte med frihet og vår kultur kan såre deg sånn med våre krenkelser. Det kan virke som om du ikke vet at vi er kommet til 2018 ifølge vår tidsregning her i Norge, 1440 etter den islamske kalenderen.

De fleste som kommer til Norge som flyktninger, har flyktet fra land med diktatur og med religiøs og politisk undertrykking.

Da er det smakløst og uhøflig, for å bruke en litt avdempet språkbruk, å fronte den religionen og politikken som er årsak til flukten. Mange vil med rette spørre seg om hvorfor du kom. Du burde respektere det samfunnet du er kommet til, og ikke provosere fram motvilje i folket og samtidig legge skylden på det nye landets innbyggere.

Det er ingen som hindrer deg i å tilbe din gud hvis du gjør det i ditt hjem. Det er når du forlanger «særfordeler» i det offentlige rom, er avvisende til andre mennesker med begrunnelse i religionen, og utstråler forakt, og likevel forventer å bli respektert, at mange mener at nok er nok, og at du bør ta skreppa på ryggen og dra hjem til der du kom fra, for å bruke et folkelig uttrykk. Blir det for risikabelt, kan du prøve å finne et annet lykkeland. Valget er ditt. Men: Hvorfor kom du?

Alle som kommer til Norge på redelig vis, og som er åpen i forhold til den norske kulturen, skal bli tatt imot på best mulig måte. Vi vil gjøre vårt beste for at de skal trives og integreres så godt vi kan, men mye er opp til dem som kommer.

Mange nordmenn blir engstelige og usikre på hva islam egentlig er for noe. Noen muslimer hevder at islam er fredens religion, men i virkeligheten ser vi det motsatte. Det er stor uenighet om hvem som tolker Koranen riktig, og hvem som har rett til å føre arven etter Muhammed videre.

For utenforstående virker det ikke som om toleransen for annerledes tenkende er særlig utviklet. Sett fra utsiden, er inntrykket i høy grad en fryktkultur. Det er først når meningene til annerledes tenkende er kneblet at freden kan senke seg over marken. Noen er pisket til lydighet, noen er henrettet for konvertering, andre for blasfemi, andre igjen for at de kunne for lite av den «fullkomne» boka de burde leve etter.

Jeg tror ikke de fleste som regner seg som muslimer, har lest det som står i Koranen og tilhørende skrifter, men godtar det de får høre i moskéene.

Hvis du, som muslim, vil ha meg til å tro at Koranen er sannhetens evangelium, og at Muhammed var gitt fullkommen kunnskap og var ufeilbarlig, krenker du min forstand og rett til å tenke som jeg selv vil. Du er i Norge nå, og her har vi lov og rett til å pirke borti alle vedtatte sannheter både om religion og annet, også om Islam, Muhammed og Koranen. Vi har heldigvis vært igjennom opplysningstidensom fremhevet fornuftensom rettesnor for alle forhold i tilværelsen. Opplysningstidenhadde sine røtter i det vitenskapelige verdensbildet på 1600-tallet. Naturvitenskapen kom med andre forklaringer på naturfenomener enn dem kirken hadde stått for, og kirken mistet derfor mye av sin makt. 1536 komreformasjonentil Norge. Med den ble det enkelte menneske mer og mer gitt mulighet til selv å tolke Bibelen. Humanismenog renessansen ga inspirasjon til reformasjonen.

Muhammed levde fra ca. 570 til 8. juni 632 på Den arabiske halvøy. Dette var før humanismen, renessansen, reformasjonen, opplysningstiden, den franske revolusjonen og fremveksten av demokratier som vårt. At Muhammed i tiden han levde, var gitt fullkommen kunnskap og var ufeilbarlig, overgår de fleste ikke-muslimers sunne fornuft.

Jeg har lov til å hevde meningene mine om dette spørsmålet. Om du da kommer med at du blir krenket, er det helt greit. Dersom du mener at din følelse av krenkelse bør føre til at jeg må straffes, oppfatter jeg ikke det som noe annet enn en utspekulert form på hersketeknikk. Er du ikke enig med meg, er det helt greit, men uenigheten går begge veier. Du har ikke enerett på sannheten, eller på å føle deg krenket, selv om du tror det selv. Du krenker meg i minst like stor grad. Kanskje blir vi sittende på samme celle og får mulighet til å snakke sammen. Hvem vet!

Det eneste som kan føre til en forsoning mellom muslimer og annerledes tenkende, og muslimer i mellom, er en muslimsk reformasjon uten blodsutgytelser, forhåpentligvis, og en fordypning i det som har skjedd i verden utenom det tilstivnede muslimske univers. Kanskje isen vil smelte.

Gi alle muslimer retten til selv å tolke Koranen og Muhammed sett med vår tids kunnskap og med sin egen sunne fornuft, uten å risikere livet. Tro og tvil må kunne gå hånd i hånd!Humor og selvironi må bli som ekstra krydder på maten! Da er det håp!

«Skal det ingen ende ta?» stod det i et debatt-innlegg i Klassekampen tirsdag 6. november i år etter løslatelsen av en blasfemi-dømt kristen kvinne i Pakistan. Tusenvis av fanatiske demonstranter tok til gatene i Lahore på grunn av løslatelsen. De ville ha henne dømt til døden.

Ja, det store spørsmålet er: Skal det ingen ende ta?  Nå må muslimene forstå at vi lever i år 2018, snart 1400 år etter Muhammeds død.

Those who are socially isolated are at greater risk of dying of a cardiac arrest or a stroke

Monday, November 12, 2018

Research has long shown that those who are lonely or living in social isolation are at greater risk of having strokes or heart problems. But there may be other things than the loneliness that constitutes the danger, according to a new Finnish study, writes research magazine.no.

Overweight and smoking explained the heart problems, not loneliness. It is still true that those who feel lonely or living in social isolation are more prone to stroke or cardiac arrest than the rest of the population. But 85 percent of this increased danger can be explained by things we already know is bad for the heart.

It may be that they alone suffer from sickness overweight, smoke, have low education and low income or another chronic illness that causes them to suffer from bad health. Solitude comes only in addition to all this. This is the conclusion of a new study in the scientific journal Heart, writes the Norwegian research magazine.

The researchers have used information from a major British health survey called BioBank. Half a million brits between 40 and 69 years were followed for about seven years. They had to answer the questionnaire and go through health checks. 10 percent of them lived in social isolation, while 6 percent were lonely. Only one percent were both.

“It’s good for your health to have social support from a boyfriend or other people who are in a similar situation to you. Socially isolated or lonely individuals may not have this kind of support, “says Christian Hakulinen to the news magazine Time, cited by Research.no. He is a professor of psychology at the University of Helsinki and is the lead researcher of the new study.

There is a big difference in feeling lonely and being socially isolated, according to the researchers. You can feel lonely even if you participate in a lot of social activities and get clean down by visiting and it is possible to live social isolation without feeling lonely. Some thrive best alone, they strike.

Those of the study participants who said that they rarely or never had anyone they could trust and felt lonely, categorized researchers just as – lonely. But for the researchers to say that you lived in social isolation, you had to live alone, visit family and friends less than once a month and do not attend regular social activities during a regular week. It can be anything from handball training to a regular meeting with the quiz team or the book club, writes Research.no.

Although the Finnish researchers believe that most of the increased risk lonely and isolated to have heart problems is due to other things, isolation appears to be a danger signal in itself.

Those who are socially isolated are at greater risk of dying of a cardiac arrest or a stroke, according to the study. Especially if they had a blow earlier. Here, the researchers found that some of the increased dangers could be due to overweight or chronic illness, but the social isolation itself remained an important risk factor. It may be because the insulated does not have anyone to lean on when things go wrong, writes Research.no.

“It may be that those who feel lonely have a social network they can start after they get sick. But people who are socially isolated do not have this type of network, “says Hakulinen to Time.

Muslim mob destroyed Jewish memorial at Speakers Corner

Saturday, November 10, 2018

These days, memory events have been held in connection with Jewish persecution during World War II many places in the world. Recently, a small group of English Jews would remember not only the Holocaust, but also the many Jews who through the story were murdered and massacred by Muslims. They gathered on the symbol of freedom of expression in London, Speakers Corner, but they did not get there.

A large group of Muslims quickly gathered around the few Jews. Something called “Death to the Jews.” An older man ruled out loud that the Holocaust had taken place.

When a young Jew began to read the long list of Muslim assaults against Jews, from the Prophet Muhammad, the beast had 900 Jews in Medina in 627 and 90 in Khaybar the following year, until 1967 when two Jewish families were slaughtered in Tripoli, at least 18 Jews became killed in Libya by a raging Muslim mob, and 57 Jews were killed in Syria, the threats were so severe that the Jews had to give up.

The video below shows what happened. Around 5 minutes inside the video, you can see how Muslims disturbed memory celebrity.

The United Kingdom rejects Asia Bibi to avoid hampering the Muslim environment

Saturday, November 10, 2018

British authorities have rejected the Christian Pakistani Asia Bibi’s desire to come to Britain, allegedly to relieve certain environments in the country, and because of the fear of Muslim terror. This reports the Huffington Post.

Asia Bibi was accused of blasphemy, for drinking from the same cup of two Muslim women. She was acquitted of the Pakistani Supreme Court, but hordes of Islamists have subsequently taken to the streets and demanded that the woman be executed. This allows her and her family and lawyers to seek refuge in another country.

“I ask the UK’s prime minister to help us and, as far as possible, get us freedom, prayerful Ashiq Masih, Asia Bibi’s husband.

The British government has rejected the prayer from the family despite the fact that they have previously committed themselves and received large numbers of migrants who claim they are children from France as well as from refugee camps near Syria. All of these migrants, 100 percent, were Muslims, in the first half of 2018, when all Christians were rejected.

“I have been led to believe that the British government has concerns that her relocation to the UK would create security problems and turmoil among certain sections of society and would also be a security risk for British embassies abroad that could be the target of Islamist terrorists, said Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association.

Furthermore, he states that Asia Bibi and her family have decided to accept asylum from another western country. One of the Western leaders who has offered Bibi asylum in their country is Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who has promised to do everything he can to help the woman and her relatives.

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