Was Muhammad inspired by a demon rather than God?

Monday 10 september 2018

The Qur’an stands in opposition to nearly every Biblical doctrine. According to the Qur’an, Jesus was not crucified, did not rise from the dead to conquer death, man is saved on the basis of doing more good than bad, Jesus was not God but merely a prophet and not even the most significant prophet, God does not love everyone unconditionally, and the list goes on. Who would have authored a book that stands against everything God said in the Bible?

According to the Bible, it is Satan who stands in opposition to everything God said. In the Garden of Eden, he cause Eve to become confused and succumb to temptation by questioning God: “Has God really said …”. At the start of Jesus’ ministry, Satan tempted Jesus in the same way. Satan was cast out of heaven for an issue of pride, wanting to be like God himself. For that rebellion against God, he and a third of the angelic host were cast down to earth, where Satan now tries to mislead as many as possible from following God.

The Qur’an stands in opposition to God. Satan operates in opposition to God. Muhammad thought he might have encountered a demonic spirit. Does anyone notice a connection here?

Yes, I believe Muhammad likely was influenced by demonic forces. I believe the Qur’an is inspired by Satan himself. I do not believe Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel of the Bible but by Satan masquerading as Gabriel. The puzzle pieces all fit together. This is the only logical conclusion, given the evidence.

Which brings us to the final question. Muslims friend, what are you going to do? Who are you going to follow? Where will you spend eternity? Are you willing to risk an eternity in hell? You now have the evidence you need to make a wise choice. God will hold you accountable for what you know. You cannot claim ignorance.

Choose today whom you will serve.

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