Helleland supports mobile phone-free schools

Wednesday 5 september 2018

‘’Some Norwegian schools have introduced a mobile phone ban.I want to raise a ban as a national matter,” said Linda Hofstad Helleland of Høyre (H), Minister for Children and Equality,to Adresseavisen newspaper on Monday.

Hoeggen Youth School was the first school in Trondheim with a mobile-free zone two and a half years ago.The school has since reported positive experiences among students with more movement and socialising. Bleker High School in Asker has, in turn, introduced a mandatory locking of mobile phones in lockable bags.

In Norway, it is up to the individual school how the mobile is used, but Helleland wishes to raise a mobile ban as a national case.

“I am concerned that all young people should have the opportunity to attend the school during the day and have the least disturbances. Experiencing a few hours a day that is mobile-free is very important. In a few years we will see the effect of mobile usage that is happening now, and I’m afraid of what we , may see,’’ she said.

Helleland is concerned about the impact social media can have on young people.

“We are seeing an extreme pressure on how to expose oneself and to what they are exposed.Before it was the teacher or neighbour who was the role model, now there are Kardashians and the bloggers. It’s very important that the schools talk about this,’’ she said, and emphasised that a national ban is not dealt with in government.

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