Prayer Fighter!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

God equips me now with the power to pray for others. His wisdom and love fill me all the way up now. Do not know why I got the gift. I have prayed since I was baptized in bed and the Holy Ghost took residence in me.

Now I feel that the time is right to pray for others. Prayer is an explosive in the right hands. God hears prayers and if it is His plan He will act upon them. He always does.

Prayer does not always answer, because sometimes God gives strength to endure the challenge. Feel it often in life. He gives you the opportunity to be in pain to finish it. Sometimes the pain is unbearable, you do not see Him and prayer looks useless in this. Then you will know the love that will flood over you then, it did many times when I was desperate and wanted to end my life.

He pulled me in time after time. I was in war with Him for all the pain he had allowed in my life. All he showed was love. All I showed was a hard heart.

Then came the conversation with Arvid 1. September this year. A 2 hours 32 minutes long conversation .. Then I told everything I came across in my life. He is a strong believer and will start his own congregation soon. He listened to my testimony and love to Jesus all the time since the baptism of the Spirit came to me.

Now the hours go for praying for others. They are in my heart and I take great care of them.

God is love, Jesus is our contact with the King. Without Jesus no contact.

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