Complaint against cross in Oslo

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

On the roof of the Methodist Church at Bjølsen in the capital, for a while there has been a large, luminous cross. This has resulted in a number of neighboring complaints, as some Oslo people think it is too flashy. Now the municipality requires that the church must either apply for permission or remove the cross. It tells Our Country.

The cross was placed on the roof of the Metodist Church on May 24th in 2017, and the first complaint was already on the first day. It is claimed in this complaint that the cross dominates the view in the area, especially from the upper floors of the apartment buildings.

It is especially the lighting the complainants respond to. The actual size of the cross is not documented, but the complainants estimate that it can be between three and six meters high.

“I think we live in a society where there is freedom of expression. Oslo is a big city. We have to accept that there is everything possible here, and the crossroads are completely natural. There are also many other religious expressions, so I do not really see that particular, said Pastor in the Methodist Church, Steinar Hjerpseth, in January this year.

It is not just the lighting that is perceived as a prank of the neighbors. Some also react to the fact that there are at all religious symbols in the vicinity.

“I would like to have pissed off such an enormous advertising poster for an ideology that I think belongs to the past, writes a complainant.

First Minister at Kristiania College, Fredrik Tangen, believes that people react more strongly to religious symbols because they represent a “moral supremacy”.

“Religion is understood as a symbol of moral supremacy:” We have understood that you are wrong. “He says.

He draws up the advertising sign for Freia at Karl Johan as an example of something flashy, which people still do not want to remove.

“But when you get a society where there is more controversy about which religions and symbols to apply, it becomes less acceptable. It’s the same whether it’s a bean top from a mosque or a cross on a church. The light and sound reaches beyond the boundaries of the building. That’s going to happen, says Tangen.

My comment on this is:

Norwegians become secularized and turn away from God. It is stated in the Revelation and is thus documented. We will see the bloom of Islam, Satan’s ideology just as it is written. Takes some time, but when you remove something, something else will come in. We import our demise!

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