Prayers are powerful

I woke up in prayer today, for the first time in my life. I prayed for a friend here on Facebook. It’s so strong that I almost went down my knees. Jesus kept me up, so I got articulation to shape the words in prayer.

The wisdom of God is infinite, so I got what I needed. A wisdom that I am the brother of Jesus. We are all brothers and sisters of Jesus.

It started with a sou-caring phone call yesterday with my friend in faith. I received words and sentences in this trusted conversation to give my life’s experiences. It became a turning point in life.

So today, I received Jesus help to form a prayer to Randi, my Facebook friend. It is now active. I think it will come into her life soon. The plan of God, not mine.

I am now full-time God’s child. I think this was the meaning of life. Nobody can take this from me now. Satan’s temptations makes me stronger now. His attempt to ruin my health has stopped now.

I have never written on Facebook such words as now. You who read this may think I’ve been mad. Yes, I’m crazy for Jesus. He did not die! He is here to communicate with God directly so that we can use this channel.

I know that I am now witnessing to you. It’s not dangerous and I’m not an extreme Christian. I only got a revelation, with words and sentences to give my friend experiences of my life. Then God opened the canal seriously.

I do not go in a church, have no extreme opinions, I have only received courage and sentences to testify to you.

That’s it.

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