Prayer request!

Have a prayer request. My “stepdaughter” of 24 is in school now, compressed education from 3 to 1 year. Examination Artium. It’s a hard one with its strong ADHD. She has no higher education and is a drop-out from regular school, bully victims.

She is the daughter of the brother of my best friend. We have a great friendship and calls each other several times a week. I also have ADHD, but Jesus cleared the way in my chaos. Helped her since she was little, and later with tourism education, but she has forgotten everything now.

Now she needs as many as praying for breakthroughs, and that Jesus meets her “in the door” I have testified of my faith. She is Roman Catholic and needs more testimony from me. Help me with guidance and love.

I have a faith that is for generations. I want to be a prayer booth. Have not read so much in the Bible because of concentration problems and ear sores.

So I pray as hard as I can about this. I tell all Christians that I know about this.

I am grateful for your prayers.

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