Are we motivated to defend ourselves against Muhammad’s soldiers?

August 30, 2018

The Prophet Muhammad forced his neighbors to believe in him by the sword. In Norway, people in hijab, burka, niqab and other religious Islamic uniforms would do the same if they had the opportunity. The question is, is Norway well motivated to defend us against Muhammad’s soldiers?

Leyla Hasic is a spokeswoman in the Islamic Council of Norway and uses Niqab, and Bjørn Harald Hegreberg Garborg leads the student parliament at Oslo Met. Both are engaged in the discussion of banning face-covering garments.

I think it’s sad that Leyla Hasic, in a young and strong age, makes a spokeswoman for ideologies that hold women down, instead of enlightening the world with the love of Allah. She could fight for something more important. However, a conservative Islamist will always confirm the Quran’s narratives that women are slaves both here on earth and up there with Allah. Unfortunately.

Fresh air is needed in conservative environments. Such environment is hazardous to health. You get sick without noticing it. The dark forest that the religious leaders have pushed millions of young people deep into is full of poisonous plants.

I wish that Leyla Hasic and others in her situation could be released from captivity. There are many who have locked themselves into Islam’s cage in the hope of a better life up there with Allah. Some people feel outside and feel welcome in the community they live in. One may feel that one’s voice is not being listened to, and then it may be tempting to choose an aggressive way of attention. Like to fully cover.

If you want to show the world who you are, Leyla Hasic, you must show yourself. Tell about your dreams, thoughts and ideas by making yourself visible as the sun. Let your heart warm the hearts of others with true love. It will make Allah very happy.

The train still has not left you, and you have many opportunities to fill the days with good deeds. Just open the heart completely and let the love flow. You do not have to hide behind big black clothes. It gives no pleasure.

Garborg, the chairman of the student parliament at Oslo Met, will meet in Finland’s hood if someone is thrown out of teaching because of the ban on face-covering garments. If this is correct, it’s just sad – a misunderstood “solidarity”.

Bjørn Harald Hegreberg Garborg needs help filling the heart and the brain with knowledge of Islam. It is dangerous to believe in the Islamists’ version of religion. They condemn an ​​unfeigned Islam, and it’s just nonsense when they talk about mercy on women.

An example: In Egypt, female television programmers were forced to use hijab. Many of them were threatened with life if they threw the hijab. Killing in Allah’s name happens to women all over the world on a daily basis. In Iraq, Christian women are killed, including in Basrah where I come from.

The Hijab phenomenon has many historical explanations. Throughout the ages, the garment has been used to signal different things; like the woman do not want to marry that you are over a certain age, that you are not interested in sex that the men should abstain that the woman is not for a slave for sale or as protection for example to hide from watchers while in the mosque, etc. The Islamic uniforms we now see most were created by Umar ibn al-Khattab (581-644), not by Allah.

In Umar ibn al-Khattab’s time, women who did not use hijab were not free women. They were women who could be sold and bought entirely legally by businessmen, powermen and the rich. Do Norwegians know that Umar ibn al-Khattab ran for women who went without hijab and whipped them in front of everyone on Mekkas square? Many Muslims do not know that either. Many should therefore take the time to read the Hadiths.

Many Norwegians try to be kind, warmhearted, merciful, democratic and liberal by defending the Islamic uniforms. Do Norwegians understand that their ignorant attitudes harm us who have fled from the false values ​​of Islamists?

Every time we see men in holy jihadist uniforms (a kind of robe that stops in the bones of non-Muslim countries), we know that these men send a message that they believe that the society in which we live is a horde community. Let us not have to accept that Islamists define us as uncle and unbelief.

I hope my chronicle gets Norwegian politicians, as well as young men and women who blindly listen to religious leaders to use their heads. I ask you to focus on the truth and stop taking into account what conservative religious people want and want. Let’s be a free society that does not force people into a crowded cage of hijabs, burcas, niqabs and other religious uniforms.

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