Has sewn his mouth after ten years in asylum reception

Friday, August 24, 2018

NOME (NRK): Reza Mohammadi (43) hunger striker because he has been deeply despaired for asylum reception for years. “I can not live like this any more, it’s a hell,” he says.

The 43-year-old says he fled from Iran to Norway in 2008, then applied for political asylum.

“I am an asylum seeker and have a hunger strike at Nome reception in Ulefoss from July 22nd. I want to talk to you, please say it in the e-mail Reza Mohammadi sent to several media Wednesday morning.

In the e-mail he also sent a picture of himself where it is clear that the 43-year-old has sewed his mouth three different places.

Have not seen her son in almost 11 years

Reza Mohammadi has received more refusal to apply for residence in Norway because the Immigration Board believes it is not dangerous for him to return to his country of origin. Reza disagrees.

– At the same time, Norwegian police can not carry out a compulsory return without a valid passport. He has not, therefore, says the case where it is, says Jon Ole Martinsen of the Norwegian Organization for asylum seekers (NOAS), who is Reza’s lawyer.

Reza Mohammadi does not want to elaborate on NRK why he had to flee from Iran, but says he came to the edge of the regime and fled because he was afraid to be killed. Life in Norway was not as he had hoped.

“I have come in a terrific situation. I can not live on an asylum reception anymore, it’s like hell. I have not seen my son and the rest of my family in about 11 years, “said Mohammadi to NRK.

– A burden for all

The reception at Nome tells NRK that they do everything they can to help the Iranian asylum seeker who has hunger strike for a month.

“We think it’s very sad that a person goes to such drastic measures. We try to take care of him as well as we can in this situation, because we are afraid that it may harm his health. It is also a burden for other residents and employees, says CEO Anne Stokken.

Get a doctor’s visit

The asylum receiver says that the 43-year-old seems determined to continue the hunger strike.

“He says he has some pain, but for the time being he did not want a doctor in addition to the doctor’s consultation we had on July 25th. He will have a home visit by a doctor and nurse on Tuesday next week.

– How long can such a hunger strike last?

– I’m not sure about that. There is probably one more medical science question.
Not unusual

Jon Ole Martinsen of the Norwegian Organization for asylum seekers (NOAS) says they know about several cases where asylum seekers have stayed in asylum reception for many years without a decision.

– The asylum seeker believes that he or she can not return to the home country, while the agency believes there is no risk of return. There are some countries where the police can not enforce asylum seekers from Norway without a valid passport, thus ending asylum reception for many years.

NRK has been in contact with the Immigration Commission, which says they can not comment on individual cases.

My comment to this is:

10 years on reception is way too much. He shall either be returned or stay, far within this long time. We must abolish this scheme as people lose their lives after so many years on hold.

We have to take in far less people and take only those who really need protection. Today we have all directions and religious groups in the country, so we can not invoke the “safe haven” anymore.

We now have all groups of people and it is time for them to bend loose on each other. Thus we can forget about the security we had before immigrants came into play.

Real asylum seekers can have trouble with their own assurance that people who hate them are already in the country as “golddiggers”, they are here only for our financial benefits.

Those who are here without a foundation for protection should have been expelled! No matter how long they have been here! Quota refugees are not people who need protection, but have fled for economic reasons.

We need to sharpen the help where needed, do not import the problems here! We can help more and they do not need to learn language or adapt to the new system of society! It will be cheaper and we can with this eliminate poverty wherever it is.

All European countries should have gone away from this monster. We do not need to drain our people, nor increase the differences between ethnic Norwegian and immigrants. We do not actually need them.

I’m not racist! I believe that those who need protection should be warmly welcomed, such as Christians from Muslim countries, not Muslims. Christians in all Muslim countries are persecuted and have to pay a Muslim tax Jitza for living in a Muslim country.

No real Muslims from Muslim countries need protection, they are Muslims and have come solely for achievements and invade Western countries to spread Islam and take over when the strollers increase to the majority.

We see that the western world disappears in line with the spread of Islam in the West. So he can go home after so many years here, he has nothing to do unless he is a Christian, Jehovah’s Witness or the like in a Muslim country.

Life is fantastic!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Life is fantastic! Even though I’m sick and have challenges in my life every day, it’s good to belong to Christ and be his disciple.

I’ve cut all the complications of life and made it easy to live. I believe in the Savior and know a divine love that permeates everything in my life. I live in a silent prayer all the time with self-transcendence and forsaking sin every day.

I live in a heavenly peace that is there all the time, it has lifted ADHD and removed all the noise I had before. I’m still sick with diabetes 2 (from 2013), diabetic neuropathy in my feet, 3 active pro-laps since 1993, ear sous that I need to have knock-out pills to sleep. Furthermore, I take Nozinan to sleep for a long time. I have a slow stomach with acid problems and need to take medicine for it or else I get chest pain. I can not go far, have a scooter for it. I have concentration problems, so I go a lot in the apartment between the battles.

Therefore, I am invalidity today. I have the lowest pension benefit due to the big holes in my resume. I went special class for children with challenges such as MBD (ADHD now) and was in a class of much sicker children. Everyone went straight to the disability insurance at the age of 18, but I wanted to try in the community. In the end, my IT consultant got a high salary and worked for more than 10 years and had an annual salary of 430,000 in 2001. I did not get the pressure and got sick in 2001.

I tried and tried to work with just a loss for many years and 3 refusal of unsuccessful applications to NAV until 2017, then they gave up and I was granted disability insurance. But I am being punished for having tried me for a total of 17 years with good work and good salary. Those who went straight out in retirement have more than 5,000 more paid per. month than me !. So I’m bitter about it, because my work has cost me many personal losses and terminations.

I have no family or girlfriend. It costs too much to have it. My love life has only cost money and has not always been good. Has three cohabitationes for a total of 22 years, and been kicked on the door in various ways with cutting results. So I’m over.

Now I enjoy life alone with all the flaws, but have God and Jesus with me all the time. They give me a power and love I could never have found on myself, such as self operation. There is so much more than that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.