Hareide disagrees with his own deputy head of the Parliament on homosexuality

Thursday, 23 August 2018

KrF’s breakdown Hans Fredrik Grøvan believes that the gay marriage should have been undone. Now KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide clarifies that he disagrees.

It has created waves in KrF that the party’s family and marriage spokesman Geir Jørgen Bekkevold was a priest in a gay wedding this summer. It has been so far that people in central office have asked the spokesman to go and over 100 members have signed out.

The prominent KrF tops and parliamentary deputy Hans Fredrik Grøvan have said that the wedding ceremony “should have been undone”. KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide has not yet wanted to go out and support Bekkevold and the wedding ceremony.

But at the NRK Political Quarter radio program on Thursday morning, Hareide says he has full confidence in Bekkevold as a family spokesperson.

“This is a decision that Geir Jørgen Bekkevold takes as a priest. And to get up in what he does as a priest, I think it’s going to be completely wrong, “Hareide told the NRK program.
– Your agent says that this should have been recorded internally in the party and that it should be unsettled, ask the programmer.

– I disagree with that.