The new satirian of the newspaper Aftenposten will not draw the Prophet Muhammad

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A few days ago Aftenposten presented her new newspaper Marvin Halleraker. He says to his own newspaper that it is easy to find material for a satirical character nowadays. There is a lot of involuntary comedy in the world. “But as a starting point, the artist has clear limitations on what he wants to comment on. The Prophet Muhammad is not one of these.

– If you ask if I would draw Muhammad, the answer is no. The costs are too big, he says.

The question became fierce about the publication of the Muhammad caricatures of Kurt Westergaard in Jutland Post in 2005. The artist Lars Vilks is another who has charity Islam who has been tried to kill and lives with constant police protection. In 2015, the satire magazine Charlie Hebdo’s premises in Paris attacked and large sections of the staff killed in a jihadist terrorist attack.

“Obviously, I was scared after the attack on Charlie Hebdo. You do not know what individuals can find and it is uncomfortable. Nevertheless, one may need to move on, says Halleraker.

Despite this, Halleraker claims that: “I feel free”.

“I’m doing my point,” he says.

His point of view, however, is not to challenge Islam’s emergence in Europe. Fear rages.

Red.anm .: This article is not a criticism of Halleraker. Resett himself puts limits on the publication of satire against Islam. This is done for the sake of the safety of personnel.

My comment on this is:

We have come so far in the true face of multiculturalism, Muslims already limit freedom of the press. How long will it be before politicians do something? They just sit there and let it play. I am angry with politicians who do not do anyone against Satan’s ideology!

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