Is it we who will integrate us in Norway?

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Smaira Iqbal, leader of the Women’s Committee in Islamic Council Norway (IRN), writes in an article in Aftenposten today about his view of the man who did not renew the temporary office when he refused to give his hand. She believes that in Norway, she must show a greater understanding of the practice of her beliefs and support his right not to take a woman in her hand. She believes that Norway must show greater tolerance.

Why should Norway show greater tolerance for a value that is not Norwegian? We are talking about immigrants to integrate in Norway. It is not Norway that will integrate for immigrants? It is highly voluntary to come and live in Norway. It is highly voluntary to stay in Norway. In Norway, Norwegian values ​​apply.

Norwegian values ​​are not Islam, halo meat, hijab or burkini. Norway is a Christian country based on Christian values. In the name of the tolerance we have accepted values ​​that are incompatible with our own. It is Norway that integrates and not the opposite. You are given a right to practice your religion privately, but if you move to a new country you must accept other ways to dress in other ways of eating and living. When moving to another country, it must be a part of the decision-making basis if you can live in another country different from the country from which you come from.

We eat halibut when we are in a Muslim country, but in Norway the meat is slaughtered in our way. When we are in Iran we dress with hijab, but not in Norway.

Children in Norway should not wear hijab. It is an assault against a young child. It is our right to decide for ourselves, to think for ourselves and to develop ourselves as we wish. It is not compatible with Norwegian values.

Dear Smaira Iqbal,

If you read this post, I wonder where is your tolerance for our values ​​that are different from yours? Are you the one who must show tolerance for the country you have moved to?

I think you should think about your values ​​and your tolerance before demanding that we tolerate more of that intolerant. It is not ethnic Norwegian that will integrate, but you who have come here will integrate you in Norway. In exactly the same way as we need to adapt when we come to your country. I have even been to school in a Muslim country and nobody is coming there who requires rights. We adapt the rules as they are in that country.

You reveal in your post that you have no intention of integrating yourself in Norway.


The debate surrounding handwriting shows very clearly why integration is not successful in Norway. It is ethnic Norwegian that will integrate and not vice versa.

The latest release to the Equality Ombudsman that it is okay for men to refuse to hand in women shows that we must fight for our values ​​in the future. It is sad that it has come as far and wrong as Hanne Bjurstrøm represents.

To support the mosques that work against Norwegian values, we must stop that.

We need new politicians, new journalists, men and women who will fight for Norway and values ​​we have built up through generations.

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