Diversity does not become a trust culture

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Hadia Tajik did not have much understanding of Norwegian culture as anything but brown cheese and something else that was intended to illustrate that we hardly own culture here in the country in a debate last autumn. As well as implicitly, therefore, there is nothing to lose in connection with Islamic immigration, so nothing worth protecting.

One to me outrageous assertion. Others protested more or less in vain with different inputs and arguments. But especially one was not powerful enough – perhaps the most important thing – something I easily remind my readers about today’s headline.

As the 80’s, I come from an earlier era when your “word” was your own honor and your reputation (in English, “Your word is your bond”), but the old-fashioned culture no longer talks about it. In many remote countries, as well as in Tajik’s Islamic country of origin, Pakistan, there is great culture. It is both intrusive and intrusive to us, now at a dangerous level – let us be completely honest and politically incorrect … For Norwegian prisons to be filled with criminal strangers, violence is a clear language, though it is deliberately covered. For no “liberal” will assert themselves responsibility or obligation.

Norway was a homogeneous, egalitarian equality society with diligent spirit that gradually becomes “population change” without the politicians having asked us through a referendum. Even when we had a vote of the European Union – and it did not matter – it was cynically overlooked as “just” advisory, and sometimes twice. The Constitution was not “tested” for any sovereignty resignation, and politicians with Gro Harlem Brundtland in the lead drove off a truly hidden EU agenda, via the EEA. Had we stayed outside this undemocratic supranational costume had much been won and / or saved us. Many were seduced with words like free trade, as well as the echo of Chamberlain’s words about no war in our day. Truth is a completely different one, yet it still runs shamelessly, in order not to admit a total political mistake.

The “colorful community” is colorful but lacks fellowship. As a young war journalist, Winston Churchill from Aden, south of the Arabian Peninsula, warned us about Islam already in 1899. Since then, the warnings have been many. But after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of communism, the overmotion took over Western Europe. Its cousin, socialism, therefore needed new content, and EU internationalism, ie our “one-world” and us controlled overnight without land borders, became the declared goals of socialists and globalists. Consequently, the national state had to be weakened to allow free movement of people and goods within the Union. Provided, demonstrable, we got drugs, criminal activities as well as foreign invaders with a primitive and violent culture.

This is simplified saying about politics thrown over our heads. The arguments varied, ranging from Ap who wanted new clients (voters), to others who put more emphasis on trade and vandalism. Someone, like me, hoped for less tax within a European regime. I was wrong, not because I am or was against taxation for the community’s best. However, because the special wealth tax was directly discriminatory against Norwegian owners, only benefit for foreign investors who did not have tax and national liability. Consequently, a number of Norwegian companies were taken over by foreigners, a particularly bad national strategy.

Diversity does not become a trust culture of, perhaps, on the contrary. We also did not get the diversity of the press support that Ap also stood behind. They have also claimed that integration is taking place. No, and again no, the truth is that Ap is not thinking of anything but its own agenda, with the “capitalist” Støre at the tip worth more than 100 million. Had he and LO been the true friend of the Norwegian workers and protects, they would take care of their own rather than immigrants. Now it is fervent for not having to admit that political power and benefits were the only thing that was going on.

It is sad to say that the Right under Erna Solberg is not much better. She lives with everyone, and is therefore the friend of the house. Worst in my opinion, she does not put the motherland first, because she does not live with Angela Merkel, who is at least smart enough to put Germany first. For her and Germans, the EU is worth gold because it gives German industry an internal market and an advantageously weak and competitive euro currency, rather than the D-mark. No wonder, Trump is bothered by the US trade deficit when, in addition, both the EU and Germany are protecting import tariffs, and hardly want to pay NATO’s defense spending.

That a bourgeois government does not clearly see the importance of the United States as a Allied, and is more diplomatic, it is strange, especially after the “money support” of the Clinton family, which many believe was pure political corruption. Both Børge Brende and our current foreign minister are like plotting parrots of course and / or as instructed by their prime minister. I also thought that if something was important for the foreign service, it was diplomacy … Unfortunately, the UD is being abused in expensive judges of domestic politics by proclaiming us a great power. In fact, we are a spur of the cranes. Not least, therefore, we are becoming “inflated” Norwegians of self-esteem.

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