Censorship in the modern West

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

We are used to hearing about censorship and oppression of opinions in countries such as China. They refuse their citizens free access to the internet in fear of being oppositional and demanding changes in society. Politicians in the West have long criticized China and other countries operating in similar ways. Now it turns out that many of them are hypocrites.

After the choice of Trump, left-hand side, without a better description, was completely hysterical. Politicians and their friends in the media began to scream about “false news” as an explanation of why Trump was chosen. They demanded that companies like Google, who owns Youtube and Facebook, remove what they call “false news”.

They often use this tactic. They make an “evil” and shall determine what is the definition of this “evil”. They did the same with the term “racism”. From having an innocent start as a description of “ideas about racial superiority”, it became a broad term. Which even included criticism of immigration and multiculturalism. They promise to “racism” and incorporate ideas into schoolchildren. Suddenly we are in today’s situation, with a population that accepts a total transformation of our own society.

The left side has defined “false news” and companies like Facebook and Google have changed their platforms according to their wishes. It is very likely that this campaign has brought bias to right-oriented news media. Traffic to right-wing news agencies has been reduced from social media.

They did not finish there, afterwards they spoke to Youtube. They started a campaign to remove ads on videos that violate what they think is appropriate. To achieve this, they showed videos like glorified violence, but also “racist” videos. This led to the youtube creators named adpocalypse, Google removed advertising on a large proportion of videos. Sometimes completely inexplicable. After this, it has been difficult for political channels, mostly on the right side, to get revenues from their videos. I have also noticed that the channels have completely stopped growing.

Not long ago, they launched a campaign for the internet companies to become stricter against “hat”, which of course the left-hand side defines. The result is the exclusion of individuals like Alex Jones, not just on a platform, but on absolutely everyone. Absolutely without a proper explanation. Without showing to specific clips.

All this forms a clear picture; The goal is to prevent people with the wrong opinions to get an audience. In the modern world there is public discussion and information dissemination on the internet, especially social media. By banning people from these platforms, you can also censor individual opinions. The left side aims to remove some opinions from the public discussion and remove the democratizing effect of social media. To gain more control over the population and their opinions.

It is uncertain how they initially gained such control over the old media. All Norwegian newspapers and TV channels are all the same, they bend for the left-wing flute. Most American do the same.

Now they go after the internet and their methods make China blush.

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