Thrown out of YouTube after hate speech, but welcome to the program host

Friday, August 10th

He has been thrown out of YouTube, Apple and Facebook. But now there is a new video platform that welcomes the program host Alex Jones.

When YouTube threw out the channels of the Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Monday, Mike Adams stood ready and waited.

Adams is the founder of Real.Video, a platform he launched in March after he was also kicked off by YouTube for what should be a violation of community policies. His website marks himself as “the solution to YouTube censorship and anti-freedom authoritarianism, writes NBC News.

He is part of a small group of new technology platforms for users who are too extreme or controversial to Facebook, Google and Apple, who all removed Jones’ content from the platforms this week.

The American Alex Jones is known for his conspiracy theories and claims of the type; “The water makes them gay”.

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With Jones’ intro on Real Video, it has also become a boost for new users. On Tuesday, Jones announced that he would release 1,000 of his most anti-government and conspiracy videos on Adam’s website. A total of 350 new channels have been created at Real. Video in recent days.

On Monday, only one program of the six podcasts from Jones’ Infowars platform, which Apple previously offered, namely RealNews, with program director David Knight, wrote Buzzfeed.

Both the “Alex Jones Show” and “War Room” are thrown out of Apple, what Washington Post describes as “one of the most aggressive measures from technology companies and power services” against the conspiracy theorist, NTB reports.

Hate chat

The Wall Street Journal states that Apple has not specified what it’s reacted to. A statement from Apple states that the company “does not tolerate hatred” and removes podcasts that violate the clear guidelines that will create “a safe environment for all our users.”

“We believe in showing a wide range of views, as long as people are respectful to those with different opinions, it is stated in the statement.

Monday morning, Spotify also followed up removing all episodes of “The Alex Jones Show” after picking out a few individual episodes last week.

Monday morning The Verge writes that Facebook has made all four of Alex Jones’s four pages inaccessible: both his main page, channel page and both American Infowars pages. In its explanation, Facebook writes that this is not due to the fight against false news, but it is the result of repeated violations of the company’s standard.