The end times is not too far away

Monday 6 august 2018

For those who believe that we can still change to stop the environmental changes. It is too late. Read this.

First calculations of man-made climate change in 1896, by researcher Samuel Pierpoint Langley

A Swedish researcher, Svante Arrhenius, used Langley’s observations before 1900.

Arrhenius ‘colleague, Professor Arvid Högbom, who was quoted for a long time in Arrhenius’ 1896 study on the influence of carbonic acid in the air at earth’s temperature

In 1899 Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin long developed the idea that climate change could be due to changes in the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Paleo climates and sunflats, early 1900s to 1950s.

In 1938, a British engineer, Guy Stewart Callendar, attempted to revive Arrhenius’s greenhouse effect theory. Callendar showed that both the temperature and CO2 levels in the atmosphere had increased over the past half century, claiming that recent spectroscopic measurements showed that the gas was effective in absorbing infrared in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, most scientific opinions continued to doubt or ignore the theory

By the end of the 1950s, several researchers claimed that carbon dioxide emissions could be a problem, with someone estimating in 1959 that CO2 would rise 25% by 2000, with potentially “radical” effects on the climate.

In 1969, NATO was the first candidate to handle climate change at the international level. It was therefore planned to establish a focal point for research and measures from the civil society organization that addresses environmental issues

We have known about this for a long time now, and we could have had the Paris and Kyoto protocols and environmental agreements on the table already in the early 70’s. Then the price of this was probably a lot cheaper.

Now it’s too late to do something we’ve come across the date range a long time ago. Our grandchildren and their children will have to live on the limit of extinction.

We have food area for approx. 9 billion, we are already up for 7.64 billion now. It has been born 83.4 million so far this year and there are only 34 million dead. We increase by approx. 50 million per year.

In 25 years we have reached the limit of how many people have food. The areas of food production are decreasing for each year. In addition, there are many zones where it becomes impossible to stay because of extreme heat.

Contamination of the big cities continues and we will increase the number of people living in the cities. 68% of the world’s population is estimated to live in urban areas by 2050, the UN says. Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 68% by 2050.

There will be fewer farmers and people involved in animal husbandry for food production. Synthetic food comes and will reduce the life of us.

The food from the ocean is sinking and the contamination of the fish will have to be done before it comes to the counter or in the freezer dish.

There is more that will go beyond humanity than this.

We are the last generation who wants a decent old age. Those who come after us must clean up a hopeless situation. It’s actually the end of humanity in a few hundred years, if we fail to reverse the development of technology.

Creating a living world on Mars will take too long. We have not yet got missiles to carry out the journey at a “normal” time. We also do not have technology for terraforming, ie creating enough oxygen for a planet and planting growths on a sandy surface.

So it’s hard to escape this virginity. This summer was a taste that awaits. Winter is getting equally damn and we’ll soon get new ice-age temperatures when the Gulf Stream flips from our ocean areas.

I’m glad I’m so old that I do not get it badest. I may be in the age of the 80’s due to very old family members on both sides. But that’s not possible because of Diabetes 2.

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