Why did Stephen Paddock kill 58 people?

Saturday 4 August 2018

The investigation after the massacre in Las Vegas last year has ended. But still it’s a riddle what drives Stephen Paddock to kill 58 people with cold blood.

It has been called “USA’s Breivik case”. On October 1st last year, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock began shooting from his 32nd floor hotel room in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

The goal was easy to hit: before the killers had an audience of 22,000 people who experienced a concert during the Route-91 National Festival.

And the 64-year-old was heavily armed: Inside the hotel room he had an entire weapon store – more than 20 heavy weapons and thousands of bullets.

When Stephen Paddock one hour later took his own life, he had murdered 58 people.

Why did he kill?

Friday the investigation was terminated. It has been going on for 10 months, hundreds of people have been questioned and several thousand working hours have been laid down.

But the police still answer the most important question: What was the motive of Stephen Paddock’s unthinkable wrongdoing?

Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who has led the investigation, said.

But Lombardo concludes that there is no evidence that other than the massacre was involved in the massacre in Las Vegas.

Active gambler

An important part of the investigation has been about Stephen Paddock’s economy and his life as a notorious gambler.

People in the casino environment in Las Vegas describe the later mass murderer as a skilled player with video poker as a specialty. According to investigators, he had a turnover of just over NOK 12 million in casinos in two years.

However, according to investigators, Paddock had a significant game gala and he should have worn mental problems in the time before committing the wrongdoing.

Not terrorism

US authorities have established that the massacre in Las Vegas has no connection with international terrorism.

But the company MGM Resorts International, which owns the hotel where the murderer lived, attempts to get a federal court to explain the wrongdoing as terror.

With such a classification, the company will release insurance liability to survivors and survivors.

My comment about it is:

We have all the inner demons we have to trade with each day. Most people do this well. But then you have a high suicide rate among those who struggle mentally. Some will actually bring as many as possible as they leave this world.

The people have stopped believing in God long ago. They believe that wealth, love success is all that matters. When this fails for them and they no longer manage to hold a front with these entities, the road down to the depths and hell is very short.

It is a spiral of evil that kills. Satan controls these people into murder and suicide. They do not know that there has been a contract for the extinction of these souls. Every time it succeeds, is a tribute to Satan.

All non-believers think this is just bullshit, but there’s more in the world than they think. They can choose to see it or just pass the story as a sentence.

Now recently, one of the world’s most famous physicists acknowledged that God exists. He says that space is created by a higher intelligence. And now that Einstein’s laws are now tested and approved, we can finally finish the question of God’s existence.

I think we will get an increase of desperate people who want to end their lives in a big final. There will be no traces of their motives, because the subject is ruin and it disappears with the perpetrator’s death.

Our mental health is on offer and the help is absolutely essential. People who need help in the early stages get no help as the device that should catch them does not exist yet. Do not think this is coming, we are concerned that everyone will be like us. If you are not one of us, we will give you a minimum of help and money.

The community is a bit elite and you must be a champion of success in life. Then you get to know today is to become a debt slave from the first-bought house (Norway), car loans on the house and you are debt-free when you retire.

Young people today only have debt to look forward to, and those who are older have an old age that is empty without God. A life without God is almost condemned to failure, we can look at the divorce stance, the gay and pedophile priests. The human-ethics project fails in all areas.

Only God can help these people, in the faith of a Savior.

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