How should Christians relate to their new countrymen?

Thursday 2 August 2018

How do we as Christians relate to the growing number of immigrants arriving in Norway? Head of the Team Interact Daniel Profits and Accountant Helga Røyland held a sparkling seminar that encouraged the audience to engage in the efforts to openly open those who come and include them in our churches.

Everyone will hear the gospel

Daniel encourages Norwegian churches to be conscious of their call to reach all people with the gospel.

-We see that many immigrants who come to Norway do not have a community they are a part of. We have more than enough Christians in Norway to take care of all who come. The church has an important role to play in the inclusion of our new countrymen, including incorporating them into our churches.

Fear prevents contact

Helga believes many attitudes are turning to reach our new countrymen in the local community.

“I think many Christians have appreciated the work that has been done in foreign services on other continents more than work among our new countrymen in Norway. However, I experience that people become more aware of reaching people living in the local community. I think fear is a factor that prevents many in contact with our new countrymen. The best way to deal with this fear is to go to the Bible and read about Jesus’ love in the face of people.

Great work in Norway

-How do you have tips for those who want to meet immigrants?

-I think you should ask Jesus to show you where to go. And do not be afraid, he answers.

Daniel points out that there is a lot of good work in Norway aimed at immigrants that people can engage in.

-I want to say, throw yourself on or let someone else get lost on you. There is already a lot of good work aimed at immigrants in Norway. Organizations like KIA and Team Interact have a lot of good work all over the country. Right now we are launching a new website that we have called Immimeets ( that can help immigrants and Norwegians unite. We are concerned that our new farmers will be aware of what multicultural work exists and that Norwegians can see where they can volunteer. We want to become a for all multicultural Christian work in Norway.

Friendship means everything

– Can you make a real difference, even if you have little time to create new relationships?

Absolutely! I was back with a friend who came from another country. He told me that our friendship meant so much to him. But the only thing I had done was eating his food, and he asked for help for accommodation. We had just spent time together. There is often no more available. People who come to Norway want first and foremost a relationship with Norwegians, says Daniel. Helga agrees.

– You can not reach everyone, but for a person you can mean very much. What these people need is a friend, a relationship. You do not have to be a psychologist for those who have experienced a lot of pain. All you can do is go with them and be a friend. There can be so much to say.

My comment on this is:

Of course, we would like to welcome most people. But Muslims are a sect we should all fear. They will kill us unbelief and do not want us to be very good friends. They are keen to illuminate Islam as a peace-loving religion. In truth, there is a violent ideology that is worse than Nazism.

Western politicians do not want to see what ideology Islam is, they believe everyone should participate in the value of democracy. But Muslims do not want democracy, they want sharia-starred countries. They only wait until they are in majority and they do with much higher birth rates. Therefore, we must fear this and do something about it quickly.

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