Today Facebook releases something brand new

Thursday 30 August 2018

Facebook will roll out the world wide video service, the company announced Wednesday.

The service has been available in the United States for over a year and the plan was all the way that it should eventually be rolled out globally.

The watch library will consist of a mix of entertainment and serious content, according to Facebook.

“We designed this product not only for thoughtless consumption, but also to make people get involved,” says Fidji Simo, Facebook’s video director.

The power service is being launched at a time when consumers move away from traditional linear TV, and also use streaming services like Netflix and HBO or video services like YouTube.

In the last year, Facebook has been working to expand its video library with its own TV productions and announced this week that they will also introduce new formats like interactive competition programs, quizzes and polls.

The announcement that the service is rolled out globally comes two weeks after Facebook secured the rights to send Spanish Elite Series in India and European Championship matches in Latin America.

However, most of the content will be user-generated, and the service is more compared to YouTube than Netflix.

– Content funded by us is a very small percentage of the content available at Watch, says Simo.

Are we motivated to defend ourselves against Muhammad’s soldiers?

August 30, 2018

The Prophet Muhammad forced his neighbors to believe in him by the sword. In Norway, people in hijab, burka, niqab and other religious Islamic uniforms would do the same if they had the opportunity. The question is, is Norway well motivated to defend us against Muhammad’s soldiers?

Leyla Hasic is a spokeswoman in the Islamic Council of Norway and uses Niqab, and Bjørn Harald Hegreberg Garborg leads the student parliament at Oslo Met. Both are engaged in the discussion of banning face-covering garments.

I think it’s sad that Leyla Hasic, in a young and strong age, makes a spokeswoman for ideologies that hold women down, instead of enlightening the world with the love of Allah. She could fight for something more important. However, a conservative Islamist will always confirm the Quran’s narratives that women are slaves both here on earth and up there with Allah. Unfortunately.

Fresh air is needed in conservative environments. Such environment is hazardous to health. You get sick without noticing it. The dark forest that the religious leaders have pushed millions of young people deep into is full of poisonous plants.

I wish that Leyla Hasic and others in her situation could be released from captivity. There are many who have locked themselves into Islam’s cage in the hope of a better life up there with Allah. Some people feel outside and feel welcome in the community they live in. One may feel that one’s voice is not being listened to, and then it may be tempting to choose an aggressive way of attention. Like to fully cover.

If you want to show the world who you are, Leyla Hasic, you must show yourself. Tell about your dreams, thoughts and ideas by making yourself visible as the sun. Let your heart warm the hearts of others with true love. It will make Allah very happy.

The train still has not left you, and you have many opportunities to fill the days with good deeds. Just open the heart completely and let the love flow. You do not have to hide behind big black clothes. It gives no pleasure.

Garborg, the chairman of the student parliament at Oslo Met, will meet in Finland’s hood if someone is thrown out of teaching because of the ban on face-covering garments. If this is correct, it’s just sad – a misunderstood “solidarity”.

Bjørn Harald Hegreberg Garborg needs help filling the heart and the brain with knowledge of Islam. It is dangerous to believe in the Islamists’ version of religion. They condemn an ​​unfeigned Islam, and it’s just nonsense when they talk about mercy on women.

An example: In Egypt, female television programmers were forced to use hijab. Many of them were threatened with life if they threw the hijab. Killing in Allah’s name happens to women all over the world on a daily basis. In Iraq, Christian women are killed, including in Basrah where I come from.

The Hijab phenomenon has many historical explanations. Throughout the ages, the garment has been used to signal different things; like the woman do not want to marry that you are over a certain age, that you are not interested in sex that the men should abstain that the woman is not for a slave for sale or as protection for example to hide from watchers while in the mosque, etc. The Islamic uniforms we now see most were created by Umar ibn al-Khattab (581-644), not by Allah.

In Umar ibn al-Khattab’s time, women who did not use hijab were not free women. They were women who could be sold and bought entirely legally by businessmen, powermen and the rich. Do Norwegians know that Umar ibn al-Khattab ran for women who went without hijab and whipped them in front of everyone on Mekkas square? Many Muslims do not know that either. Many should therefore take the time to read the Hadiths.

Many Norwegians try to be kind, warmhearted, merciful, democratic and liberal by defending the Islamic uniforms. Do Norwegians understand that their ignorant attitudes harm us who have fled from the false values ​​of Islamists?

Every time we see men in holy jihadist uniforms (a kind of robe that stops in the bones of non-Muslim countries), we know that these men send a message that they believe that the society in which we live is a horde community. Let us not have to accept that Islamists define us as uncle and unbelief.

I hope my chronicle gets Norwegian politicians, as well as young men and women who blindly listen to religious leaders to use their heads. I ask you to focus on the truth and stop taking into account what conservative religious people want and want. Let’s be a free society that does not force people into a crowded cage of hijabs, burcas, niqabs and other religious uniforms.

White, conservative men are the most responsible and critical, showing analysis

Thursday 30th of August

“Researchers have found close ties between climate denying and xenophobia. 63 percent of conservative Norwegian men do not think climate change is man-made, “we read from journalist Iselin Elise Fjeld at NRK on Tuesday night.

Fjäll quotes what she refers to as “research” made by Olve Krange, at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA). NRK also writes that Krange concludes that “climate denial seems to go hand in hand with a wider pattern of high nationalism and xenophobia.”

“We have not measured high-level nationalism or xenophobia, but a question about attitudes towards immigrants lets us observe that conservative men, who are also skeptical of immigration, more often doubt human-induced climate change than everyone else, even when we check for a variety of other variables, explains Krange.

There must also be a US study showing the same.

White men

“Both the Norwegian and US study argue that climate denial can be understood as an attempt to protect current power structures,” writes NRK

“There is a way to protect group identity, and maintain a social structure that allows white men to enjoy benefits over other communities,” the researchers explain in the report according to the NRK.

– High-spirited individuals tend to more easily accept and justify existing social structures and oppose changes in traditional lifestyles, called it.

National spokesman for MDG, Arild Hermstad, also states:

“The research explains something we have experienced since the MDG entered the city council in Oslo. Conservative middle-aged is a loud group fighting for the right to drive a car at the expense of children and the sick. They are provoked by women of power and foreign appearance, and in addition they deny the climate knowledge. Climate skepticism and nationalism are linked because such cross-border challenges can not be solved within the national state.


You almost do not know where to start commenting on such a combination of “research” and the NRK’s ​​reporting of it. But let’s try.

First, it is the use of the word “climate neglect”. The use of this term adds that there is something that is true, which is thus denied. For example, would you use the term “UFO-denial”? And also the combination “climate” and “deny” put together becomes completely meaningless. No one denies that the climate exists, or even is skeptical about the climate. In that case, it is climate change, or more precisely the potentially man-made parts of climate change that you are skeptical of or “deny”. Anyone who uses the term “climate neglect” pertains to the definition of Fake News.

It is obvious that NINA researcher Olve Drange for himself tries to figure out the “mystery” about how someone can deny it to him the obvious truth that human terrible activity destroys the planet by changing the climate. And then it’s good that other views the researcher finds incomprehensible, yes maybe morally reprehensible, such as skepticism about mass immigration (!), Are connected.

Therefore, it becomes logical. If you do not understand a specific thing, there is a good chance that you will not understand other things. You’re simply stupid.

Not stupid, but powerful

But wait a bit. It’s not that Olve Drange says. The skepticism of white men expresses immigration and man-made climate change (“climate denial” in Dranges and NRKS language draws) due to “attempts to protect current power structures.” The white men are not stupid. No, they are cynical, power-seeking individuals, he believes. And this defense of their own privileges is the explanation, not that they are stupid.

Drange therefore supports the American study that inspired him, who found that the explanation for the climate denial of white men was that it is “a way to protect group identity and maintain a social structure that allows white men to enjoy benefits over other social groups” .

Responsibility and self-catering operation

It should be noted in this context that self-catering is a good property that is probably chosen. That one wants to protect his group has been absolutely necessary for the survival of humanity (and all other plants and animals). And then the question of men, or “white men”, sees themselves as a group. My assertion is that there is little or no vote.

We white men, like Arab men, black men, yellow men, Swedish men, Danish men, Muslim men, etc., experience us as part of societies where women (and children) make up an entirely natural part. To the extent that we work to protect an “identity” or to “maintain a social structure,” it is a primary entity that wishes to be protected. The primary such entities have historically been families, clans, tribes, ethnic groups, nations, religious or ideological communities.

Of course there are also gender identities and also fighting about status and power between women and men, but for example, in today’s immigration ship, the struggle between white men and white women is far subordinate to the white men’s “struggle” against strange men about resources, and just a fight for the women of the white, or the foreign men.

One can easily understand why skepticism about mass immigration is in the interests of white men. I suppose it is in the interests of white women too. A society of increased violence, rape and crime, increased numbers of hostile people who are offended by trifles, as well as a welfare state that bleeds money for immigrants, is barely in the interests of some of its citizens.

But it is not good to say what a skepticism to accept that man-made climate change would favor white men over women, and neither white men more than dark men, nor immigrants. So here is a significant short circuit outside and goes to the head of the researcher and the NRK journalist.

Critical sense

A more likely explanation of the correlation between immigration skepticism and skepticism to accept the claims about the importance of man-made climate change is that both require a certain degree of critical sense and ability to think independently and beyond consensus and it’s “all” mean.

For decades, the prevailing ideology in the West has hammered sunshine stories about the multicultural society and the doomsday prophecies about environment and climate. At the same time, it is obvious that those who were skeptical of mass immigration at an early stage were most right. It now admits the vast majority.

Even the gloomiest climate cases have been thoroughly disproved by the climate itself. So it has been sensible to be skeptical of the sunshine history of the multicultural society as climate alarmists. For if one should follow the latter’s warnings, a number of expensive measures would have been implemented for no positive benefit.

I’m not going to hang out on the complaints queue that sits over how bad white middle-aged men are treated in Western society. In my opinion, we still have the best cards at hand and are not as discriminated as anyone wants it to. But that does not mean that there are no radical environments trying to “war” against the white man trying to construct an opposition between white men and white women, or rather between white men and everyone else, an artificial, constructed polarization that is harmful to all of us.

But what society should more likely reflect on is whether white men are actually worth listening to in many contexts. Yes, so they have been listened to in questions about politics, governance, war and peace for thousands of years. Is it that women tend to be a bit more consensus-oriented than men? Is it therefore possible for men to dare to point out that the emperor has no clothes and that such a point is sometimes what the society needs to adjust course?

One of the problems we have today is that the intellectual establishment in social sciences believes that they have found the final truth about the good society and that everything is about defending this truth against the heretics. And most heretics are among white middle-aged men. The establishment thus also makes sense of a matter of morality. And they defend their dogmas as obstinate as the church in their day.

NRK disappoints

The report to NRK is simply crafts, if not also Fake News in some aspects. The impact of those who are not as critical (as white, conservative men) of reading this NRK article would be to think that climate skepticism is as common as immigration skepticism. And it’s something everyone other than white, conservative men should keep away from thinking.

But the truth is that people should get more into the climate issue on their own. Search for alternative views, see if it makes sense. Imagine if humans might be a little less influential compared to changes in the sun, the terrain, the slopes and other conditions that affect the climate than the Green Party the Green and NRK want you to believe.

It does not hurt to investigate the climate case a little further on your own. And if you do not worry yourself, listen to a white man with self-restraint and some individuality. What does he mean about what affects the climate?

Soon, the end of “secret” accounts in Switzerland

Thursday 30 August 2018

This fall, Switzerland begins to share information about bank accounts with European tax authorities.

When the reform was introduced in 2008, the banking sector announced the massacre of banks, and some called it a “economic war” against the banks in Switzerland.

The secrecy of Swiss banks has been a guarantor for big corporations, criminals, heads of state and others who do not want to let the outside world know about the values ​​they have on, have chosen banks in the mountains.

The number of banks in Switzerland has fallen from over 300 before the financial crisis, to 253 in December 2017. Nevertheless, analysts believe things are better than feared.

“The end of secrecy has been a serious blow to the banks, but it is also true that many people expected it to get worse. And the sector still lives, “said Nuno Fornandes, professor at the Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, Bloomberg.

A large number of banks have entered into a settlement with US authorities to have hidden information – the fines have totaled $ 6 billion, or $ 50 billion Norwegian kroner.

The Norwegian food group Norgesgruppen hoped in the first half of the year

Thursday 30th of August

Phase after the first six months of the year shows that the grocery giant accounted for NOK 42.7 billion.

Norgesgruppen increased turnover by 2.4 per cent in the first half of the year. Total revenues totaled NOK 42.7 billion, up from NOK 41.7 billion last year.

Operating income also improved by NOK 1.62 billion, compared to NOK 1.39 billion in the same period last year.

It shows the company’s fresh half-yearly report, which was announced Wednesday afternoon.

The company reports that the operating margin (EBIT) is 3.8 per cent in the first half, compared to 3.3 per cent at the same time last year.

Operating profit before depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) fell by NOK 254 million to NOK 2.44 billion, the annual report shows. The reason for this is, among other things, that the company made larger property sales last year.

“In addition to major transactions on property sales, earnings in the first half of 2017 were affected by structural changes in Dagrofa,” the company writes in the report.

The company writes in the report that dividends of NOK 16 per share have been paid during the period. Earnings per share in the first half ended at NOK 30.2 per share.

grocery Growth

The Norwegian group’s grocery chains increased sales by 2.3 per cent in the first half of the year. The overall growth in the grocery industry was 2.0 percent, analyst Nielsen reported in July.

“Effective operations and strong chain concepts help keep the market margins stable despite strong price competition and low market growth,” Norgesgruppen writes in the report.

As E24 has written earlier, the particular sales share of supermarkets has fallen steadily in recent years. In July it became known that the Norgesgruppen-owned Meny lost 0.4 per cent of the market share in the first half, compared to the same period last year.

Norgesgruppen describes in the profit and loss report that this is due to the fact that the chain has closed down two of its stores.

My comment on this is:

It’s our food we’re talking about! What makes us survive for a while down here on earth. Norgesgruppen is not alone in the Norwegian market. All food barons are multimillionaires. That companies will be on multimilliaries on sale, giving them power in our community system, giving them the ability to decide on range and price.

I live in the poverty line here, and have almost nothing left after the food is paid for the month. It costs so much that more increases will pull me off this planet!

Windows 95 is now an app you install on macOS, Windows, and Linux

Wednesday 29 August 2018

From The Verge

Windows 95 is the operating system that’s now used as a yardstick for what’s possible on modern devices and platforms. We’ve seen Microsoft’s popular OS appear on the Apple Watch, an Android Wear smartwatch, and even the Xbox One. Today, someone has gone a step further and made Windows 95 into an app that you can run on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Slack developer Felix Rieseberg is responsible for this glorious app, based on an existing web project that supports Windows 95, Windows 98, and a whole host of older operating systems. Now nostalgia lovers can play around with Windows 95 in an electron app. Rieseberg has published the source code and app installers for this project on Github, and apps like Wordpad, phone dialer, MS Paint, and Minesweeper all run like you’d expect. Sadly, Internet Explorer isn’t fully functional as it simply refuses to load pages.

The app its only 129MB in size and you can download it over at Github for both macOS and Windows. Once it’s running it surprisingly only takes up around 200MB of RAM, even when running all of the old Windows 95 system utilities, apps, and games. If you run into any issues with the app you can always reset the Windows 95 instance inside the app and start over again. Enjoy this quirky trip down memory lane.


Scientists are scared of shock in the Arctic

Sunday, August 26, 2018

We have never seen anything like this before

– All arrows point straight down, and it goes very fast, warns climate scientist.

“We must figure this out now. It really hurts. This is one of the most existential questions in science.

That’s what Johan Rockström, head of the Stockholm Resilience Center research institute, told The Guardian earlier this month.

He referred to a recent study considering the risk that nature’s own uncontrollable domino effects will prevent attempts to curb global warming.

He was one of several who hit the alarm. A number of climate scientists also pushed out and warned that climate change could speed up, even though all countries in the world cut their emissions. At worst, many areas on the earth can become uninhabitable.

The reason for the researchers’ concern was the so-called backlinking effects that affect the climate on Earth.

These are effects that are “built-in” in nature itself and, as in many cases, enhance the effects of man-made greenhouse gas emissions, NTB writes.

One of the most famous effects is linked to the sea ice in the Arctic. As the soil gets hotter, it becomes less ice – which causes more energy from the sun to be absorbed into the ocean so that the heating is enhanced.

But there are also a number of others: Heating in the Arctic can increase emissions of methane from the ground and the seabed, emissions grow from forests that are chopped, rotting or burning, and warmer seas can absorb less greenhouse gases than they have done so far.

“This wave of events will be able to tip the entire Earth system into a new state,” said German researcher Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, according to AFP news agency.

– All arrows point straight down

New shocks from Greenland are depressing reading for those who were already concerned.

It’s the British newspaper The Guardian who writes about the sensational find. According to the newspaper, what has long been considered the strongest of all sea ice, which is located north of Greenland, has broken cracks and is breaking up.

It is already well known that the sea ice in the Arctic melt. And at a pace that still surprises researchers worldwide.

There will be less and less sea ice in the Arctic, and it is a trend that just continues and continues, “says climate scientist Bjørn Hallvard Samset at Cicero to Dagbladet.

– All arrows point straight down, and it goes very fast. It’s not necessarily equal every year, but on average it’s going too fast, says Samset.

But the fresh find from the sea ice north of Greenland is still sensational enough to scare the experts.

“This area has been called” the last ice field “, since it has been said that the last sea ice in the Arctic came to lie here, says Ruth Mottram at Meteorological Institute in Denmark to The Guardian.

Video : North Pole melts in 20 seconds

Melt easier

“We have never seen anything like this before. Not there. It was thought that it would be one of the last places it would disappear summer in the Arctic, the Samset agrees.

It is first and foremost a powerful wind that came across the area, which led the ice to the open sea.

But the heat wave that has been lying like a gloomy wool blanket over the northern hemisphere in summer also gets its share of duty. The heat helped to melt large parts of the ice, which in turn made the ice easier. This made the wind an easy job of grabbing it and moving it into open waters – the melting process could accelerate.

– This in a place where we had thought the ice was about as stable as it is possible to get it in the Arctic. There is not much ocean currents there and it is mostly very cold. Therefore, it should be frozen, “says the Norwegian climate scientist.

The sea ice has been like a solid block – frozen all year round. The ice was thus many meters thick.

– Now a large part of the ice cream is freezing in the winter fresh and one year old. It’s thin and smells easier if you get a hot summer, Samset explains.

– Another clear notice

It is in turn helping to accelerate the melting process and the division of the ice. The samset says he is scared of the new measurements.

– It is scary. There is enough clear notice. One warns that the ice in the Arctic explodes and melts quickly. Looking at the measurements from 1980 up to now, they point only one way; right down, he says.

In a number of climate models, scientists have attempted to estimate when the summer ice is completely out of these areas, if the warming continues at the pace that has been seen so far.

“It’s very hard to calculate because it’s a phase transition that it’s demanding to get into a mathematical model. But if you look at the new measurements, it seems that it is the most pessimistic climate models that get right. If these measurements are correct, it will not be surprising if it is completely free of ice in the Arctic in the summer before 2040.

Another who is scared of the findings is the researcher Thomas Lavergne at the Meteorological Institute in Norway.

“Scary”, he writes in a Twitter message where he shares a satellite image of the ice that drives from land.

“I can not say how long this open sea area will remain open, but even if it should freeze within a few days, the damage will already happen. The thick old sea ice will be pushed away from the coast to an area where the ice will melt, he says, according to The Guardian.

Although Norway is far north, the ice in the Arctic can feel far away for anyone living on the mainland. Nevertheless, the Sami warns of serious consequences, also “here south”, if the ice in the Arctic disappears.

– When the ice disappears, the ocean will absorb more sunlight. This will lead to smaller temperature differences between Europe and the Arctic. This again affects the wind systems, probably also the weather systems. It will do something to the south, he says.

And more precisely than he does not dare to be.

– No, for this we have not seen before. It’s possible to guess, but it’s hard to say what the consequences will be. It is talk about the front of research. It’s so far we’ve come, he says.
Never be worse around Svalbard

The ice cream service at the Meteorological Institute, which, among other things, monitors and measures ice around Svalbard, also comes with a disappointing message, according to Aftenposten.

According to the newspaper, the Ice Cream Service has never seen less ice around Svalbard at this time of the year since it began with measurements 51 years ago.

Tuesday this week, the icecream around Svalbard was measured to be more than 115,000 square kilometers less than the average between 1981 and 2010.

– Last year at this time there was a lot more ice. Now you have to find about 200 kilometers north of Svalbard before you find the ice. Last year there was drizzle all the way to the coast, “says Frank Andreas Amdal, consultant in the ice cream service, for the newspaper.

This is just another example of how the climate breaks the expectations of researchers, says Samset.

“It’s almost old, because they were on minimum ice, so less than you’ve ever seen, both in June and July this year. It is therefore good to know that Svalbard is warming very fast and is a good example of how the new climate is breaking our expectations, he believes.

The samset believes there is little evidence that shocking discoveries have ended with this.

“We must expect more climate surprises. Wait it unexpectedly, he says.

Permanent physician(GP) was fired for spiral denial

Sunday, August 26, 2018

This is not just about me privately, but applies to many doctors, says doctor Katarzyna Jachimowicz.

A Catholic obstetrician in Telemark lost her job because she for conscientious reasons refuses to put a spiral on women. Now the matter will be brought before the Supreme Court.

– I’m an optimist. I think the Supreme Court will confirm the last verdict from the Court of Appeal, “says doctor Katarzyna Jachimowicz to NTB.

In May 2011, Jachimowicz received a job as a GP in Sauherad municipality in Telemark. During the interviewing hours, she had informed of the conscience reservation, which meant that she reserved herself against injecting a spiral to women.

The county governor of Telemark instituted a lawsuit against Jachimowicz in February 2014, and in January the following year, the Norwegian Board of Health and Welfare stated that she had no access to reserve.

She went on leave on April 1, 2015 and has since worked as a doctor at Telemark Hospital. The municipality terminated her statutory agreement on 3 December of the same year.

– violates human rights

Jachimowicz has been aware that the conscience reservation entered into the agreement she had with the municipality, and thinks the resignation is invalid.

– The termination was unfair and violates human rights. If I had thought differently, I would never have gone to the point.

“I deeply disagree with the termination and believe we must respect human rights in Norway,” said Jachimowicz.

She filed a lawsuit against the municipality in 2016, but lost the case in Aust-Telemark District Court in February 2017. She appealed to the Agder Court of Appeal, which in November reversed the verdict. The case will appear in the Supreme Court on 28 August and will last for three days.

“In our opinion, it is very important to establish that there is a degree of freedom of conscience. The general medical regulations introduce a total ban – there is no flexibility, says Jachimowicz’s defense attorney Håkon Bleken to NTB.

– There may be situations where freedom of conscience is not in place, for example, for health reasons in a specific case. But this is a total ban that is very unreasonable and that is what we will have tried and that is the most important thing in this case, “says Bleken.

Principal matter

The majority of the Court of Appeal found that the statutory regulations must be interpreted in accordance with the European Human Rights Convention.

This means that a GP with conscience can not lose the job simply because he reserves the right to inject a spiral as long as it does not go beyond the patient’s ability to get a spiral from another doctor.

In the judgment it is pointed out that about 30 percent of all GPs in Norway do not inject a spiral, but handle it in the same way as Jachimowicz by referring patients to another doctor.

Katarzyna Jachimowicz himself does not have the ability to insert a spiral and emphasizes that the case concerns far more doctors than just her.

“This is not just about me privately, but applies to many doctors and is therefore a matter of principle,” she says.

Court of Human Rights

Attorney Håkon Bleken draws a parallel to the law of ritual circumcision of boys, which he thinks is designed in a good way. It states that as long as it does not lead to an irresponsible offer, consideration should be given to the freedom of conscience of doctors.

If the municipality wins the Supreme Court, Jachimowicz is considering bringing the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

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