Too many immigrants outside the labor market

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Integration minister Jan Tore Sanner must improve the introductory program, says Oslo City Council Tone Tellevik Dahl.

All newly arrived refugees are offered to participate in an integration program, whose goal is to learn Norwegian and quickly get out of work or education.

Tone Tellevik Dahl (Labor Party) believes that there are many challenges with today’s integration, and now urges the integration minister to make changes to the introduction program for refugees. The biggest challenge is that many immigrants do not get a job.

She has come up with concrete proposals for changes she has sent to integration minister Jan Tore Sanner. The municipalities need government assistance, Dahl believes.

“I hope Sanner can be positive about the changes, and we will do our best to improve implementation in general. But here we need state aid, so that we and all other municipalities are in a better position to get more into work and education, “says the agency.

– Need more time

One of the proposals for the agencies is to enable the refugees who need it to extend the introduction program to four years. Dahl says that many who come to Norway have little education, which presents challenges. These need more follow-up than others.

The Ministry of Education reports that 70 per cent of those who have come to Norway as refugees have only completed primary school or have no education in recent years.

“The challenge is that refugees who would have been very successful in four years’ races are those we find today in various measures at NAV, and who like to receive social assistance because they have not come to work,” says Dahl.

She means the money they already spend on refugees, in such cases being used in the wrong way. According to the agencies, this is a bad economy.

“Because the society was a bit too” gnawing “at the outset, we have to spend a lot to fix it later.

Big unemployment

After the refugees have participated in the integration program, one of the goals is to get them out of work or education. According to Dahl, a major problem is the unemployment of today.

Figures from the Oslo municipality show that in 2017, 54 per cent of refugees who completed the program in the municipality went to work or education.

The Ministry of Education also admits that there are some challenges with integration.

“Norway has worked well with integration compared with other European countries, but we still have a number of challenges. Many immigrants are out of work and are living in poverty, partly because they lack formal competence, State Secretary Rikke Høistad Sjøberg believes in the Ministry of Education.

Today’s working life, which still demands higher competence requirements, makes immigrants vulnerable to the labor market, according to Sjøberg.

Big differences

Sjøberg admits that there are too big differences between how the introductory program and Norwegian education work in different municipalities.

She believes that they must be better off giving children and young people who come to the country good and adapted education so they get a good education. In addition, she believes that adult immigrants must receive real and formal qualifications for working life.

There are also large variations in the results between the districts in Oslo. In 2017 in the district of Alna, 19 percent of those who completed the program went out of work. In Old Oslo, on the other hand, 65 percent were employed, figures from Oslo Municipality show.

“Equal services in all parts of the city are important to me,” says Dahl, working on a standard that will contribute to it.

This way the hackers can trick you this summer

Monday 9 July 2018

One in three Norwegians do not think about which networks they connect to abroad. The almost ruthless mobile use on holiday can make for many Norwegians ending with a holiday merit.

Kantar TNS has completed the Great Travel Survey 2018 on behalf of European Travel Insurance, and the result could be better: One in three Norwegians admits that they are little aware of which computer networks they connect to abroad.

Especially the adventurous ones are the most hopeless in the class: Four out of ten on the theme and adventure holiday say they are little aware of the network they use abroad. The age group 60-67 years is, on the one hand, those who use the most sense when it comes to data security.

“The access to free wireless networks is almost as important for Norwegians as having water in the crane, so it’s wise to know a bit about publicly available wifi before you leave,” says communications adviser Sigmund Clementz in If and European Travel Insurance in a press release.

The children are at risk

Last year, Telenor reported record growth of 44 percent in data usage in July. But unscrupulous mobile use on holiday may end with a nightmare for many Norwegians. Nordpost in Kaspersky Lab, Leif Jensen, warns holidaymakers Norwegians to act naively.

“When everyone in the family goes online, there is definitely a risk that you may be exposed to data attacks via the mobile phone. In particular, the children’s phones should be aware of the adults and what networks they connect to when the data packet is emptied, says Jensen.

If you run out of data and need to log on to a local WiFi network, Jensen recommends that you take the following precautions:

Cybercrises engineer Peter Granlund in If says that wireless networks offer security challenges as they are easy to monitor.

“The risk with open WiFi is that you never know who is connected and, at worst, cuts your data traffic,” says Granlund, before continuing:

“Most major services on the Internet today use encryption to protect login and the following data traffic, but if you log in to a service that does not use it, the spying on the network can see username and password in plain text.

Easy to set up a fake router

Everyday, Peter Granlund is working to provide security advice and prevent data crime against companies and industrial companies that have so-called cyber insurance.

The security expert says it’s easy to set up a wireless router with the same name as a known network, such as “Airport WiFi”.

– Your devices can then automatically connect if the signal is stronger. Then, who controls the router can see which webpages you visit – and at worst, trick you into a fake page that claims to be the original. There you can be unregistered login information or allow the attacker access to your data. And everything can happen without notice, “explains Granlund.

American intelligence warns against Chinese mobile manufacturers

Monday 9 July 2018

According to The Verge website, six different US intelligence organizations now deny their residents to buy products and services from the Chinese phone giants Huawei and ZTE.

It is CNBC who reports that the recommendation to avoid products from Chinese technology producers came under discussion with the Senate Committee on Intelligence in the Senate Tuesday. The committee consists, inter alia, of the directors of the FBI, CIA and NSA. During the hearing, FBI chief Chris Wray has stated that “they are deeply concerned about the increasing risk of companies associated with foreign governments who do not share American values, gaining power within our telecommunications network.”

Wray added that such power could allow foreign governments to exert pressure or gain control over the entire US telecommunications network. The FBI is concerned about how such a power position could make it easier to steal information or perform espionage in the United States.

According to The Verge, the US authorities’ concern about Huawei is not something new. The technology giant’s founder is an engineer with the past of the Chinese military, and some American politicians believe the company “in practice is an extended branch of Chinese authorities”. In 2014, skepticism led Huawei to ban bidding on government contracts in the United States.

Struggles in the United States

The Chinese mobile manufacturer has long struggled to break into the US market, much because of the authorities’ skepticism with the company. In January, Huawei had plans to launch the top 10 Mate 10 in the United States through the AT & T telecom company, but immediately before its launch, the American company pulled out of the deal. Should we believe American media, AT & T was exposed to a strong political pressure.

The Verge writes that it is now about introducing a law prohibiting state employees from using Huawei and ZTE products.

During the same hearing on Tuesday, Senator and Head of Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, said they were concerned about China.

“My biggest concern today is China and especially Chinese telecommunications manufacturers, such as Huawei and ZTE. These assume strong ties with Chinese authorities, Burr said.

“Do not recognize us”

Huawei poses outsiders to the warning of intelligence services and US politicians. Huawei’s Norwegian press office writes this to Page3 in an email.

«Huawei is aware of US government measures that appear to be aimed at preventing Huawei’s entry into the US market. Authorities and consumers in more than 170 countries today rely on Huawei and we represent no greater security risk than other telecommunications companies, especially as we globally share both production and delivery services. “

Despite a slight downturn in the US market, Huawei is now number two in the list of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers. Only Korean Samsung is bigger.

Russia against the West with new weapons

Monday 9 July 2018

WRONG PLACE: Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin poses in front of sign at the airport in Longyearbyen on Svalbard. A provocation, the Norwegian authorities said. For Rogozin was unwanted in Norway after violations of international law in Ukraine. Photo: Twitter screenshot


Monday, January 8, 2018, Health South-East was notified of ongoing abnormal activity against computer systems throughout the region. The warning came from hospital partners who are responsible for ICT operations in the healthcare company.

The way in which the burglary was made indicated that the players were very advanced and professional. PST suspects that the attack on computer systems in Health South East is done by another state.

“We know too little about what kind of attack it is talking about and what method of intrusion used,” says Russia Expert Øystein Bogen to the magazine Vi Menn.

In February he came out with his new book “Russia’s secret war against the West”. In the book, cybercrime is one of the main themes.

“But it will not surprise me if there are Russian hackers behind. If it is the intelligence service GRU’s hackers who have done this, the Russian hybrid attacks against Norway have reached a whole new level, “said the TV 2 journalist.

Constant hybrid war

At least 20 European countries, including Norway, have been exposed to hidden Russian attempts to influence politicians’ decisions and the attitudes of the people.

With spies, state-owned hackers, organized criminals, billions of oil dollars and ice-cold cynicism, Putin is trying to break alliances and create turmoil in western countries.

– This is a hybrid war, claims Øystein Bogen.

According to Russian thinking, there is no longer any fundamental difference between war and peace. The measures (see box) should therefore be used against the country’s potential enemies constantly.

Russian scientist Tor Bukkvoll at the Norwegian Defense Research Institute agrees:

“This idea that the distinction between peace and war is gone has been around for some years,” he said.

“But we must say that the Russians believe it is the West who has wiped out the distinction. In their eyes, Western support for the people of the Middle East and Eastern Europe is warfare, “continues Bukkvoll.

He also points out that there is a danger of interpreting all Russia as hybrid warfare.

We have a shared responsibility for small ones to have a nice summer

Sunday, July 8, 2018

“I’m going to the Maldives this summer and riding, what are you going to do?” Economic differences are evident in the summer weeks and it can go extra hard beyond the little ones.

Before school ends, the children talk about what to do in the summer, and then it’s hard to be the child who “just” should be home. In one of the world’s richest countries, it is tabooed to say that your family can not afford to send you on expensive summer activities or travel abroad.

Tough for low-income families

It is not only the children who feel on a holiday press, this is also on the parents. In a survey conducted for the bank DNB, it appears that Norwegian families with children feel a pressure to leave during the summer vacation so the children will have something to tell their friends.

Of the respondents, 36 percent of the parents say that they feel at such pressure, the percentage is greatest among those with low income. Here, there are plenty more parents who go a long way to prevent the kids from feeling outside. Then it’s quick to spend more than you really have on the summer vacation.

The perfect summer in social media

The pressure both the young and the parents feel are increasing enough with the digital everyday life we ​​live in. Social media opens for the differences to become larger and more visible. Now you can compare yourself with others around you, both you know and do not know. This influence is huge.

We see that friends and celebrities are on expensive holidays or send their children to summer camps that cost a lot.

In extreme consequence, the pressure can cause you to make insolent choices, such as taking up consumer loans or taking your vacation on credit with money you do not have. I have met several participants in the TV show  “Luxury trap” who have had serious payment problems in the pursuit of being “all” others.

You can help to reduce the pressure

We can all contribute in one way or another to lessen the holiday press for those who do not have much. Even small things can make a difference.

If you are a teacher, I recommend you to drop the style of what has been done this summer, arrange collective gathering for school trips and talk about social differences in parenting meetings.

For example, if you are a resourceful parent, you can offer yourself a classmate of your child during the vacation trip. This will be very much appreciated. It is also important that we talk to our children that not everyone has the same amount. Teach your child good values ​​and to be kind and understanding above others. Perhaps you do not have to post typical boasting pictures in social media?

The world boils

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Historic warmths all over the world

It’s not just in Norway it’s been an unusually hot summer.

Over the last few weeks there has been heat warfare worldwide. It has happened in such different places as usually cool Ireland to Canada and the Middle East.

On Wednesday, Dagbladet wrote about how southern Norway lies in a heat bubble of two high pressures.

Similar heat bubbles that have occurred in various places over the northern hemisphere lately, are what causes temperatures to rise to new records, according to The Washington Post.

They made an overview of the recordings Tuesday, and have had to update this with still new recordings over the week.

“Individual record in isolation can not be attributed to global warming. But overall, these records are consistent with the extreme weather we can expect to see more of on an ever warmer planet. “They stuck.

Will be more records

Climate researcher Eystein Jansen at the Bjerkness Center at the University of Bergen says the many records around the world do not need to be linked to global warming, but that climate change increases the likelihood of heat corrosion.

“It may happen a few years that the high pressures add to such an unusually hot, but it is strange that it does over so large areas, in several parts of the world, and that it becomes absolute records. The UN climate panel has said that periods of extreme heat will come more often as a feature of global warming. When the average temperatures rise, the peaks will also rise, he constants.

He further says that even though there may also be cold records, over time it has been seen that it is now more frequent than the warnings.

– So there can be more such summers like this in the future, and warmer than this too?

“Yes, it is related to the emissions of greenhouse gases, but analyzes have shown that in countries such as India and Pakistan, the temperature as today is the 10 percent warmest will be the norm. Also in southern Europe there will be the extremely high temperatures that become normal. What comes with is drought with subsequent food shortages and forest fires.

Historically hot in Norway

In Norway, eight out of ten records of measurement stations with the highest average maximum temperature over one month are measured from May or June this year.

“It has been unusually hot from mid-May to mid-June,” says climate watch Lillian Kalve at Meteorological Institute to Dagbladet.

Especially in May there was a record heat.

– Monthly temperature was 4.4 degrees above normal. It is the warmest in the series dating back to 1900, “says Hanne Heiberg, researcher at the department of climate services at the Meteorological Institute.

According to the climate watch, there is a new record for the number of tropical days during a summer if the high temperatures continue, as it seems.

Here are some of the hot records that The Washington Post has listed from last week in the rest of the world:
USA and Canada

A massive hot wave has enclosed two thirds of the United States and Canada from the east since the end of last week. It has not only been hot but also extremely moist.

* In Denver in Colorado, it was measured 40, 5 degrees on 28 June. The warmest temperature measured here ever.

* In Montreal, Canada, they measured the highest temperature in modern times on July 2nd. The temperature range here goes back 147 years in time and the record temperature was set to 36.6 degrees.

Scotland: Scotland has clocked its warmest temperature ever since measured on 28 June this year. It occurred in Motherwell, southeast of Glasgov, where it was measured 33, 2 degrees.

Ireland. Measured new maximum temperature on June 28th, at 32 degrees.

Tbilisi, in Georgia, recorded record 4 July. 40.5 degrees is the highest temperature ever measured in the Georgian capital.
Middle East:

The city of Quriyat in Oman also put a heat record on June 28, when the lowest daily temperature never came below 42.6 degrees.

US Marines move into Troms when the Brigade goes on exercise

Saturday 7 July 2013

US Navy US soldiers will be landed in northern Norway this fall when Brigade North goes to southern Norway and participates in the major NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2018.

The Armed Forces’ leadership confirms to VG that US Marines will practice in northern Norway this autumn and that Americans will be at the same time as 35-40,000 soldiers from NATO countries and partner countries in southern Norway.

But Colonel Sven Halvorsen, Defense Chief Press Officer, rejects the US Department’s decision to weaken the lack of Norwegian ground forces in Northern Norway.

“There is no link there,” Halvorsen told VG.

“This is not part of the exercise Trident Juncture 2018. However, the opportunity is being used when US Marines come across the Atlantic with materials, personnel and vessels to train in northern Norway,” he adds.

Collaborates with Army and National Guard (HV)

Soldiers from the army and HV will provide host country support to the Americans in northern Norway, and they will act as opponents in exercises.

According to the newspaper VG’s information, the force of the US Navy Corps will undertake a landing exercise in Ofotfjorden and head to Indre Troms, where they will train in the Brigade shooting range while large parts of Brigade Nord are on NATO exercise in southern Norway.

Soldiers from 30 countries participate in the NATO exercise Trident Juncture in Southeastern and Mid-Norway until the fall when the alliance is going to train to defend Norway.

The main part of the exercise will take place between 25 October and 7 November.

Can not replace own soldiers

Three weeks ago, the government gave green light that US Marines could double their strength in Norway, up to 700 soldiers, on rotating training. Parts of this force will be established in the abandoned artillery camp at Setermoen in Troms, as well as the existing base on Værnes outside Trondheim.

But the opposition at the Storting responded that the Brigad’s 2-battalion should be wound up as standing department, while at the same time increasing its presence in Indre Troms:

“We can not replace the deployment of our own forces and then fill up with US troops,” said Marit Arnstad, Center Party’s parliamentary leader, to VG in June.

While the Armed Forces officially rejects this link when large parts of the Brigade are conducting a multi-week practice, other sources of defense say that it is not unnatural to have military preparedness in Northern Norway when Army’s standing camps are elsewhere in the country.

Good defense policy

Anders Romarheim, researcher at the Department of Defense Studies, says to VG that there is a good defense policy to strengthen the military ties between Norway and the United States when political ties are weakened by President Donald Trump.

“Having US Marines on rotating training in Northern Norway is both symbolic and deterrent. They may not be able to perform miracles in an emergency or attack. But if someone goes to an attack on American soldiers, the alarm will be red-hot in Washington, “said Romarheim.

The IFS scientist says it is a paradox that many of those who criticize American presence in Norway also believe that Norway has a small army.

“There are some unrealistic ideas about what Norwegian land power can accomplish in a given situation. We are totally dependent on allied support, and far beyond self-help in an armed conflict. Hitting close ties to the US defense is therefore smart for several reasons, including because the Pentagon will last long after President Trump is out, “said Romarheim.

PS: Brigade Nord was also in southern Norway during exercise Vestland in 2013, and exercise Cold Response in 2016.

Macron about Solberg: “When we are only two of us, we can see that the results are coming”

Saturday, July 7, 2018

PARIS (VG) Norway’s Oil Fund is at the forefront of an international commitment to climate-friendly investment, and Erna Solberg became an exclusive guest of France’s powerful president in Paris.

The reason for the Friday visit was the presentation of a common framework for investment, which will encourage funds to take environmentally friendly choices. Solberg was the only state and government leader invited to Elyseet, among fund managers from six countries.

– Let me express my gratitude to Prime Minister Erna Solberg. We have something in common: None of us like big summits without results. But when we are only two of us today, we can see that the results are coming, Macron told Solberg in front of the press after the meeting.

Do not expect miracles

* A collection of state pension funds, founded by Norway, New Zealand, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi following an initiative by France’s Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron.

* The purpose is to increase business climate awareness

* The main objective of the Norwegian oil fund’s investments will continue to be financial gain, but the committee believes that in the long term it will pay off to choose climate-friendly.

* Compliance with the principles is based on volunteering.

(Source: One Planet Sovereign Wealth Fund Working Group)

It was after an initiative by the French president in connection with the December climate summit, that it became known that the Norwegian Oil Fund is part of this exclusive environmental workforce of government investment funds.

Erna Solberg believes Norway has caught Macron’s attention because the Norwegian oil fund has already introduced climate-friendly practice and thus can be an inspiration for other major funds in the world.

The report presented today provides guidelines for investment funds based on voluntary efforts.

Prime Minister Solberg is realistic about what to expect, she tells VG in Paris.

“There are many of these funds where you do not even want to say how much money is in them, so you probably will not expect countries like Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to suddenly create very transparent systems. However, they commit themselves to pushing the companies they are investing in and taking greater responsibility, says the prime minister.

Huge values

The presentation of “The One Planet Sovereign Wealth Fund Framework” occurred six months before expected. Rarely have there been such great values ​​around one table as in the Elysee Palace today.

Norway, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Quaternary State Investment Fund have a combined value of around NOK 24 billion, according to NTB. It is around three times the value of the Norwegian oil fund alone.

Norway inside the good company

* Is divided into the Government Pension Fund Global – SPU (Oil Fund) and the Government Pension Fund Norway – SPN.

* The oil fund is today the world’s largest state fund.

* The fund has invested in 9,146 companies in 72 countries, which accounts for 1.4 percent of world listed companies.

* The Storting has adopted an action rule that over time, the same amount of the oil fund can be used as the expected real return of the fund. This is now estimated at 3 percent of the fund’s capital.

After Norway’s central role in climate change became known before Christmas, Solberg has received the audience several times at Macron’s table. Today’s climate meeting was followed by a bilateral meeting, which included the forthcoming NATO summit and international trade policy on the agenda.

Norway’s climate commitment has given us a ticket to a more visible role on the international stage, confirms Solberg to VG.

“Yes, and the fact that we have one of the world’s absolute largest funds,” the Prime Minister smiles in the French capital, and continues.

“It has come easier here. We notice that when we work internationally, we are more interesting to invite you to meetings. Some think it’s just because we have money in our pocket, but it’s not. We are keen on participating in our climate work, our efforts and the educational issues we have set up on the international agenda, “says Solberg in Paris.

John Oliver ridiculed Norwegian 7-Eleven advertising

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Critical reviewed on popular program.

7-Eleven raised a lot of attention last week when they brought a condom advertisement aimed at tourists in Norway.

The kiosk chain makes a big point because many Norwegians have sexually transmitted chlamydia. They call Norway “land of chlamydia” or the Klamydia country, and encourage tourists to “protect themselves from the local” by purchasing condoms at 7-Eleven.

It has caught the attention of one of the world’s leading TV comedians, British John Oliver.

He gave the advertisement a special feature in his very popular weekly humor talk show, Last Week Tonight, at American HBO.

The advertisement is shown to great laughter from the audience in the hall.

– Holy shit, Oliver exclaims after the advertisement, stating that 7-Eleven can be sued by the cities of Las Vegas and Tampa, as well as the “wave pool at all water parks” for the use of the name “Land of Chlamydia.”

Shot on the island Utøya and now on social security benefits

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Was promised more money by the minister, Nav says no

Cecilie Herlofsen (23) was deprived of NAV or Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration support. Then the minister promised her an income she could live off. Then Cecilie was told she could not get more money anyway.

After Cecilie Herlofsen was shot three times and almost killed on Utøya, she has received a job clearance fee from NAV. In spring, however, this support ended, because the government has introduced a new and stricter regulatory framework.

Now she goes to social assistance bemefits and receives 10,000 kroner a month.

– This will cover all expenses. Power, telephone and rent to name a few. Then there are not many thousands of kroner left for food, says Elin Haga, the mother of Cecilie.
Promised an income to live off

After TV 2 first mentioned Cecilie’s situation, Labor and Social Affairs Minister Anniken Hauglie (H) was directly in the news release on June 24th. Then she said the following about the 23-year-old’s situation:

“When Cecilie is ready, she will be able to get a work-related initiative that will also give her a living income and give her an income to live off.

But after a new meeting with NAV, Cecilie is far from what she believes is “an income to live off”.

“Measures were the plan all the time, but I get nothing more with measures than with social assistance.

Still 10,000 kroner a month

On measures, Cecilie receives NOK 375 for each day she meets, and with experience from previous measures, Cecilie does not think she can work more than 50 percent. It will amount to about 4,000 kroner in the cost of the month, which is 6000 kroner less than she receives today.

Therefore, she still has to receive social assistance, but unlike social assistance, no action funds have borrowed money. The debt itself will decrease, but the total monthly payment will remain unchanged at NOK 10,000.

“I do not think Anniken Hauglie thinks that 375 kroner is an income” to live off, “says Cecilie’s mother.

“I could have had an education

Now, Cecilie is going to take action for six months, where the goal is to figure out how much her work capacity is. She has long worn several injuries and ailments after she was hit by several shot on July 22.

“I feel punished because I was on Utøya. Had I not been there I had an education and a job now that would give me an income to live off, says Cecilie.

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