Plus articles in the papers you have to pay for increases in scope

Wednesday, July 18, 2016

I see that the plus articles are on the increase. You must subscribe to this monthly. It’s not all including me who can not afford to pay all the newspaper’s plus subscription. It costs too much a year.

News and articles about historical events must be free. Newspapers have no right to give this back payment wall. The big newspapers VG, Dagbladet and now Nettavisen after the acquisition, all paywall who choose articles where there is a public interest.

I think it’s illegal to remove such content from the public.

130 Netflix billion went lost after the result boom

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The streaming giant is heavily punished on the stock exchange after the quarterly figures showed more than one million fewer users than expected: the stock fell ten percent, but recovered again.

Compared to the closing price on Monday, $ 16 billion in stock market was shaved off immediately after opening, equivalent to NOK 130 billion.

The stock price was $ 400.48 when Wall Street closed last night Norwegian time. At half past seven, the stock will recover and fall “only” by 5.68 per cent to $ 377.19 today.

Leave disappointing numbers

Netflix released the results Monday night, then broke its own expectations for new subscribers for the first time in five quarters.

The boom was also not insignificant: FactSet had expected 6.34 new subscribers, while it became 5.15 million subscribers.

According to Reuters, the company has overestimated the growth estimates, but says they are sure of a good long-term growth.

The quarterly report also showed a profit per share of 85 cents and a turnover of $ 3.91 billion. A revenue of $ 3.94 billion was expected in advance.

Plunges on the stock exchange

Since Wall Street opened half past four Norwegian time, the stock price fell by almost 5.68 percent. At the most, it was down 13 percent.

The German big bank Deutsche Bank downgraded Netflix from “buy” to “team” today, but says the long-term picture for the company has not changed.

“Lower subscription growth is not so central, but requires an evaluation of value and price of the stock,” the bank writes in an analysis note, reproduced by CNBC news channel.

Analysts from KeyBac Capital Markets also report, according to the MarketWatch economic site, that their long-term prospects are unchanged after publication of subscriber numbers.

– We continue to recommend to own Netflix, writes analysts.

The actual market value is $ 158 billion, down from $ 174 billion yesterday.

Investment companies Blackrock and Vanguard are among the company’s largest shareholders, who now have to see the price fall. The oil fund holds 0.77 percent of the shares in Netflix.

However, the share has increased by 268.94 per cent over the last two years.

Betting heavily on original content

Netflix focuses on original content in several languages, as well as ensuring a solid foothold internationally.

– Videos on the internet are growing globally, and we’re lucky enough to be one of the leaders in the industry, Netflix writes in its quarterly report.

“We think it is a big appetite for consumers for a wide content, and that there is room for more players to have good market shares. Our strategy is to only improve us, something we have done every single year.

Content Manager Ted Sarandos said, according to the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv, that Netflix will use more of its budget billionaires on Norwegian streaming viewers.

“There will be heavier investments from us in Norway. It’s a very important market for us and one of the first markets we established. I think we just have not found the right idea to work on, “said Sarandos.

According to the newspaper The Street, the company’s top manager, Reed Hastings, sees tough competition in the streaming market.

“There is a lot of new competition associated with Disney coming into the market, HBO gets external funding and that several different French media now go together.

“Everything is normal and expected,” said the chief executive.

My comment about it is:

In just a few years Netflix has established itself as a major power company. They now have their own content now as movies and series. The problem is it costs a lot of money a year to be included. I can not afford all popular services so I miss this. Fortunately, the content of pages I can download is coming.

But 1668.- NOK per Year on Premium is too much Even the next election is at 1300.- NOK per. year. Then comes the TV license as well. Therefore, I think that such a player should have been lower priced, much lower on premium content,