Some truths about Islam

Sunday 15 july 2018

Islam is the ideology of evil. Being a slave of the moon god and submitting to his regulation is Satan’s bright side. He was the light angel in heaven before he was thrown out. Today, he blends many with his false light.

Islam is an instrument for bringing the world into a darkness that no one has ever seen before. I fight Islam with prayer and Muslims are saved in many Muslim countries. Christians throughout the world pray for salvation for Muslims.

The battle between Sunni and Shia is proof of Satan’s wrath against those who interpret Islam wrong. Other Muslims such as Ahmadiyya are banned by Shia and Sunni. So Islam is a hedonistic belief with many ideological principles that will make it impossible to lead Islam to world domination.

The same day as Trump asked for Hillary Clinton’s emails, the hacking started

Sunday, July 15, 2018

At a news conference in July 2016, then presidential candidate Donald Trump urged Russia to hack counter-candidate Hillary Clinton’s e-mail account and publish it.

In the speech he said: “Russia, if you listen, I hope you find the 30,000 e-mails that have disappeared.”

The statement refers to the e-mails that Hillary Clinton had deleted from her private account, from the time when she was Secretary of State under Barack Obama.

On the same day, the Russians made their first attempt to hack into Clinton’s office’s servers, according to a 29-page protest, twelve Russians accused of hacking during the election campaign. The detention was taken on Friday.

Trump has said all the time that there is no conspiracy between his election campaign and the Russians who have interfered with the election.

Deputy Minister of Justice, Rod Rosenstein, admits that Americans communicated with the defendants on the Internet, but without knowing that they were talking to Russian intelligence agents.

Twelve Russians charged

Specialist researcher Robert Mueller examines Russia’s alleged involvement in the US elections in 2016. The interference occurred in the form of extensive data attacks against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton’s election campaign. A number of stolen e-mails and documents were subsequently published online.

It is not apparent in the statement whether the twelve Russians’ actions in July were related to what Trump had said at the news conference that day.

There was also no world’s thing about the president’s request for help from Russia.

Mueller investigators would like to ask Trump about what he knew about the hacking that was going on. The president has refused to explain the matter for several months.

Talking about Obama

It is further revealed that an unidentified US Congressional candidate received stolen documents related to his or her political opponent from the Russian operators in August 2016. The hackers also transferred large amounts of data to a state-registered lobbyist and a reporter, according to the sentencing.

Trump commented on the issue of the twelve Russians on Twitter Saturday. He writes that the incident occurred during the Obama administration. Furthermore, he questioned why they did not do anything about it at the time, especially when Obama was already informed by the FBI in September before the election.

Meeting with Putin

The inditement was announced at the same time as presidential Trump and Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom were together at Windsor Castle outside of London. This also happens three days before the president is scheduled to meet Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Trump said Friday that he would ask Putin about Russian interference in the election, something he has done on previous occasions. But Trump said he did not expect Putin to give him another answer this time when they meet Monday.

Republican senator John McCain has stated that he is not excited about Trump’s meeting with Putin.

“If President Trump is not willing to hold Putin in charge, the Helsinki Summit should not be held,” said McCain.