Russia against the West with new weapons

Monday 9 July 2018

WRONG PLACE: Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin poses in front of sign at the airport in Longyearbyen on Svalbard. A provocation, the Norwegian authorities said. For Rogozin was unwanted in Norway after violations of international law in Ukraine. Photo: Twitter screenshot


Monday, January 8, 2018, Health South-East was notified of ongoing abnormal activity against computer systems throughout the region. The warning came from hospital partners who are responsible for ICT operations in the healthcare company.

The way in which the burglary was made indicated that the players were very advanced and professional. PST suspects that the attack on computer systems in Health South East is done by another state.

“We know too little about what kind of attack it is talking about and what method of intrusion used,” says Russia Expert Øystein Bogen to the magazine Vi Menn.

In February he came out with his new book “Russia’s secret war against the West”. In the book, cybercrime is one of the main themes.

“But it will not surprise me if there are Russian hackers behind. If it is the intelligence service GRU’s hackers who have done this, the Russian hybrid attacks against Norway have reached a whole new level, “said the TV 2 journalist.

Constant hybrid war

At least 20 European countries, including Norway, have been exposed to hidden Russian attempts to influence politicians’ decisions and the attitudes of the people.

With spies, state-owned hackers, organized criminals, billions of oil dollars and ice-cold cynicism, Putin is trying to break alliances and create turmoil in western countries.

– This is a hybrid war, claims Øystein Bogen.

According to Russian thinking, there is no longer any fundamental difference between war and peace. The measures (see box) should therefore be used against the country’s potential enemies constantly.

Russian scientist Tor Bukkvoll at the Norwegian Defense Research Institute agrees:

“This idea that the distinction between peace and war is gone has been around for some years,” he said.

“But we must say that the Russians believe it is the West who has wiped out the distinction. In their eyes, Western support for the people of the Middle East and Eastern Europe is warfare, “continues Bukkvoll.

He also points out that there is a danger of interpreting all Russia as hybrid warfare.

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