We have a shared responsibility for small ones to have a nice summer

Sunday, July 8, 2018

“I’m going to the Maldives this summer and riding, what are you going to do?” Economic differences are evident in the summer weeks and it can go extra hard beyond the little ones.

Before school ends, the children talk about what to do in the summer, and then it’s hard to be the child who “just” should be home. In one of the world’s richest countries, it is tabooed to say that your family can not afford to send you on expensive summer activities or travel abroad.

Tough for low-income families

It is not only the children who feel on a holiday press, this is also on the parents. In a survey conducted for the bank DNB, it appears that Norwegian families with children feel a pressure to leave during the summer vacation so the children will have something to tell their friends.

Of the respondents, 36 percent of the parents say that they feel at such pressure, the percentage is greatest among those with low income. Here, there are plenty more parents who go a long way to prevent the kids from feeling outside. Then it’s quick to spend more than you really have on the summer vacation.

The perfect summer in social media

The pressure both the young and the parents feel are increasing enough with the digital everyday life we ​​live in. Social media opens for the differences to become larger and more visible. Now you can compare yourself with others around you, both you know and do not know. This influence is huge.

We see that friends and celebrities are on expensive holidays or send their children to summer camps that cost a lot.

In extreme consequence, the pressure can cause you to make insolent choices, such as taking up consumer loans or taking your vacation on credit with money you do not have. I have met several participants in the TV show  “Luxury trap” who have had serious payment problems in the pursuit of being “all” others.

You can help to reduce the pressure

We can all contribute in one way or another to lessen the holiday press for those who do not have much. Even small things can make a difference.

If you are a teacher, I recommend you to drop the style of what has been done this summer, arrange collective gathering for school trips and talk about social differences in parenting meetings.

For example, if you are a resourceful parent, you can offer yourself a classmate of your child during the vacation trip. This will be very much appreciated. It is also important that we talk to our children that not everyone has the same amount. Teach your child good values ​​and to be kind and understanding above others. Perhaps you do not have to post typical boasting pictures in social media?