Shot on the island Utøya and now on social security benefits

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Was promised more money by the minister, Nav says no

Cecilie Herlofsen (23) was deprived of NAV or Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration support. Then the minister promised her an income she could live off. Then Cecilie was told she could not get more money anyway.

After Cecilie Herlofsen was shot three times and almost killed on Utøya, she has received a job clearance fee from NAV. In spring, however, this support ended, because the government has introduced a new and stricter regulatory framework.

Now she goes to social assistance bemefits and receives 10,000 kroner a month.

– This will cover all expenses. Power, telephone and rent to name a few. Then there are not many thousands of kroner left for food, says Elin Haga, the mother of Cecilie.
Promised an income to live off

After TV 2 first mentioned Cecilie’s situation, Labor and Social Affairs Minister Anniken Hauglie (H) was directly in the news release on June 24th. Then she said the following about the 23-year-old’s situation:

“When Cecilie is ready, she will be able to get a work-related initiative that will also give her a living income and give her an income to live off.

But after a new meeting with NAV, Cecilie is far from what she believes is “an income to live off”.

“Measures were the plan all the time, but I get nothing more with measures than with social assistance.

Still 10,000 kroner a month

On measures, Cecilie receives NOK 375 for each day she meets, and with experience from previous measures, Cecilie does not think she can work more than 50 percent. It will amount to about 4,000 kroner in the cost of the month, which is 6000 kroner less than she receives today.

Therefore, she still has to receive social assistance, but unlike social assistance, no action funds have borrowed money. The debt itself will decrease, but the total monthly payment will remain unchanged at NOK 10,000.

“I do not think Anniken Hauglie thinks that 375 kroner is an income” to live off, “says Cecilie’s mother.

“I could have had an education

Now, Cecilie is going to take action for six months, where the goal is to figure out how much her work capacity is. She has long worn several injuries and ailments after she was hit by several shot on July 22.

“I feel punished because I was on Utøya. Had I not been there I had an education and a job now that would give me an income to live off, says Cecilie.

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