Consideration for the Left must have delayed police armed forces

Wednesday 4 July 2018

The hope that the Left would enter the government should have been a major reason why the Oslo police were not allowed to arm police patrols in Oslo downtown last fall, VG informed.

The left has been an avid opponent of armed police.

VG reported earlier Tuesday that nine months passed from police chief Hans Sverre Sjøvold in Oslo police district called for three months’ patrol patrols, and until he received permission from Attorney General Tor Mikkel Wara (Frp) on 14 June this year.

The case landed on the table of then Attorney General Per Willy Amundsen (Frp) already in November last year.

Unclear case

At that time, the government parties left the Right and the Frp and waited for the Left to clarify its position: whether the party would negotiate a seat in the government, or continue in opposition.

A centrally located source now says that a number of issues remained unclear in the government, not to offend the Left while considering whether they should go government or not.

The question of arming police patrols in downtown Oslo should have been considered as such a problem, because of Venster’s strong opposition to general armed forces.

During the government talks on Jeløy, the Left was obstructed by general armed forces, but had to accept point arming, among other things at Gardermoen.

However, Per Willy Amundsen reacts to VG’s representation that he did not grant the application from the Oslo police before joining January this year:

Would grant

– I can confirm that if it was up to me as a government minister during that period, the application from the police would be granted before the new year. But as most people understand, things such as this must be rooted in the government, says Per Willy Amundsen to VG.

He will not elaborate the cause of the delay.

Also, Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) would not comment on whether the case was put on hold for the sake of the Left. She says this to VG in Croatia’s capital Zagreb:

“The treatment has not had any reason why the Left entered the government. As Wara said in the parliament, we have given a temporary permit, and so we have said that we will return with a better legislative anchorage in the autumn when we are done with that work. Therefore, this has taken some time, “said Solberg.

VG has been in contact with Venstre’s communications manager Steinar Haugsvær, who says that the party is not aware that this case was left for the sake of the Left.

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